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Firstly Creative commons and other free licenses are irrevocable. This is an absolute; even in the face of Armageddon we should not compromise in this.

However practical experience from various open source projects (ok OpenBSD) suggests that including stuff that people really don't want to be included isn't worth the effort in the long run. It risks creating complications for people down the line and creating drama when isn't worth the effort.

There are also potential ethical issues for those who consider such things.

This guideline is not however designed to support the mass deletion of images uploaded by editors who have fallen out with the project.

General principleEdit

A moderate image with an uploader who is happy with it being on commons is better than a good image from an uploader who isn't happy with it being on commons.

Classes of imagesEdit

Where we have a better alternativeEdit

In such cases the image should simply be removed.

Where we have an equal alternativeEdit

In such cases the image should simply be removed.

Where we have an inferior alternativeEdit

In such cases the image should probably be removed unless it would be hard to replace. Examples of hard to replace images include:

  • The image is of an unique event
  • The image is of a structure that no longer exists
  • The image is of a person at least one of our projects considers notable unless the person who appears in public in a photograph-able manner a lot in an area where we have a reasonable number of editors (example:western politicians)
  • The image is of a structure in a restricted area

In these cases it may however be worth offering to lower the resolution of the image or accept an alternative if the person has one

Where it is unclear how hard an image would be to replace it may be worth contacting people on projects that use the image for their opinion.

Where we have no alternativeEdit

An example of an image that should not be removed

The image should not be removed. We may however offer to remove the image if we ever manage to locate an alternative.

What is an alternativeEdit

This is always going to be subjective. However it should generally be interpreted fairly broadly. The broadest interpretation should be made when it would be easiest to get a new photo with narrower interpretation in cases where getting a new photo would be harder. Examples:

Domus Dei is publicly viewable 365.25 days a year and located in a western city. As a result pretty much any external view would be an alternative for any other. An interior view however gives no sense of the external appearance and would not be considered an alternative.