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en-N This user has a native understanding of English.
es-3 Este usuario tiene un conocimiento avanzado del español.
de-1 Dieser Benutzer beherrscht Deutsch auf grundlegendem Niveau.
fr-1 Cet utilisateur dispose de connaissances de base en français.
it-1 Questo utente può contribuire con un livello elementare in italiano.
nl-1 Deze gebruiker heeft elementaire kennis van het Nederlands.
pt-1 Este utilizador tem um nível básico de português.
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Hi, my name is Carlo. Please feel welcome to leave questions, requests or comments at my user talk page. If you want to respond to a deletion nomination, the best place may be the nomination page itself. I have them on my watchlist and try to follow all of them.

I will (more or less) understand comments in all of the languages listed at this page, but if you write in DE, FR, IT, NL or PT, I may not be able to respond in that same language, so I may respond in English instead.