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George Gastin

Joined 12 June 2008

About MeEdit

Hi, I'm George Gastin and I've also got an eponymous account over at Wikipedia.

I have most of my photographic work on Flickr under the username Semi-detached ( so if you want to contact me go over to Flickr and send me a flickrmail.

I live in bonny Scotland and hugely enjoy the beautiful landscape and views. I also love modern architecture, of which Scotland has less than I like but trips to London and abroad give me the subjects I want.

I see Wikipedia as a great resource, possibly the greatest resource on the web. I give my pictures to Wikipedia (and the commons) because I want to give something that will help people see the beauty around us.

Of course I appreciate being attributed if you do use my pictures. I would prefer to be attributed as Semi Detached on flickr, rather than George Gastin.

Thanks for viewing my page!

My interestsEdit

...include but aren't limited to: Scotland, Photography, graphic manipulation both in raster and vector forms, Scottish landscapes, architecture, technology, Edinburgh and transport.

Please message me if you've got any questions or requests.



Some of my ImagesEdit

Hopetoun House, Edinburgh
Portrait of a Domestic Sheep
A Crow in flight
Part of the Causeway in Cramond showing the Anti-submarine wall.
Orange Marcher in Glasgow