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Infrogmation's Photo of the Week (or however long until I change the photo) archive

A gallery of some personal favorites of images I've uploaded. After I display them for a while on my user page, I'll archive them here (bigger than the tiny thumbnail in the article, and smaller than the full sized reference verision). Archived in order in which they were featured on my page, most recently featured at top. -- Infrogmation

A much better design for a Jefferson Davis monument than the one that was erected in New Orleans.
New Orleans Drinking Water? Better stick with beer.
Masker on the Bayou
Pope Andy I approves.
King Cake Season
Traditional American "Self Defense"
Mmmm, pie.
I Thought I Heard Buddy Bolden...
JFK before the turkey shoot
I'm Certainly Living a Steampunk Life
Halloween Season
Voyage dans Café Luna
Ready Teddy
Are you thinking what I'm thinking?
Killer Leprachaun
Les Muscutt, banjo extraordinaire, 1941 - 2013
Dancing, 10 ¢
Happy Bastille Day!
Kids these days! No sense of propriety!
Pool Party Time!
How we play chess in New Orleans
Festival Season
"Puritanism: The haunting fear that someone, somewhere, may be happy." - H. L. Mencken.
Poor Bunny
Irish Oysters in the French Quarter
A Little Night Music
King cake season
Local lad in the news
Welcome back, Quetzalcoatl!
Poutine Po-Boy
Dressed in the Fashion of the Day
Presidential Candidates in Anticipation
Beware of Zombies
Hubig's Pies
Uncle Lionel
Carnival Time in June
Tall Ships
Dancing Time
Mary Plantation House
Far East Down South
Down By the Riverside
Sing On
As the Band Played On
Rolling towards Mardi Gras
King cake season is here!
City of Old Romance and New Opportunity
Happy Holidays from Defrosty the Fridgeman
Made Last Night
Happy Head
Soul Queen