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This bot is the same as Highway Route Marker Bot (talk · contribs); however, that bot has gone inactive and there is still a need for its services.

This bot can edit text in SVG images, to output a sequence of similar images. It then converts the fonts used in the SVG to a path, thereby removing any necessary font support issues. Finally the bot uploads the image to Commons along with a custom description.

This bot is very useful for creating highway route markers, which would otherwise be a tedious task. This bot fully supports the Roadgeek series of highway sign fonts.


  • An SVG template
  • Must use free / open source fonts, e.g. Roadgeek
  • Must provide text that has not been converted to outline



Please click here to make a new request. Please make sure the requirements are met before submitting, if you have any questions please message Rschen7754.

Submitted requests can be viewed at User:Highway Route Marker Bot/Requests.

Bot Info

  • Approved? Yes
  • Automatic or Manually assisted: Manually assisted
  • Programming language(s): Perl (using MediaWiki API module)
  • Source code available: User:Highway Route_Marker Bot/Script
  • Edit period(s): Intermittent
  • Estimated number of pages affected: Bursts of uploads between 10-100 per run
  • Maximum edit rate (e.g. edits per minute): Configurable (default 6 per minute)