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  1. File:138B61 medeival edward I penny (FindID 108829).jpg
  2. File:1942 Early Medeival D shaped buckle (FindID 204383).jpg
  3. File:2004 T425 Post-Medeival silver dress fastener from Landkey, Devon (FindID 260296).jpg
  4. File:2004 T425 Post-Medeival silver dress fastener from Landkey, Devon (FindID 260296-353058).jpg
  5. File:2009 T615 Post Medeival seal matrix (FindID 273028).jpg
  6. File:2009 T698 Medeival seal matrix (FindID 277860).jpg
  7. File:2010 T38 Post Medeival dress fitting (FindID 284927).jpg
  8. File:2012 T456 A Post Medeival gold finger ring (FindID 568813).jpg
  9. File:58D235 medeival farthing (FindID 116371).jpg
  10. File:6C2106 Post Medeival silver threepence of ELizabeth I (FindID 277475).jpg
  11. File:6ED334 medeival silver edwardian penny (FindID 286435).jpg
  12. File:7A59C5 Medeival silver penny - (FindID 130566).jpg
  13. File:7FABB4 medeival silver edwardian penny (FindID 286575).jpg
  14. File:81E7C1 Medeival silver halfpenny of Henry III (FindID 286616).jpg
  15. File:848 Medeival horse harness pendant.jpg (FindID 120836).jpg
  16. File:8E4D32 post medeival copper alloy buckle (FindID 291327).jpg
  17. File:A Fragment of Medeival purse bar, 1450-1550. (FindID 265783).jpg
  18. File:A Medeival Jetton, 1497-1547 (FindID 265770).jpg
  19. File:A Medeival buckle with integral forked spacer. (FindID 78692).jpg
  20. File:A Medeival copper alloy 'D' shaped buckle with intact pin and plate. (FindID 256622).jpg
  21. File:A Medeival copper alloy buckle plate. (FindID 252136).jpg
  22. File:A Medeival copper alloy mount. (FindID 270742).jpg
  23. File:A Medeival copper alloy strap end (FindID 252371).jpg
  24. File:A Medieval to Post Medeival copper alloy double loop buckle. (FindID 256579).jpg
  25. File:A Medival to Post Medeival copper alloy double loop buckle. (FindID 256579).jpg
  26. File:A Post-Medeival coin in silver (FindID 502487).jpg
  27. File:A Post Medeival silver penny of Charles II. (FindID 254598).jpg
  28. File:A fragment of a medeival copperoval frame buckle. (FindID 240964).jpg
  29. File:An incomplete Medeival lead alloy ampulla. (FindID 636775).jpg
  30. File:Cast iron object of probable medeival date. (FindID 252686).jpg
  31. File:Collection of 5 Post Medeival clay pipes (FindID 631776).jpg
  32. File:E95527 Medeival lead alloy ampulla (FindID 289100).jpg
  33. File:ESS-08FF14 Post Medeival Nuremburg Jetton (FindID 383213).jpg
  34. File:ESS-0E8078 Post Medeival spoon (FindID 194137).jpg
  35. File:ESS-33BAB2 Post Medeival to Modern key (FindID 270301).jpg
  36. File:ESS-411F07 Medeival coin, cut farthing of Henry III (FindID 414271).jpg
  37. File:ESS-41D766 Post Medeival coin, groat of Philip and Mary (FindID 289343).jpg
  38. File:ESS-425C24 Post Medeival weight (FindID 289361).jpg
  39. File:ESS-5B4BA7 medeival horse harness pendant (FindID 438411).jpg
  40. File:ESS-5FD7F5 Medieval to Post Medeival vessel sherd (FindID 252822).jpg
  41. File:ESS-6C0184 Post Medeival Button (FindID 438521).jpg
  42. File:ESS-83E686 Post Medeival coin, threepence of Elizabeth I (FindID 237539).jpg
  43. File:ESS-B52117 Medeival coin, double patard of Charles the Bold of Burgundy (FindID 186677).jpg
  44. File:ESS-B9DB11 Medeival coin Real of Ferdinand V and Isabella (FindID 199110).jpg
  45. File:ESS-EC02E7 Medeival buckle plate (FindID 289159).jpg
  46. File:ESS-EC2DC2 Post Medeival Dress Hook (FindID 289166).jpg
  47. File:Early-medeival braceteate (FindID 608933).jpg
  48. File:Early Medeival Coin, penny of Wulfred, Archbishop of Canterbury (FindID 136723).jpg
  49. File:Early Medeival Hanging bowl (FindID 580482).jpg
  50. File:Early Medeival Hanging bowl mount (FindID 580451).jpg
  51. File:Early Medeival Hanging bowl mount (FindID 580468).jpg
  52. File:Early Medeival Hangling bowl, view from base (FindID 580482).jpg
  53. File:Early Medeival Sceat (FindID 636823).jpg
  54. File:Early Medeival Shield boss (FindID 520300).jpg
  55. File:Early Medeival Strap End (FindID 499556).jpg
  56. File:Early Medeival Strap end (FindID 517464).jpg
  57. File:Early Medeival Sword (FindID 580494).jpg
  58. File:Early Medeival copper alloy hair pin (FindID 452775).jpg
  59. File:Early Medeival saucer or disc brooch (plan and reverse) (FindID 136741).jpg
  60. File:Early Medeival sceat (FindID 636823).jpg
  61. File:Early medeival copper alloy cruciform brooch fragment (FindID 459227).jpg
  62. File:Early medeival silver and gilt mount (FindID 467984-350838).jpg
  63. File:Early post-medeival hooked tag, triangular plate. (FindID 231605).jpg
  64. File:FAB814 Post Medeival copper alloy hooked clasp (FindID 280337).jpg
  65. File:FB2B11 Post Medeival copper alloy jetton (FindID 280344).jpg
  66. File:Grove, Medeival long cross penny (FindID 287248).jpg
  67. File:Indian post-medeival coin, called a paisa. Minted in Satara by the East India Company in c.1820-30 (FindID 179130).jpg
  68. File:KENT-104506, Medeival Finger Ring (FindID 447225).jpg
  69. File:KENT-139072, Medeival Buckle (FindID 487174).jpg
  70. File:KENT-17F512, Post Medeival finger ring (FindID 455917).jpg
  71. File:KENT-2C7A08, Medeival token (FindID 625503).jpg
  72. File:KENT-337964, Early Medeival stirrup strap mount (FindID 462734).jpg
  73. File:KENT-3541F2, Post Medeival Dress pin (FindID 462767).jpg
  74. File:KENT-3605F1, Medeival mount (FindID 517165).jpg
  75. File:KENT-396CCF, medeival seal matrix (FindID 631409).jpg
  76. File:KENT-3A6930, POst Medeival buckle (FindID 631427).jpg
  77. File:KENT-3B5D83, 8 fragments of Medeival cooking pot (FindID 470168).jpg
  78. File:KENT-3B8FF7, Medeival cooking pot (FindID 470171).jpg
  79. File:KENT-3BA9D4, Early Medeival coin (FindID 430323).jpg
  80. File:KENT-3C09D5, medeival hard fired base fragment (FindID 470179).jpg
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  82. File:KENT-407457, POst Medeival strap fitting (FindID 625736).jpg
  83. File:KENT-40BF46, Post Medeival Toy Clock (FindID 481711).jpg
  84. File:KENT-4104BA, Post Medeival copper alloy toy gun (FindID 625760).jpg
  85. File:KENT-46F827, Medeival gold finger ring (FindID 497528).jpg
  86. File:KENT-4EB4F8, Post medeival Brooch (FindID 472522).jpg
  87. File:KENT-6C1B06, Early Medeival Small Long Brooch (FindID 456433).jpg
  88. File:KENT-767F75, medeival silver penny of Edward I (FindID 445350).jpg
  89. File:KENT-76EAC3, Post Medeival silver seal Matrix (FindID 421035).jpg
  90. File:KENT-781C8E, Early Medeival Sceat (FindID 630020).jpg
  91. File:KENT-78C148, Post Medeival Jetton (FindID 630065).jpg
  92. File:KENT-795EE7, Post Medeival coin of William and Mary (FindID 430938).jpg
  93. File:KENT-7B3505, Medeival buckle (FindID 468582).jpg
  94. File:KENT-7E7A8E, Medeival penny (FindID 641799).jpg
  95. File:KENT-7EC025, Medeival cut half penny (FindID 641811).jpg
  96. File:KENT-7F3FFB, Medeival halfpenny (FindID 641823).jpg
  97. File:KENT-8CE39E, 4 Post Medeival clay pipes (FindID 631763).jpg
  98. File:KENT-8CF5B2, medeival buckle (FindID 630294).jpg
  99. File:KENT-8E479A, Medeival prick spur (FindID 628294).jpg
  100. File:KENT-8F33AC, medeival seal matrix (FindID 628312).jpg
  101. File:KENT-918A91, Early Medeival brooch (FindID 468777).jpg
  102. File:KENT-918F8E, Early Medeival mount (FindID 628371).jpg
  103. File:KENT-91E2BD, Early Medeival mount (FindID 628379).jpg
  104. File:KENT-9D895B, Post Medeival clay pipe (FindID 631848).jpg
  105. File:KENT-9E3254, Early Medeival Buckle Pin (Front) (FindID 150172).jpg
  106. File:KENT-9E3254, Early Medeival Buckle Pin (Profile) (FindID 150172).jpg
  107. File:KENT-9E3254, Early Medeival Buckle Pin (Reverse) (FindID 150172).jpg
  108. File:KENT-A0B11A, Medeival silver penny (FindID 649476).jpg
  109. File:KENT-A11A18, Post Medeival coin of Henry VIII (FindID 649486).jpg
  110. File:KENT-ACE341, Medeival farthing (FindID 456962).jpg
  111. File:KENT-B1B6E1, Post Medeival pin (FindID 617315).jpg
  112. File:KENT-B5E59D, Post Medeival buckle (FindID 649780).jpg
  113. File:KENT-B61EC1, Post Medeival buckle (FindID 649797).jpg
  114. File:KENT-C6256C, Post Medeival buckle (FindID 649925).jpg
  115. File:KENT-CA718D, Post Medeival powder measure (FindID 650118).jpg
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  117. File:KENT-D0B3B1, medeival axe (FindID 628574).jpg
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  119. File:KENT-D3AF51, Post Medeival Jetton (FindID 442169).jpg
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  124. File:KENT-DD15E5, Medeival Long Cross Penny (FindID 451602).jpg
  125. File:KENT-DFF676, Post Medeival dress hook (FindID 632574).jpg
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  127. File:KENT-E54CE6,medeival strap fitting (FindID 444349).jpg
  128. File:KENT-E5AED2, medeival strap end (FindID 444363).jpg
  129. File:KENT-E5F234, Medeival figurine (FindID 444379).jpg
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  132. File:Kent347, Medeival Chape (Front) (FindID 4363).jpg
  133. File:Late Medeival silver groat of Henry VII (FindID 387528).jpg
  134. File:Late medeival copper-alloy buckle (FindID 533567).jpg
  135. File:Medeival, Small lead alloy shield (FindID 390386).jpg
  136. File:Medeival-Post-Medieval vessel rim fragment (FindID 154808).jpg
  137. File:Medeival- Post-Medieval spindle whorl (FindID 274951).jpg
  138. File:Medeival-post Medieval copper alloy miniature cauldron (FindID 444206).jpg
  139. File:Medeival? copper alloy and gold hook (FindID 393069).jpg
  140. File:Medeival? copper alloy harness pendant (FindID 393577).jpg
  141. File:Medeival - Purse bar (FindID 384786).jpg
  142. File:Medeival Casket Key (locking) (FindID 616557).jpg
  143. File:Medeival Coin, Penny of Alexander III (obverse and reverse) (FindID 119702).jpg
  144. File:Medeival Coin, Short Cross Cut Farthing (not further defined) (FindID 640434).jpg
  145. File:Medeival Coin, Silver Long Cross Halfpenny of Uncertain Issuer (FindID 543077).jpg
  146. File:Medeival Coin Henry III (FindID 630500).jpg
  147. File:Medeival Humberware pottery (FindID 74509).jpg
  148. File:Medeival Humberware pottery (FindID 74509-35944).jpg
  149. File:Medeival Jetton, French Tournai Type (FindID 563517).jpg
  150. File:Medeival Mount (FindID 389453).jpg
  151. File:Medeival Seal matrix (FindID 37373).jpg
  152. File:Medeival Sword fitting, Scabbard Chape (FindID 416707).jpg
  153. File:Medeival Token (FindID 194660).jpg
  154. File:Medeival ampulla, obverse (FindID 128991).jpg
  155. File:Medeival ampulla, obverse (FindID 128991-98470).jpg
  156. File:Medeival belt mount (FindID 89224).jpg
  157. File:Medeival buckle, Roller bar buckle (FindID 416706).jpg
  158. File:Medeival buckle, Small strap plate buckle (FindID 416709).jpg
  159. File:Medeival buckle, two single loop buckles (FindID 407698).jpg
  160. File:Medeival buckle (FindID 108807).jpg
  161. File:Medeival buckle (front) (FindID 118473).jpg
  162. File:Medeival buckle (front) (FindID 123535).jpg
  163. File:Medeival buckle (front) (FindID 123538).jpg
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  167. File:Medeival coin, Penny of Henry III (FindID 186378).jpg
  168. File:Medeival coin, Uncertain Edward I-III (FindID 633351).jpg
  169. File:Medeival coin, class 3d penny of Edward I (FindID 186388).jpg
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  173. File:Medeival coin, penny of Edward I (FindID 514120).jpg
  174. File:Medeival coin (FindID 82706).jpg
  175. File:Medeival coin (FindID 85145).jpg
  176. File:Medeival cooking vessel (front and profile) (FindID 118514).jpg
  177. File:Medeival copper-alloy harness pendant (FindID 273031).jpg
  178. File:Medeival copper alloy buckle (FindID 587026).jpg
  179. File:Medeival copper alloy gilded buckle (FindID 463057).jpg
  180. File:Medeival copper alloy mount (FindID 259858).jpg
  181. File:Medeival copper alloy purse fitting (FindID 224725).jpg
  182. File:Medeival copper alloy purse loop (FindID 488373).jpg
  183. File:Medeival copper alloy strap end fragment (FindID 462265).jpg
  184. File:Medeival copper alloy thimble (FindID 421273).jpg
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  186. File:Medeival edwardian penny (FindID 393965).jpg
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  188. File:Medeival groat of Henry VII (FindID 141277).jpg
  189. File:Medeival harness pendant fragment (FindID 134495).jpg
  190. File:Medeival iconographic finger ring (FindID 281080).jpg
  191. File:Medeival key, Key handle (locking) (FindID 429336).jpg
  192. File:Medeival lead alloy papal bulla (FindID 462717).jpg
  193. File:Medeival lead alloy spindle whorl (FindID 609283).jpg
  194. File:Medeival lead ampulla. (FindID 129670).jpg
  195. File:Medeival lead seal matrix 'William son of James' (FindID 102434).jpg
  196. File:Medeival long cross coin (FindID 654386).jpg
  197. File:Medeival mount, Mount (FindID 607339).jpg
  198. File:Medeival mount (FindID 175102).jpg
  199. File:Medeival needle, Heavy duty needle (FindID 441624).jpg
  200. File:Medeival or later lead alloy mount or weight (FindID 414174).jpg
  201. File:Medeival or post-medieval buckle (FindID 596737).jpg
  202. File:Medeival seal, Seal matrix (FindID 470329).jpg
  203. File:Medeival shield-shaped stud, reverse. (FindID 83779).jpg
  204. File:Medeival shield-shaped stud (FindID 83779).jpg
  205. File:Medeival short cross halfpenny of Richard I or John (FindID 235881).jpg
  206. File:Medeival silver Edwardian penny (FindID 460951).jpg
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  210. File:Medeival silver half groat (FindID 596296).jpg
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  212. File:Medeival silver long cross cut halfpenny (FindID 470501).jpg
  213. File:Medeival silver long cross penny (FindID 462740).jpg
  214. File:Medeival silver long cross penny (FindID 656927).jpg
  215. File:Medeival silver penny (FindID 587033).jpg
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  217. File:Medeival silver short corss coin (FindID 654558).jpg
  218. File:Medeival silver short cross penny (FindID 277974).jpg
  219. File:Medeival thimble, heavy duty sewing thimble (FindID 416239).jpg
  220. File:Medeival to Post Medieval Buckle (FindID 465147).jpg
  221. File:Medeival to Post Medieval bead (FindID 159087).jpg
  222. File:Medeival to postmedieval annular buckle frame (FindID 552617).jpg
  223. File:Medeival vessel, oxidised ware jug (plan). (FindID 140924).jpg
  224. File:Medieval-post medeival sheet vessel repair (FindID 199295).jpg
  225. File:Medieval-post medeival sheet vessel repair (FindID 199296).jpg
  226. File:Medieval - Post Medeival bag seal (front and back views) (FindID 182369).jpg
  227. File:Medieval - Post Medeival silver hooked tag (FindID 406911).jpg
  228. File:Medieval or Post Medeival Cloth Seal (front and reverse) (FindID 123586).jpg
  229. File:Medieval or post medeival lead weight (FindID 589901).jpg
  230. File:Medieval to Post-medeival silver bell (FindID 553648).jpg
  231. File:Medieval to post-medeival , Spur (FindID 274729).jpg
  232. File:Medievaltopostmedeivalshieldjetton (FindID 527235).jpg
  233. File:NCL-798101, Early Medeival strap end (FindID 614627).jpg
  234. File:Obverse and reverse of Medeival Henry III penny (FindID 112259).jpg
  235. File:Obverse and reverse of Medeival long cross penny. (FindID 112285).jpg
  236. File:Obverse and reverse of Medeival short voided cross penny. (FindID 112265).jpg
  237. File:Post-Medeival Coin , Groat of Henry VIII (FindID 158417).jpg
  238. File:Post-Medeival Hooked Tag (incomplete) (FindID 151202).jpg
  239. File:Post-Medeival Jetton (FindID 197175).jpg
  240. File:Post-Medeival Jetton Issued by Hans Kfavwinckel II (FindID 195930).jpg
  241. File:Post-Medeival cufflinks (FindID 151174).jpg
  242. File:Post-Medeival silver seal matrix (FindID 504637).jpg
  243. File:Post-Medeival sword belt fitting (FindID 156523).jpg
  244. File:Post-medeival, Trader's token (FindID 391557).jpg
  245. File:Post-medeival belt mount (FindID 429271).jpg
  246. File:Post-medeival coin, Rose farthing of Charles I (FindID 587824).jpg
  247. File:Post-medeival copper coin (FindID 182170).jpg
  248. File:Post-medeival key, Iron key (locking) (FindID 425598).jpg
  249. File:Post-medeival mount, Tudor rose mount (FindID 626658).jpg
  250. File:Post-medeival ring, Harness ring (FindID 431881).jpg
  251. File:Post-medeival spoon fragment (FindID 69995).jpg
  252. File:Post-medeival vessel, Chafing dish handle (FindID 475129).jpg
  253. File:Post Medeival - 'D' Shape - Buckle (FindID 289228).jpg
  254. File:Post Medeival - Buckle - Asymmetrical (FindID 393287).jpg
  255. File:Post Medeival - Buckle - Chape & Tongue (FindID 397003).jpg
  256. File:Post Medeival - Buckle - Double 'D' (FindID 392804).jpg
  257. File:Post Medeival - Buckle - Double 'D' (FindID 392824).jpg
  258. File:Post Medeival - Buckle - Double Loop (FindID 393302).jpg
  259. File:Post Medeival - Buckle - figure of eight (FindID 392795).jpg
  260. File:Post Medeival - Buckle - figure of eight (FindID 392813).jpg
  261. File:Post Medeival - Button (FindID 394901).jpg
  262. File:Post Medeival - Cloth Seal (FindID 397005).jpg
  263. File:Post Medeival - Crotal (FindID 382532).jpg
  264. File:Post Medeival - Crotal Bell (FindID 388651).jpg
  265. File:Post Medeival - Flint - Musket or Pistol (FindID 394889).jpg
  266. File:Post Medeival - Plaque (FindID 394903).jpg
  267. File:Post Medeival - Shoe Patten (FindID 397002).jpg
  268. File:Post Medeival - Spur - Rowel (FindID 402823).jpg
  269. File:Post Medeival - Weight (FindID 397006).jpg
  270. File:Post Medeival - Weight (FindID 397010).jpg
  271. File:Post Medeival Buckle (FindID 523049).jpg
  272. File:Post Medeival Coin, Scottish Sixpence of Charles II (FindID 515789).jpg
  273. File:Post Medeival Coin, Sixpence of William III (FindID 544574).jpg
  274. File:Post Medeival Coin Sixpence of James I (FindID 235670).jpg
  275. File:Post Medeival Double Loop Buckle (FindID 236044).jpg
  276. File:Post Medeival cannon ball (FindID 594383).jpg
  277. File:Post Medeival clasp (FindID 647421).jpg
  278. File:Post Medeival clay pipe bowl (FindID 594300).jpg
  279. File:Post Medeival coin weight (front) (FindID 118519).jpg
  280. File:Post Medeival coin weight for a spur ryal (FindID 277098).jpg
  281. File:Post Medeival copper alloy pipe tamper (FindID 624410).jpg
  282. File:Post Medeival copper alloy token halfpenny (FindID 267582).jpg
  283. File:Post Medeival dagger quillion (FindID 647420).jpg
  284. File:Post Medeival finger ring with setting (FindID 140653).jpg
  285. File:Post Medeival finger ring with setting (FindID 140653-111443).jpg
  286. File:Post Medeival finger ring with setting (FindID 140653-111444).jpg
  287. File:Post Medeival fragment of enamelled buckle (FindID 119032).jpg
  288. File:Post Medeival gilt belt mount (FindID 196820).jpg
  289. File:Post Medeival penny of Elizabeth I (FindID 469932).jpg
  290. File:Post Medeival penny or threefarthigs of Elizabeth I. (FindID 215254).jpg
  291. File:Post Medeival powder flask cap (top, profile and base) (FindID 118489).jpg
  292. File:Post Medeival powder flask cap (top, profile and base) (FindID 118493).jpg
  293. File:Post Medeival powder flask cap (top, profile and base) (FindID 118496).jpg
  294. File:Post Medeival powder flask cap (top, profile and base) (FindID 118506).jpg
  295. File:Post Medeival powder flask cap (top, profile and base) (FindID 118545).jpg
  296. File:Post Medeival silver coin re-used as a token? (FindID 440991).jpg
  297. File:Post Medeival silver halfgroat of Henry VIII (FindID 463026).jpg
  298. File:Post Medeival silver shilling of James I (FindID 444543).jpg
  299. File:Post Medeival silver six pence of Elizabeth I (FindID 440992).jpg
  300. File:Post Medeival silver threepence of Elizabeth I (FindID 265997).jpg
  301. File:Post Medeival trade token from Derbyshire (FindID 134560).jpg
  302. File:Post Medeival trade token from Derbyshire (FindID 134560-104567).jpg
  303. File:Post Medeival vessel sherd (front and back) (FindID 131739).jpg
  304. File:Post Medeival weight (FindID 546419).jpg
  305. File:Post medeival; dress hook (FindID 246592).jpg
  306. File:Post medeival button (FindID 127674).jpg
  307. File:Post medeival ceramic statue (FindID 119615).jpg
  308. File:Post medeival cloth seal (FindID 122684).jpg
  309. File:Post medeival coin , penny of Elizabeth I (FindID 649490).jpg
  310. File:Post medeival dress fastener (FindID 225425).jpg
  311. File:Post medeival knife (FindID 127680).jpg
  312. File:Post medeival nottingham- derby stoneware sherd. (FindID 115365).jpg
  313. File:Post medeival orb and cross mount (FindID 138779).jpg
  314. File:Post medeival silver halfgroat of James I (FindID 186886).jpg
  315. File:Post medeival silver threepence of Elizabeth I (FindID 264238).jpg
  316. File:Post medeival two part cloth seal (FindID 199307).jpg
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