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About meEdit

I'm a hobbyist photographer living in Bengaluru, India. I'm interested in most of the photographic genres and I contribute some of my work on Wikimedia Commons. My personal life is a little bit hectic these days and as a result I rarely get time for photography. In case you try to contact me, please be patient if I'm unable to respond quickly.

Re-using my photosEdit

The pictures I upload to Wikimedia Commons are licensed under a free Creative Commons-License (CC 3.0 DE or CC 4.0). These licenses have some requirements to be met if you want to re-use the photos (attribution is just one of the requirements but not the only one). I think that it's a matter of respect to comply with the license terms when using a photographer's work. Also, its a copyright infringement not to observe the license terms. Please read the respective license carefully before re-using any of my photos. If you have any questions regarding license requirements, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Photo requestsEdit

If you need a freely licensed picture of a subject located in or nearby Bengaluru, please write me an e-mail or leave a message.

A Provisional Selection of my photosEdit



200m from homeEdit