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This is a step by step guide on how to upload a file (YOUR FILE) on Wikimedia Commons. This works only for YOUR files (your photos or your slides).


Wikimedia CommonsEdit

Wikimedia Commons ( is the multimedia archive of Wikipedia and all the Wikimedia projects.

On Wikimedia Commons (and on all Wikimedia projects) you have two menus:

First step. RegisterEdit

Before making an upload, register or log in. You can login with the same username and password you use on other Wikimedia projects such as Wikipedia in any language. Or you can create an account here which can be used for other Wikimedia projects as well.

Second step. Upload your fileEdit

1. Go to the Upload file. Select your file. YOUR file.

If it is a Powerpoint, just export it in pdf and upload the pdf.

2. Wait for the file to be uploaded. Now you can see a preview. Next.

If it doesn't upload ask for help to the upload team.

3. Write your name. By clicking "Next" you provide your authorization.

Authorization: You allow others to use, distribute, modify your file for commercial and non commercial purposes; your name will be credited (attribution) and who uses your file will have to adopt the same license as well (share alike).

4. Wait for the file to be uploaded.

If it doesn't upload ask for help to the upload team.

5. Now you are asked to add more info about your file.

Add information related to your presentation at Wiki Indaba. For slides, write "Wiki Indaba 2014 Slides" in categories. Next. You are done.

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