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During the course of its operations, HersfoldOTRSBot will leave various notifications and reminders to user talk pages when it has marked a file for deletion or notices that it's been sitting without further OTRS action for a long time. If you seem to be getting a lot of these, or you just don't wish to receive botspam, you may opt out of receiving these notices below. If I notice my bot giving notices to a bot account that I know is used by multiple people (User:File Upload Bot (Magnus Manske), for example), I may opt that account out myself to save the operator and my bot time.

To add yourself to the opt out list, edit the appropriate section below and add your username to the list. Leave only one name per line, and do not include the User: prefix. If you misspell your name, the bot will not recognize it and will continue to give you notices; although it may stop giving notices to someone else who wants them! Check your spelling!

Additionally, please note that there are two separate opt-out lists. The first list is for users who do not wish to receive notices pertaining to the bot marking files for deletion. The second list, intended for use only by OTRS volunteers, is for those volunteers who do not wish to receive reminders about files they have marked with {{OTRS received}}. Placing your name in one list does not opt you out from all messages. Likewise, be sure you're putting your name in the correct list, or you may be opting yourself out from the wrong type of notices.

Changes to the opt-out list will take effect at the beginning of each of the bot's runs. This means that if the bot is running while you add your name here, you will continue to receive notices until the bot shuts off.

Also note that opting out of notices could result in your files being deleted if you do not respond to the tag placed on the file description page.

Please do not add other users to this list unless they specifically ask for you to do so; otherwsie, only add yourself or accounts you control. Thank you. If you have any questions pertaining to the operation of this bot, please contact the operator at w:en:User talk:Hersfold or by email at

Opt-out list for uploadersEdit

This is the opt-out list for users who do not wish to receive notices that their images are being deleted for lack of permissions.

File Upload Bot (Magnus Manske)

Opt-out list for OTRS volunteersEdit

This is the opt-out list for OTRS Volunteers who do not wish to receive reminders about images they have marked as {{OTRS received}}.