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Request 1Edit


Request 2Edit


Request 3Edit

Some of the categories are generated manually; these in that list are still missing and waiting for your bot.
These categories are all containing files, but they are not yet definded. We need them!
The definition of their supercategories is a bit complicated; I suggest that we let it for the moment as it is built-in, and I will prepare later the data for a bot run for all the CJK categories

  • 401 are yet defined, of these
    • 243 radicals,
    • 158 non-radicals
  • 071 in the list below are to be definded by your bot for CJK-0
  • 115 radicals (may be; request 3a) from CJK Radicals Supplement (2E80-2EF3)
  • 214 radicals (may be; request 3b) from Kangxi Radicals (2F00-2FD5)
  •  ??? quite a lot of others for non-radicals


Request 3aEdit

I am not yet sure whether we need these 115 cats too. Please wait for decision. CJK Radicals Supplement (2E80-2EF3): (request list deleted)

Request 3bEdit

I am not yet sure whether we need these 214 cats too. Please wait for decision. Kangxi Radicals (2F00-2FD5): (request list deleted)

Request 4Edit

This is another type of request: files should be moved from one category to another one. All the files there are categorized either [[Category:Unicode]] or with a sort option [[Category:Unicode|sortoption]]. This line should be replaced by the given line. It would be nice to avoid the sorting of all files to the letter "U" by expressing a sort option with a space between "|" and the filename, like [[Category:Unicode 2100-214F Letterlike Symbols| U+2100]] for U+2100. But if it develops to work, Wikipedia can make a good living without any sorting (sorting away the "U").

I can give you the data in any other form you like. We will have more of similar re-categorizing like that.
The Number Forms are just a few one, I do not know whether you can do it all with one procedure, or it needs a lot of special work for each new cat. If so, I can do them manually without any problem.
If you design a procedure for a special layout of request input data, I can prepare it.

Request 4aEdit



-- sarang사랑 18:55, 15 February 2010 (UTC)

Request 5Edit

There are other requests depending Chinese radicals categorizing.



by Zhuyifei1999