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User:JJMC89 bot/report/BSicons/logs/move/2013-03





Page Target logid Date/time User Summary
KMW legende   (lKMW) 57648548 2013-03-02T04:37:06Z Tuvalkin To match the others.
vKMW legende   (lvKMW) 57648666 2013-03-02T04:42:32Z Tuvalkin To match the others
v-KMW legende   (lv-KMW) 57648724 2013-03-02T04:46:17Z Tuvalkin To match the others
vKMW- legende   (lvKMW-) 57648788 2013-03-02T04:50:10Z Tuvalkin To match the others


Page Target logid Date/time User Summary
exÜABZ3lg   (exABZ2q) 57753304 2013-03-03T19:49:43Z Tuvalkin Standard naming
ÜABZ3lg   (ABZ2q) 57755504 2013-03-03T20:17:45Z Tuvalkin Standard naming
uÜABZ3lg   (uABZ2q) 57760373 2013-03-03T21:37:43Z Tuvalkin Standard naming






Page Target logid Date/time User Summary
uKBHFa BlnU5   (KBHFa brown) 57919258 2013-03-06T12:15:42Z YLSS BlnU5 -> brown per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
uSTR BlnU5   (STR brown) 57919292 2013-03-06T12:16:30Z YLSS BlnU5 -> brown per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
ABZlf C0C0C0   (exABZlf grey) 57920763 2013-03-06T13:05:32Z YLSS C0C0C0 -> ex_grey per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
ABZrg C0C0C0   (exABZrg grey) 57920773 2013-03-06T13:05:51Z YLSS C0C0C0 -> ex_grey per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
KBFa C0C0C0   (exKBHFa grey) 57921046 2013-03-06T13:12:39Z YLSS C0C0C0 -> ex_grey per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
KBFe C0C0C0   (exKBHFe grey) 57921058 2013-03-06T13:12:50Z YLSS C0C0C0 -> ex_grey per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
STRlg C0C0C0   (exSTRlg grey) 57921304 2013-03-06T13:16:09Z YLSS C0C0C0 -> ex_grey per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
KDSe C0C0C0   (exKDSTe grey) 57921331 2013-03-06T13:16:46Z YLSS C0C0C0 -> ex_grey per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
KDSTr C0C0C0   (exKDSTr grey) 57921341 2013-03-06T13:17:02Z YLSS C0C0C0 -> ex_grey per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
extBHF C0C0C0+   (extBHF grey) 57923687 2013-03-06T14:20:22Z YLSS C0C0C0 -> ex_grey per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
extKBHFa C0C0C0+   (extKBHFa grey) 57923699 2013-03-06T14:20:36Z YLSS C0C0C0 -> ex_grey per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
extKBHFe C0C0C0+   (extKBHFe grey) 57923702 2013-03-06T14:20:44Z YLSS C0C0C0 -> ex_grey per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
LSTRlf C0C0C0+   (exLSTRlf grey) 57930799 2013-03-06T16:59:17Z YLSS C0C0C0 -> ex_grey per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
LSTRrf C0C0C0+   (exLSTRrf grey) 57930806 2013-03-06T16:59:25Z YLSS C0C0C0 -> ex_grey per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
LSTRrg C0C0C0+   (exLSTRrg grey) 57930812 2013-03-06T16:59:33Z YLSS C0C0C0 -> ex_grey per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
LUECKE C0C0C0+   (exLUECKE grey) 57930823 2013-03-06T16:59:44Z YLSS C0C0C0 -> ex_grey per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
tBHF 999999   (tBHF grey) 57931943 2013-03-06T17:21:37Z YLSS 999999 -> grey per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
tSTR 999999   (tSTR grey) 57931949 2013-03-06T17:21:45Z YLSS 999999 -> grey per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
HBHF jaune   (exBHFq yellow) 57931952 2013-03-06T17:21:48Z Tuvalkin [[Talk:BSicon/Colors#ex-Yellows|As discussed.]]
tABZlf 999999   (tABZlf grey) 57931956 2013-03-06T17:21:57Z YLSS 999999 -> grey per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
tKBHFa 999999   (tKBHFa grey) 57932192 2013-03-06T17:27:14Z YLSS 999999 -> grey per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
tKINTe 999999   (tKINTe grey) 57932204 2013-03-06T17:27:26Z YLSS 999999 -> grey per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
tINT 999999   (tINT grey) 57932212 2013-03-06T17:27:30Z YLSS 999999 -> grey per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]


Page Target logid Date/time User Summary
KRZo RizhMZD   (uemKRZo +orange) 57954445 2013-03-07T01:42:17Z Tuvalkin [[Talk:BSicon/Colors#RizhMZD|As discussed.]]
STRSUMMITr   (GIPr) 57980932 2013-03-07T15:09:44Z Tuvalkin [[Talk:BSicon/Renaming#Category:BSicon.2FNew_icons|As discussed.]]
dKBHF-M   (dBHFm legende) 57982159 2013-03-07T15:39:28Z Morning Sunshine [[COM:FR#reasons|File renaming criterion #6]]: Harmonize file names of a set of images (so that only one part of all names differs) to ease their usage in templates (e.g. diagram symbols, scans of pages of a book, maps, etc.).to match existing BSicon_B...
lGIPq   (lGIPlq) 57983133 2013-03-07T15:58:58Z Tuvalkin wrong name: summit '''on''' the route is the same regardless of track orientation
GIPq   (GIPlq) 57983197 2013-03-07T16:00:15Z Tuvalkin wrong name: summit '''on''' the route is the same regardless of track orientation
ABZ3lg 71592E   (ABZqr brown) 57998404 2013-03-07T19:27:00Z YLSS 71592E -> brown per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]], name per [[User:Circeus/BSicon renaming/Simple junctions]]
ABZ3rf 71592E   (ABZql brown) 57998429 2013-03-07T19:27:19Z YLSS 71592E -> brown per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]], name per [[User:Circeus/BSicon renaming/Simple junctions]]
ABZgl+l 71592E   (ABZgl+l brown) 57998517 2013-03-07T19:27:37Z YLSS 71592E -> brown per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
ABZrg 71592E   (ABZrg brown) 57998648 2013-03-07T19:28:00Z YLSS 71592E -> brown per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
STRq RizhMZD 1   (STRq red) 57999945 2013-03-07T19:41:14Z Tuvalkin [[Talk:BSicon/Colors#RizhMZD|As discussed.]]
CONTf 71592E   (CONTf brown) 58000057 2013-03-07T19:43:25Z YLSS 71592E -> brown per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
CONTg 71592E   (CONTg brown) 58000065 2013-03-07T19:43:33Z YLSS 71592E -> brown per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
CONTl 71592E   (CONTl brown) 58000069 2013-03-07T19:43:36Z YLSS 71592E -> brown per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
eBHF 71592E   (eBHF brown) 58000071 2013-03-07T19:43:37Z YLSS 71592E -> brown per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
STR MO MZD   (STR ruby) 58000355 2013-03-07T19:48:23Z Tuvalkin [[Talk:BSicon/Colors#RizhMZD|As discussed.]]
STRq MO MZD   (STRq ruby) 58000473 2013-03-07T19:49:37Z Tuvalkin [[Talk:BSicon/Colors#RizhMZD|As discussed.]]
eABZ3lf MO MZD   (ABZ+lq ruby) 58000532 2013-03-07T19:50:53Z Tuvalkin [[Talk:BSicon/Colors#RizhMZD|As discussed.]]
PSLer 71592E   (PSLer brown) 58000928 2013-03-07T19:57:55Z YLSS 71592E -> brown per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
STRlg 71592E   (STRlg brown) 58000932 2013-03-07T19:57:58Z YLSS 71592E -> brown per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
STRrf 71592E   (STRrf brown) 58000936 2013-03-07T19:58:01Z YLSS 71592E -> brown per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
STRrg 71592E   (STRrg brown) 58000941 2013-03-07T19:58:05Z YLSS 71592E -> brown per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
STRlf 71592E   (STRlf brown) 58000943 2013-03-07T19:58:07Z YLSS 71592E -> brown per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
GIPlq   (GIPqg) 58003641 2013-03-07T20:43:33Z Useddenim more precise naming
GIPqg   (GIPlq) 58009064 2013-03-07T22:18:45Z Tuvalkin «more precise naming»
ABZ3lg green   (fABZqr) 58013584 2013-03-07T22:59:23Z YLSS per User:Circeus/BSicon renaming/Simple junctions


Page Target logid Date/time User Summary
ABZ+lq ruby   (ABZq+l ruby) 58063999 2013-03-08T05:08:46Z Tuvalkin [[User_talk:Tuvalkin#ABZ.2Blq_ruby|Ass discussed.]]
eABZ3lg MO MZD   (eABZqr ruby) 58064513 2013-03-08T05:18:12Z Tuvalkin [[Talk:BSicon/Colors#RizhMZD|As discussed.]]
ABZdlr MO MZD   (ABZdlr ruby) 58064839 2013-03-08T05:27:52Z Tuvalkin [[Talk:BSicon/Colors#RizhMZD|As discussed.]]
KRZo MO MZD   (eKRZo ruby) 58064995 2013-03-08T05:30:10Z Tuvalkin [[Talk:BSicon/Colors#RizhMZD|As discussed.]]
eABZ3lf RizhMZD   (eABZq+l red) 58065703 2013-03-08T06:19:08Z Tuvalkin [[Talk:BSicon/Colors#RizhMZD|As discussed.]]
vBHF-KBHFe 999999   (vBHF-KBHFe grey) 58074062 2013-03-08T11:19:19Z YLSS 999999 -> grey per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
vSTRaq 999999   (vSPLl grey) 58074528 2013-03-08T11:36:15Z YLSS 999999 -> grey per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]; name per most recent [[:File:BSicon vSPLl 99CCFF.svg]]
KBHFr-BHFq 999999   (KBHFr-BHFq grey) 58075031 2013-03-08T11:54:20Z YLSS 999999 -> grey per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
DST 999999   (DST grey) 58075717 2013-03-08T12:09:40Z YLSS 999999 -> grey per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
ENDEl 999999   (ENDEl grey) 58075822 2013-03-08T12:12:46Z YLSS 999999 -> grey per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
KDSTe 999999   (KDSTe grey) 58075913 2013-03-08T12:15:43Z YLSS 999999 -> grey per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
STRq 999999   (STRq grey) 58076051 2013-03-08T12:19:21Z YLSS 999999 -> grey per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
exSTR 999999   (exSTR grey) 58076060 2013-03-08T12:19:36Z YLSS 999999 -> grey per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
CONTg 999999   (CONTg grey) 58076062 2013-03-08T12:19:39Z YLSS 999999 -> grey per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
ABZld 999999   (ABZgl+l grey) 58076091 2013-03-08T12:20:27Z YLSS 999999 -> grey per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
eABZlf 999999   (eABZlf grey) 58076147 2013-03-08T12:21:46Z YLSS 999999 -> grey per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
ABZfg 999999   (ABZfg grey) 58076176 2013-03-08T12:22:46Z YLSS 999999 -> grey per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
eABZrg 999999   (eABZrg grey) 58076195 2013-03-08T12:22:57Z YLSS 999999 -> grey per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
CONTf 999999   (CONTf grey) 58076198 2013-03-08T12:23:02Z YLSS 999999 -> grey per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
CONTl 999999   (CONTl grey) 58076211 2013-03-08T12:23:11Z YLSS 999999 -> grey per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
exCONTl 999999   (exCONTl grey) 58076216 2013-03-08T12:23:17Z YLSS 999999 -> grey per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
eBHF 999999   (eBHF grey) 58076615 2013-03-08T12:34:16Z YLSS 999999 -> grey per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
vBS2r-q 999999   (vBS2r-q grey) 58076626 2013-03-08T12:34:30Z YLSS 999999 -> grey per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
vSTR-q 999999   (-STRq grey) 58076713 2013-03-08T12:37:59Z YLSS 999999 -> grey per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
ENDEa 999999   (ENDEa grey) 58077761 2013-03-08T13:06:58Z YLSS 999999 -> grey per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
ABZlfg RizhMZD   (uABZgxl+r) 58084418 2013-03-08T15:26:19Z Tuvalkin [[Talk:BSicon/Colors#RizhMZD|As discussed.]]
ABZdg 67f8ff green   (ufABZdg) 58086036 2013-03-08T15:38:32Z Tuvalkin [[Talk:BSicon/Colors#RizhMZD|As discussed.]]
ABZdrf RizhMZD   (umABZrxl ruby+) 58086245 2013-03-08T15:44:20Z Tuvalkin [[Talk:BSicon/Colors#RizhMZD|As discussed.]]




Page Target logid Date/time User Summary
uxvSTRvl BlnU2   (uv-STR+r BlnU2) 58179877 2013-03-10T13:07:19Z Bill william compton [[COM:FR#reasons|File renaming criterion #6]]: Harmonize file names of a set of images (so that only one part of all names differs) to ease their usage in templates (e.g. diagram symbols, scans of pages of a book, maps, etc.).The root name seems not to...
ABZlf 999999   (ABZlf grey) 58192994 2013-03-10T18:02:32Z YLSS 999999 -> grey per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
ABZrg 999999   (ABZrg grey) 58193004 2013-03-10T18:02:39Z YLSS 999999 -> grey per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
BHF 999999   (BHF grey) 58193006 2013-03-10T18:02:41Z YLSS 999999 -> grey per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
CPICl 999999   (CPICl grey) 58193007 2013-03-10T18:02:42Z YLSS 999999 -> grey per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
CPICr 999999   (CPICr grey) 58193018 2013-03-10T18:02:48Z YLSS 999999 -> grey per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
exBHF 999999   (exBHF grey) 58193023 2013-03-10T18:02:52Z YLSS 999999 -> grey per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
KBHFa 999999   (KBHFa grey) 58193024 2013-03-10T18:02:53Z YLSS 999999 -> grey per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
KBHFe 999999   (KBHFe grey) 58193032 2013-03-10T18:02:56Z YLSS 999999 -> grey per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
KDSTa 999999   (KDSTa grey) 58193175 2013-03-10T18:05:10Z YLSS 999999 -> grey per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
KDSTr 999999   (KDSTr grey) 58193186 2013-03-10T18:05:17Z YLSS 999999 -> grey per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
LUECKE 999999   (LUECKE grey) 58193190 2013-03-10T18:05:18Z YLSS 999999 -> grey per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
STR 999999   (STR grey) 58193195 2013-03-10T18:05:24Z YLSS 999999 -> grey per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
STRlf 999999   (STRlf grey) 58193196 2013-03-10T18:05:24Z YLSS 999999 -> grey per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
STRlg 999999   (STRlg grey) 58193198 2013-03-10T18:05:27Z YLSS 999999 -> grey per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
STRrf 999999   (STRrf grey) 58193204 2013-03-10T18:05:32Z YLSS 999999 -> grey per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
STRrg 999999   (STRrg grey) 58193205 2013-03-10T18:05:32Z YLSS 999999 -> grey per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
ABZlf RizhMZD   (umABZlf red+) 58203767 2013-03-10T20:12:48Z Tuvalkin [[Talk:BSicon/Colors#RizhMZD|As discussed.]]
ABZlf RizhMZD 1   (umABZlf +red) 58203988 2013-03-10T20:14:41Z Tuvalkin [[Talk:BSicon/Colors#RizhMZD|As discussed.]]
KRZu RizhMZD   (umKRZu +red) 58204094 2013-03-10T20:15:36Z Tuvalkin [[Talk:BSicon/Colors#RizhMZD|As discussed.]]
KRZu RizhMZD 1   (umKRZu +ruby) 58204200 2013-03-10T20:17:21Z Tuvalkin [[Talk:BSicon/Colors#RizhMZD|As discussed.]]
KRZo RizhMZD 1   (KRZo ufKRZo) 58204453 2013-03-10T20:21:02Z Tuvalkin [[Talk:BSicon/Colors#RizhMZD|As discussed.]]
KRZo ufKRZo   (ufKRZo) 58204583 2013-03-10T20:23:06Z Tuvalkin TYPO!!! :-(
SPLaq(yellow)   (vSPLl yellow) 58209803 2013-03-10T22:13:50Z YLSS following [[:File:BSicon vSPLl 99CCFF.svg]]
INTr violet   (exINTr violet) 58210047 2013-03-10T22:20:28Z YLSS ex_violet
vSPLl yellow   (SPLaq(yellow)) 58210330 2013-03-10T22:26:12Z Tuvalkin Previous rename harms on going discussions.
INTl FF6600   (INTl orange) 58210989 2013-03-10T22:44:30Z YLSS FF6600 = orange


Page Target logid Date/time User Summary
exCONTr CC6600   (CONTr orange) 58216920 2013-03-11T01:38:17Z Tuvalkin [[Talk:BSicon/Colors#Renaming_multiple_color_icons|As discussed.]]
CPICla FFD702   (CPICla yellow) 58237629 2013-03-11T12:35:45Z YLSS FFD702 = yellow
ABZ4-lg   (ABZglr+l) 58238793 2013-03-11T13:14:38Z Bill william compton [[COM:FR#reasons|File renaming criterion #6]]: Harmonize file names of a set of images (so that only one part of all names differs) to ease their usage in templates (e.g. diagram symbols, scans of pages of a book, maps, etc.).Akin to [[:File:BSicon ABZ...
ABZ4-rf   (ABZgl+lr) 58239760 2013-03-11T13:37:28Z Bill william compton [[COM:FR#reasons|File renaming criterion #6]]: Harmonize file names of a set of images (so that only one part of all names differs) to ease their usage in templates (e.g. diagram symbols, scans of pages of a book, maps, etc.).Akin to [[:File:BSicon ABZ...
ABZ4-lf   (ABZgr+lr) 58239764 2013-03-11T13:37:33Z Bill william compton [[COM:FR#reasons|File renaming criterion #6]]: Harmonize file names of a set of images (so that only one part of all names differs) to ease their usage in templates (e.g. diagram symbols, scans of pages of a book, maps, etc.).Akin to [[:File:BSicon ABZ...
uKDSTe 800080   (KDSTe violet) 58241078 2013-03-11T14:09:01Z YLSS proper schematic name
CONTf 1A8BB9   (exCONTf 1A8BB9) 58242945 2013-03-11T14:45:16Z Bill william compton [[COM:FR#reasons|File renaming criterion #6]]: Harmonize file names of a set of images (so that only one part of all names differs) to ease their usage in templates (e.g. diagram symbols, scans of pages of a book, maps, etc.).Akin to [[:File:BSicon exC...
ABZlf RizhMZD 2   (ABZlf cyan) 58250946 2013-03-11T18:12:05Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
ABZlg RizhMZD   (ABZlg cyan) 58250956 2013-03-11T18:12:17Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
ABZrg RizhMZD   (ABZrg cyan) 58250963 2013-03-11T18:12:32Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
KDSe RizhMZD   (KDSTe cyan) 58251092 2013-03-11T18:15:49Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
STR RizhMZD   (STR cyan) 58251095 2013-03-11T18:15:56Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
STRlf RizhMZD   (STRlf cyan) 58251099 2013-03-11T18:16:00Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
STRlg RizhMZD 1   (STRlg cyan) 58251109 2013-03-11T18:16:13Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
STRrf RizhMZD   (STRrf cyan) 58251116 2013-03-11T18:16:25Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
STRrg RizhMZD   (STRrg cyan) 58251125 2013-03-11T18:16:36Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
WaterBridge RizhMZD   (WBRÜCKE cyan) 58251158 2013-03-11T18:17:23Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
STRr+l RizhMZD   (STRr+l cyan) 58251162 2013-03-11T18:17:26Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
STRq 67f8ff   (STRq cyan) 58251234 2013-03-11T18:19:20Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
eGRENZE RizhMZD   (eGRENZE cyan) 58251317 2013-03-11T18:21:56Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
CPICIa 3399FF   (CPICl 3399FF) 58253914 2013-03-11T19:14:24Z YLSS lower-case L, not upper-case i
uexCPIl green   (fextCPICle) 58256400 2013-03-11T20:06:51Z YLSS proper schematic title


Page Target logid Date/time User Summary
extCPICl green   (fextCPICl) 58294090 2013-03-12T14:31:15Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Categorization]]
fextCPICl   (ftCPICle) 58294143 2013-03-12T14:32:44Z YLSS proper schematic name
CPICla green   (fCPICla) 58294269 2013-03-12T14:35:55Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Categorization]]
CPICle green   (fCPICle) 58294277 2013-03-12T14:36:09Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Categorization]]
ENDEl green   (fENDEl) 58298352 2013-03-12T16:05:46Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Categorization]]
ENDEr green   (fENDEr) 58298382 2013-03-12T16:06:26Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Categorization]]
ENDEe green   (fENDEe) 58298402 2013-03-12T16:06:51Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Categorization]]
xENDEe green   (fENDExe) 58298852 2013-03-12T16:13:27Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Categorization]]
xENDEa green   (fENDExa) 58298866 2013-03-12T16:13:40Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Categorization]]
exÜST green   (fexÜST) 58298879 2013-03-12T16:14:00Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Categorization]]
eHST green   (feHST) 58298905 2013-03-12T16:14:37Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Categorization]]
utHSTe green   (ftKHSTe) 58298936 2013-03-12T16:15:06Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Categorization]]
BHFCCe green+TUNNELe green   (ftBHFCCa) 58299003 2013-03-12T16:16:38Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Categorization]]
uAKRZu green1   (fxAKRZu) 58299423 2013-03-12T16:26:45Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Categorization]]
KDSTl green   (fKDSTl) 58299439 2013-03-12T16:27:05Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Categorization]]
tKBHFxa green   (ftBHF) 58299489 2013-03-12T16:28:29Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Categorization]]
BHFCC green   (fBHFCC) 58299502 2013-03-12T16:28:50Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Categorization]]
BHF+TUNNEL green   (ftBHFCC) 58299513 2013-03-12T16:29:09Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Categorization]]
BHFCCa green   (fBHFCCa) 58299522 2013-03-12T16:29:34Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Categorization]]
BHFCCe green   (fBHFCCe) 58299810 2013-03-12T16:38:17Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Categorization]]
tAKRZu green   (fetAKRZu) 58299898 2013-03-12T16:40:59Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Categorization]]
utHSTCC green   (ftHSTCC) 58310549 2013-03-12T20:18:29Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Categorization]]
uAKRZu green   (fAKRZu) 58310594 2013-03-12T20:19:16Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Categorization]]
xABZlg green   (fxABZlg) 58310619 2013-03-12T20:19:46Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Categorization]]
utSTRlg green   (ftSTRlg) 58310631 2013-03-12T20:20:01Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Categorization]]
xABZrf green   (fxABZrf) 58310644 2013-03-12T20:20:18Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Categorization]]
utABZlf green   (ftABZlf) 58310674 2013-03-12T20:21:06Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Categorization]]
uhSTR-2   (fhSTR) 58310693 2013-03-12T20:21:29Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Categorization]]
uELEVe-2   (fBRÜCKEe) 58310718 2013-03-12T20:22:03Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Categorization]]
uELEVa-2   (fBRÜCKEa) 58310735 2013-03-12T20:22:28Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Categorization]]
exCONTg green   (fexCONTg) 58310757 2013-03-12T20:22:55Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Categorization]]
exLUECKE green   (fexLUECKE) 58310762 2013-03-12T20:23:00Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Categorization]]
BRÜCKE green   (fBRÜCKE) 58310781 2013-03-12T20:23:26Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Categorization]]
uHSTCCe green   (fHSTCCe) 58310816 2013-03-12T20:23:57Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Categorization]]
utHST green   (ftHST) 58310824 2013-03-12T20:24:06Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Categorization]]
exKDSTl green   (fexKDSTl) 58310842 2013-03-12T20:24:24Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Categorization]]
uKDSe green   (ftKDSTe) 58310861 2013-03-12T20:24:53Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Categorization]]
extHST green   (fextHST) 58310876 2013-03-12T20:25:18Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Categorization]]
uexSTR green   (fextSTR) 58311723 2013-03-12T20:50:06Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Categorization]]
CONTr green   (fCONTr) 58312277 2013-03-12T21:04:10Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Categorization]]
CPICm green   (fCPICm) 58314700 2013-03-12T22:18:27Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Categorization]]


Page Target logid Date/time User Summary
ABZf+l TUNNELa yellow+red   (ABZf+l TUNNELa yellow) 58322539 2013-03-13T02:49:52Z Tuvalkin [[Talk:BSicon/Colors#Yellows|As discussed.]]
tKRZ yellow+red   (tKRZ yellow) 58322725 2013-03-13T02:55:51Z Tuvalkin [[Talk:BSicon/Colors#Yellow+red|As discussed.]]
tSTR yellow+red   (tSTR yellow) 58322732 2013-03-13T02:56:34Z Tuvalkin [[Talk:BSicon/Colors#Yellow+red|As discussed.]]
tSTRlf yellow+red   (tSTRlf yellow) 58322752 2013-03-13T02:58:15Z Tuvalkin [[Talk:BSicon/Colors#Yellow+red|As discussed.]]
tSTRlg yellow+red   (tSTRlg yellow) 58322761 2013-03-13T02:58:55Z Tuvalkin [[Talk:BSicon/Colors#Yellow+red|As discussed.]]
tSTRrf yellow+red   (tSTRrf yellow) 58322766 2013-03-13T02:59:20Z Tuvalkin [[Talk:BSicon/Colors#Yellow+red|As discussed.]]
tWSTR yellow+red   (tWSTR yellow) 58322768 2013-03-13T02:59:33Z Tuvalkin [[Talk:BSicon/Colors#Yellow+red|As discussed.]]
vSTRae+l yellow+red   (vSTRae+l yellow) 58322769 2013-03-13T02:59:46Z Tuvalkin [[Talk:BSicon/Colors#Yellow+red|As discussed.]]
xAKRZu yellow+red   (xAKRZu yellow) 58322774 2013-03-13T03:00:04Z Tuvalkin [[Talk:BSicon/Colors#Yellow+red|As discussed.]]
BHF+TUNNEL yellow+red   (BHF+TUNNEL yellow) 58325443 2013-03-13T05:58:57Z Tuvalkin [[Talk:BSicon/Colors#Yellow+red|As discussed.]]
BHF+TUNNELa yellow+red   (BHF+TUNNELa yellow) 58325494 2013-03-13T06:02:27Z Tuvalkin [[Talk:BSicon/Colors#Yellow+red|As discussed.]]
BHF+TUNNELe yellow+red   (BHF+TUNNELe yellow) 58325503 2013-03-13T06:02:59Z Tuvalkin [[Talk:BSicon/Colors#Yellow+red|As discussed.]]
BHFCCa yellow+red   (BHFCCa yellow) 58325566 2013-03-13T06:08:24Z Tuvalkin [[Talk:BSicon/Colors#Yellow+red|As discussed.]]
BHFCCe yellow+red   (BHFCCe yellow) 58325574 2013-03-13T06:09:03Z Tuvalkin [[Talk:BSicon/Colors#Yellow+red|As discussed.]]
KDSTl yellow+red   (KDSTl yellow) 58325580 2013-03-13T06:09:37Z Tuvalkin [[Talk:BSicon/Colors#Yellow+red|As discussed.]]
tBHF yellow+red   (tBHF yellow) 58325592 2013-03-13T06:10:08Z Tuvalkin [[Talk:BSicon/Colors#Yellow+red|As discussed.]]
tKBFr yellow+red   (tKBFr yellow) 58325597 2013-03-13T06:10:38Z Tuvalkin [[Talk:BSicon/Colors#Yellow+red|As discussed.]]
tKBHFa yellow+red   (tKBHFa yellow) 58325605 2013-03-13T06:11:08Z Tuvalkin [[Talk:BSicon/Colors#Yellow+red|As discussed.]]
tKBHFe yellow+red   (tKBHFe yellow) 58325615 2013-03-13T06:11:37Z Tuvalkin [[Talk:BSicon/Colors#Yellow+red|As discussed.]]
eABZ2   (eABZg2) 58336006 2013-03-13T12:48:44Z Axpde consistent naming scheme
KRZu yellow + red   (mKRZoq +yellow) 58341658 2013-03-13T14:59:03Z Tuvalkin [[Talk:BSicon/Colors#Yellow+red|As discussed.]]
tSTR yellow+red2   (mtKRZuq +yellow) 58342217 2013-03-13T15:12:58Z Tuvalkin Standartized, and [[Talk:BSicon/Colors#Yellow+red|as discussed]].
TBHFo yellow+red   (mTBHFo yellow+) 58342959 2013-03-13T15:28:44Z Tuvalkin [[Talk:BSicon/Colors#Yellow+red|As discussed.]]
vhBHF-BHF yellow+red   (vtKBHFaeq yellow+) 58346453 2013-03-13T17:02:35Z Tuvalkin Yellow is main; regular-red ends here; it is double in tunnel, running across — so… Not a consensual name, but consensually better than the previous…


Page Target logid Date/time User Summary
fKRZo   (fmKRZo) 58373517 2013-03-14T04:37:42Z Tuvalkin [[Talk:BSicon/Colors#Lines_with_multiple_colors|As discussed.]]
ABZg+1t   (ABZg+1u) 58384966 2013-03-14T11:43:53Z Axpde per discussion, no tunnel but underneath bridge
ABZg2t   (ABZg2u) 58384982 2013-03-14T11:44:14Z Axpde per discussion, no tunnel but underneath bridge
ABZg3t   (ABZg3u) 58384988 2013-03-14T11:44:35Z Axpde per discussion, no tunnel but underneath bridge
ABZg+4t   (ABZg+4u) 58385008 2013-03-14T11:45:00Z Axpde per discussion, no tunnel but underneath bridge
eÜWgo+r   (eABZg+4) 58385109 2013-03-14T11:48:24Z Axpde consistent naming scheme
xÜWgu+r   (xABZg+4xu) 58385271 2013-03-14T11:54:30Z Axpde consistent naming scheme
uKDSTe 99CC00   (KDSTe 99CC00) 58387451 2013-03-14T13:06:28Z YLSS Consistent naming
WBRÜCKE FFAB2E   (WBRÜCKE saffron) 58402866 2013-03-14T18:29:18Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
KBHFxa FFAB2E   (KBHFxa saffron) 58402909 2013-03-14T18:30:19Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
KDSTr FFAB2E   (KDSTr saffron) 58402915 2013-03-14T18:30:27Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
KDSTxe FFAB2E   (KDSTxe saffron) 58402917 2013-03-14T18:30:31Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
STR FFAB2E   (STR saffron) 58402923 2013-03-14T18:30:41Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
STRlf FFAB2E   (STRlf saffron) 58402933 2013-03-14T18:30:47Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
STRlg FFAB2E   (STRlg saffron) 58402937 2013-03-14T18:30:55Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
ABZlf FFAB2E   (ABZlf saffron) 58402945 2013-03-14T18:31:02Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
ABZrg FFAB2E   (ABZrg saffron) 58402951 2013-03-14T18:31:07Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
BHF-R FFAB2E   (BHF-R saffron) 58402964 2013-03-14T18:31:24Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
BHF FFAB2E   (BHF saffron) 58402967 2013-03-14T18:31:29Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
CPICl FFAB2E   (CPICl saffron) 58402968 2013-03-14T18:31:30Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
exKBHFa FFAB2E   (exKBHFa saffron) 58402981 2013-03-14T18:31:41Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
exKBHFe FFAB2E   (exKBHFe saffron) 58402986 2013-03-14T18:31:48Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
CPICr FFAB2E   (CPICr saffron) 58402989 2013-03-14T18:31:53Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
KBHFa FFAB2E   (KBHFa saffron) 58403021 2013-03-14T18:32:54Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
KBHFe FFAB2E   (KBHFe saffron) 58403035 2013-03-14T18:33:18Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
INTr FFAB2E   (INTr saffron) 58403101 2013-03-14T18:34:55Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
INTra FFAB2E   (KINTra saffron) 58403112 2013-03-14T18:35:11Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
uemKRZo +orange   (umKRZo +saffron) 58407000 2013-03-14T19:47:37Z Tuvalkin [[Talk:BSicon/Colors#Oranges|As discussed.]]
exKRZt green   (fuexKRZt) 58416848 2013-03-14T23:25:28Z Tuvalkin [[Talk:BSicon/Colors#Lines with multiple colors|As discussed.]]
fBHFSTR   (fmTBHF) 58417049 2013-03-14T23:32:43Z Tuvalkin


Page Target logid Date/time User Summary
fHSTSTR   (fmHST) 58418253 2013-03-15T00:04:41Z Tuvalkin [[Talk:BSicon/Colors#Lines with multiple colors|As discussed.]]
fBUE   (mfKRZ+BUE) 58419065 2013-03-15T00:22:48Z Tuvalkin [[Talk:BSicon/Colors#Lines with multiple colors|As discussed.]]
fmHST   (fmTHST) 58420932 2013-03-15T01:28:31Z Tuvalkin wrong name (sorry)
fKRZu   (fmKRZu) 58422498 2013-03-15T02:15:24Z Tuvalkin [[Talk:BSicon/Colors#Lines with multiple colors|As discussed.]]
THSTo green   (fmTHSTo) 58423470 2013-03-15T03:06:27Z Tuvalkin [[Talk:BSicon/Colors#Lines with multiple colors|As discussed.]]
KRZol green CC6600   (mfKRZor ochre+) 58423622 2013-03-15T03:16:30Z Tuvalkin [[Talk:BSicon/Colors#Lines with multiple colors|As discussed.]]
tKRZ green CC6600   (fmtKRZ +ochre) 58423770 2013-03-15T03:24:34Z Tuvalkin [[Talk:BSicon/Colors#Lines with multiple colors|As discussed.]]
RP2oWa   (hRP2oWa) 58426727 2013-03-15T05:52:16Z Tuvalkin [[Talk:BSicon/Renaming#h_or_no_h.3F|As discussed.]]
RP2oWe   (hRP2oWe) 58426760 2013-03-15T05:54:56Z Tuvalkin [[Talk:BSicon/Renaming#h_or_no_h.3F|As discussed.]]
PSLa moscow6   (PSLa saffron) 58438858 2013-03-15T12:38:42Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors#Close colours]]
PSLe moscow6   (PSLe saffron) 58438882 2013-03-15T12:39:10Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors#Close colours]]
STRq moscow6   (STRq saffron) 58438888 2013-03-15T12:39:20Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors#Close colours]]
xPSLa moscow6   (xPSLa saffron) 58438892 2013-03-15T12:39:23Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors#Close colours]]
ÜSTl moscow6   (ÜSTl saffron) 58438903 2013-03-15T12:39:28Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors#Close colours]]
ÜSTr moscow6   (ÜSTr saffron) 58438928 2013-03-15T12:39:32Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors#Close colours]]
ENDEe moscow6   (ENDEe saffron) 58438940 2013-03-15T12:39:38Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors#Close colours]]
exABZrg moscow6   (exABZrg saffron) 58438941 2013-03-15T12:39:41Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors#Close colours]]
exENDEl moscow6   (exENDEl saffron) 58438951 2013-03-15T12:39:46Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors#Close colours]]
exKDSTr moscow6   (exKDSTr saffron) 58438958 2013-03-15T12:39:56Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors#Close colours]]
exSTRrg moscow6   (exSTRrg saffron) 58438959 2013-03-15T12:39:56Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors#Close colours]]
CONTf moscow6   (CONTf saffron) 58438962 2013-03-15T12:39:59Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors#Close colours]]
CONTg moscow6   (CONTg saffron) 58438967 2013-03-15T12:40:04Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors#Close colours]]
CONTl moscow6   (CONTl saffron) 58438975 2013-03-15T12:40:15Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors#Close colours]]
ABZlr moscow6   (ABZlr saffron) 58438982 2013-03-15T12:40:19Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors#Close colours]]
uhSTR SMT   (hSTR teal) 58445294 2013-03-15T15:34:21Z YLSS SMT -> teal per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
uhKBHFa SMT   (hKBHFa teal) 58445323 2013-03-15T15:34:40Z YLSS SMT -> teal per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
uhKBHFe SMT   (hKBHFe teal) 58445331 2013-03-15T15:34:44Z YLSS SMT -> teal per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
LUECKE SMT   (LUECKE teal) 58445345 2013-03-15T15:34:57Z YLSS SMT -> teal per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
ABZlf 339999   (ABZlf teal) 58450256 2013-03-15T17:38:15Z YLSS 339999 -> teal per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
BHF 339999   (BHF teal) 58450264 2013-03-15T17:38:21Z YLSS 339999 -> teal per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
CPICl 339999   (CPICl teal) 58450270 2013-03-15T17:38:30Z YLSS 339999 -> teal per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
CPICla 339999   (CPICla teal) 58450279 2013-03-15T17:38:39Z YLSS 339999 -> teal per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
CPICra 339999   (CPICra teal) 58450285 2013-03-15T17:38:44Z YLSS 339999 -> teal per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
hTUNNELa 339999   (hTUNNELa teal) 58450304 2013-03-15T17:39:05Z YLSS 339999 -> teal per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
hTUNNELe 339999   (hTUNNELe teal) 58450310 2013-03-15T17:39:09Z YLSS 339999 -> teal per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
KBHFa 339999   (KBHFa teal) 58450317 2013-03-15T17:39:18Z YLSS 339999 -> teal per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
KBHFe 339999   (KBHFe teal) 58450319 2013-03-15T17:39:20Z YLSS 339999 -> teal per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
KBHFxa 339999   (KBHFxa teal) 58450321 2013-03-15T17:39:21Z YLSS 339999 -> teal per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
KBHFxe 339999   (KBHFxe teal) 58450330 2013-03-15T17:39:27Z YLSS 339999 -> teal per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
KDSTa 339999   (KDSTa teal) 58450336 2013-03-15T17:39:33Z YLSS 339999 -> teal per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
KDSTe 339999   (KDSTe teal) 58450340 2013-03-15T17:39:36Z YLSS 339999 -> teal per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
KDSTr 339999   (KDSTr teal) 58450352 2013-03-15T17:39:50Z YLSS 339999 -> teal per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
KRWg+l 339999   (KRWg+l teal) 58450401 2013-03-15T17:40:34Z YLSS 339999 -> teal per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
KRWr 339999   (KRWr teal) 58450420 2013-03-15T17:40:57Z YLSS 339999 -> teal per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
STRlf 339999   (STRlf teal) 58450430 2013-03-15T17:41:07Z YLSS 339999 -> teal per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
STRlg 339999   (STRlg teal) 58450447 2013-03-15T17:41:12Z YLSS 339999 -> teal per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
STRrf 339999   (STRrf teal) 58450472 2013-03-15T17:41:18Z YLSS 339999 -> teal per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
STRrg 339999   (STRrg teal) 58450476 2013-03-15T17:41:20Z YLSS 339999 -> teal per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
xCPICra 339999   (xCPICra teal) 58450509 2013-03-15T17:41:31Z YLSS 339999 -> teal per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
xCPICla 339999   (xCPICla teal) 58450513 2013-03-15T17:41:31Z YLSS 339999 -> teal per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
vBS2r-q 339999   (vBS2r-q teal) 58450698 2013-03-15T17:42:37Z YLSS 339999 -> teal per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]


Page Target logid Date/time User Summary
BHF B5198D   (BHF fuchsia) 58469239 2013-03-16T01:15:55Z Tuvalkin [[Talk:BSicon/Colors#Purples|As discussed.]]
CPICl B5198D   (CPICl fuchsia) 58469743 2013-03-16T01:30:34Z Tuvalkin [[Talk:BSicon/Colors#Purples|As discussed.]]
CPICr B5198D   (CPICr fuchsia) 58469757 2013-03-16T01:30:58Z Tuvalkin [[Talk:BSicon/Colors#Purples|As discussed.]]
eBHF B5198D   (eBHF fuchsia) 58469930 2013-03-16T01:35:24Z Tuvalkin [[Talk:BSicon/Colors#Purples|As discussed.]]
exKBHFe B5198D   (exKBHFe fuchsia) 58469941 2013-03-16T01:35:41Z Tuvalkin [[Talk:BSicon/Colors#Purples|As discussed.]]
KDSTa B5198D   (KDSTa fuchsia) 58469961 2013-03-16T01:36:19Z Tuvalkin [[Talk:BSicon/Colors#Purples|As discussed.]]
KDSTr B5198D   (KDSTr fuchsia) 58469967 2013-03-16T01:36:30Z Tuvalkin [[Talk:BSicon/Colors#Purples|As discussed.]]
STR B5198D   (STR fuchsia) 58469982 2013-03-16T01:36:52Z Tuvalkin [[Talk:BSicon/Colors#Purples|As discussed.]]
xABZlf B5198D   (xABZlf fuchsia) 58470002 2013-03-16T01:37:22Z Tuvalkin [[Talk:BSicon/Colors#Purples|As discussed.]]
BHF 9999ff   (BHF lavander) 58471188 2013-03-16T02:06:08Z Tuvalkin [[Talk:BSicon/Colors#Purples|As discussed.]]
STRq 9999ff   (STRq lavander) 58471237 2013-03-16T02:07:01Z Tuvalkin [[Talk:BSicon/Colors#Purples|As discussed.]]
STR 9999FF   (STR lavander) 58471278 2013-03-16T02:07:47Z Tuvalkin [[Talk:BSicon/Colors#Purples|As discussed.]]
KDSTa 9999FF   (KDSTa lavander) 58471352 2013-03-16T02:10:24Z Tuvalkin [[Talk:BSicon/Colors#Purples|As discussed.]]
hSTR 9999FF   (hSTR lavander) 58471366 2013-03-16T02:10:48Z Tuvalkin [[Talk:BSicon/Colors#Purples|As discussed.]]
hKBHFe 9999FF   (hKBHFe lavander) 58471397 2013-03-16T02:12:05Z Tuvalkin [[Talk:BSicon/Colors#Purples|As discussed.]]
hBHFa 9999FF   (hBHFa lavander) 58471448 2013-03-16T02:12:38Z Tuvalkin [[Talk:BSicon/Colors#Purples|As discussed.]]
hBHF 9999FF   (hBHF lavander) 58471456 2013-03-16T02:12:59Z Tuvalkin [[Talk:BSicon/Colors#Purples|As discussed.]]
RP2oRD1e   (hRP2oRD1e) 58481700 2013-03-16T08:20:49Z Tuvalkin As discussed.
RP4oRP2a   (hRP4oRP2a) 58481704 2013-03-16T08:21:00Z Tuvalkin As discussed.


Page Target logid Date/time User Summary
SKRZ-G2quha   (SKRZ-G2uhqa) 58571874 2013-03-17T16:25:44Z Tuvalkin "q" goes after the position suffixes
SKRZ-G2quhe   (SKRZ-G2uhqe) 58571875 2013-03-17T16:25:44Z Tuvalkin "q" goes after the position suffixes
uSTRSummit   (uGIPl) 58576515 2013-03-17T18:06:52Z Tuvalkin to match the [[:en:Wikipedia:Route_diagram_template/Catalog_of_pictograms/straight_tracks#Summits_and_nadirs|rest]]
uexSTRSummit File:File-BSicon uexGIPl.svg 58576521 2013-03-17T18:06:59Z Tuvalkin to match the [[:en:Wikipedia:Route_diagram_template/Catalog_of_pictograms/straight_tracks#Summits_and_nadirs|rest]]
File:File-BSicon uexGIPl.svg   (uexGIPl) 58576559 2013-03-17T18:08:25Z Tuvalkin derp :-( .


Page Target logid Date/time User Summary
BHF EF161E   (BHF red) 58599352 2013-03-18T02:05:44Z Tuvalkin [[Talk:BSicon/Colors#Reds|As discussed.]]
exABZlg d1e231   (exABZlg lime) 58606929 2013-03-18T07:33:02Z YLSS d1e231 -> lime per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
exABZrg 99CC00   (exABZrg lime) 58606934 2013-03-18T07:33:09Z YLSS 99CC00 -> lime per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
exBHF 99CC00   (exBHF lime) 58606939 2013-03-18T07:33:17Z YLSS 99CC00 -> lime per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
exCONTg 99CC00   (exCONTg lime) 58606943 2013-03-18T07:33:22Z YLSS 99CC00 -> lime per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
exCONTl 99CC00   (exCONTl lime) 58606945 2013-03-18T07:33:26Z YLSS 99CC00 -> lime per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
exCPICl 99CC00   (exCPICl lime) 58606950 2013-03-18T07:33:36Z YLSS 99CC00 -> lime per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
exCPICr 99CC00   (exCPICr lime) 58606952 2013-03-18T07:33:45Z YLSS 99CC00 -> lime per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
exKBHFa 99CC00   (exKBHFa lime) 58606954 2013-03-18T07:33:47Z YLSS 99CC00 -> lime per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
exKBHFe 99CC00   (exKBHFe lime) 58606960 2013-03-18T07:33:55Z YLSS 99CC00 -> lime per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
exKDSTa 99CC00   (exKDSTa lime) 58606969 2013-03-18T07:34:06Z YLSS 99CC00 -> lime per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
exKDSTr 99CC00   (exKDSTr lime) 58606973 2013-03-18T07:34:15Z YLSS 99CC00 -> lime per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
exSTR 99CC00   (exSTR lime) 58606975 2013-03-18T07:34:18Z YLSS 99CC00 -> lime per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
exSTRrf 99CC00   (exSTRrf lime) 58606984 2013-03-18T07:34:30Z YLSS 99CC00 -> lime per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
exTUNNELa 99CC00   (exTUNNELa lime) 58606992 2013-03-18T07:34:51Z YLSS 99CC00 -> lime per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
exTUNNELe 99CC00   (exTUNNELe lime) 58606993 2013-03-18T07:34:53Z YLSS 99CC00 -> lime per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
KBHFa 99CC00   (KBHFa lime) 58607003 2013-03-18T07:35:09Z YLSS 99CC00 -> lime per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
KBHFe 99CC00   (KBHFe lime) 58607007 2013-03-18T07:35:14Z YLSS 99CC00 -> lime per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
KBHFxa 99CC00   (KBHFxa lime) 58607010 2013-03-18T07:35:20Z YLSS 99CC00 -> lime per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
KBHFxe 99CC00   (KBHFxe lime) 58607013 2013-03-18T07:35:23Z YLSS 99CC00 -> lime per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
KDSTe 99CC00   (KDSTe lime) 58607019 2013-03-18T07:35:26Z YLSS 99CC00 -> lime per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
KDSTr 99CC00   (KDSTr lime) 58607025 2013-03-18T07:35:37Z YLSS 99CC00 -> lime per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
STR 99CC00   (STR lime) 58607028 2013-03-18T07:35:42Z YLSS 99CC00 -> lime per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
STRlf 99CC00   (STRlf lime) 58607030 2013-03-18T07:35:45Z YLSS 99CC00 -> lime per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
tBHFCCa 99CC00   (tBHFCCa lime) 58607041 2013-03-18T07:36:17Z YLSS 99CC00 -> lime per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
tBHFCCe 99CC00   (tBHFCCe lime) 58607044 2013-03-18T07:36:21Z YLSS 99CC00 -> lime per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
ABZ3rf 99CC00   (ABZql lime) 58607051 2013-03-18T07:36:30Z YLSS 99CC00 -> lime per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
exABZqr 99CC00   (exABZql lime) 58607053 2013-03-18T07:36:33Z YLSS 99CC00 -> lime per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
BHF 99CC00   (BHF lime) 58607056 2013-03-18T07:36:41Z YLSS 99CC00 -> lime per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
CONTg 99CC00   (CONTg lime) 58607058 2013-03-18T07:36:46Z YLSS 99CC00 -> lime per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
CONTl 99CC00   (CONTl lime) 58607063 2013-03-18T07:36:52Z YLSS 99CC00 -> lime per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
CPICl 99CC00   (CPICl lime) 58607066 2013-03-18T07:36:59Z YLSS 99CC00 -> lime per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
CPICr 99CC00   (CPICr lime) 58607068 2013-03-18T07:37:02Z YLSS 99CC00 -> lime per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
ENDEe 99CC00   (ENDEe lime) 58607073 2013-03-18T07:37:07Z YLSS 99CC00 -> lime per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
ABZrg 99CC00   (ABZrg lime) 58607108 2013-03-18T07:38:58Z YLSS 99CC00 -> lime per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
ABZlf 99CCFF   (exABZlf azure) 58610335 2013-03-18T09:33:23Z YLSS 99CCFF -> ex_azure per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
ABZlg 99CCFF   (exABZlg azure) 58610341 2013-03-18T09:33:36Z YLSS 99CCFF -> ex_azure per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
ABZrf 99CCFF   (exABZrf azure) 58610349 2013-03-18T09:33:49Z YLSS 99CCFF -> ex_azure per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
BHF 99CCFF   (exBHF azure) 58610356 2013-03-18T09:33:57Z YLSS 99CCFF -> ex_azure per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
CPICm 99CCFF   (exCPICm azure) 58610363 2013-03-18T09:34:10Z YLSS 99CCFF -> ex_azure per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
CPICma 99CCFF   (exCPICma azure) 58610371 2013-03-18T09:34:24Z YLSS 99CCFF -> ex_azure per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
CPICr 99CCFF   (exCPICr azure) 58610377 2013-03-18T09:34:34Z YLSS 99CCFF -> ex_azure per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
DST 99CCFF   (exDST azure) 58610383 2013-03-18T09:34:39Z YLSS 99CCFF -> ex_azure per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
ENDEa 99CCFF   (exENDEa azure) 58610387 2013-03-18T09:34:44Z YLSS 99CCFF -> ex_azure per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
ENDEl 99CCFF   (exENDEl azure) 58610400 2013-03-18T09:35:03Z YLSS 99CCFF -> ex_azure per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
KBHFa 99CCFF   (exKBHFa azure) 58610415 2013-03-18T09:35:21Z YLSS 99CCFF -> ex_azure per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
KBHFe 99CCFF   (exKBHFe azure) 58610425 2013-03-18T09:35:29Z YLSS 99CCFF -> ex_azure per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
KDSTa 99CCFF   (exKDSTa azure) 58610426 2013-03-18T09:35:32Z YLSS 99CCFF -> ex_azure per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
KDSTe 99CCFF   (exKDSTe azure) 58610430 2013-03-18T09:35:39Z YLSS 99CCFF -> ex_azure per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
KDSTl 99CCFF   (exKDSTl azure) 58610433 2013-03-18T09:35:47Z YLSS 99CCFF -> ex_azure per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
LUECKEq 99CCFF   (exLUECKEq azure) 58610439 2013-03-18T09:35:59Z YLSS 99CCFF -> ex_azure per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
STR 99CCFF   (exSTR azure) 58610449 2013-03-18T09:36:12Z YLSS 99CCFF -> ex_azure per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
TUNNELa 99CCFF   (exTUNNELa azure) 58610457 2013-03-18T09:36:20Z YLSS 99CCFF -> ex_azure per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
TUNNELe 99CCFF   (exTUNNELe azure) 58610463 2013-03-18T09:36:28Z YLSS 99CCFF -> ex_azure per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
vSPLl 99CCFF   (exvSPLl azure) 58610524 2013-03-18T09:38:40Z YLSS 99CCFF -> ex_azure per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
vSTRa 99CCFF   (exvSPLa azure) 58610532 2013-03-18T09:38:56Z YLSS 99CCFF -> ex_azure per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
ABZlf 3399FF   (ABZlf azure) 58612254 2013-03-18T10:36:29Z YLSS 3399FF -> azure per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
ABZlg 3399FF   (ABZlg azure) 58612257 2013-03-18T10:36:32Z YLSS 3399FF -> azure per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
ABZrf 3399FF   (ABZrf azure) 58612264 2013-03-18T10:36:46Z YLSS 3399FF -> azure per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
ABZrg 3399FF   (ABZrg azure) 58612266 2013-03-18T10:36:51Z YLSS 3399FF -> azure per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
AKRZu 3399FF   (AKRZu azure) 58612269 2013-03-18T10:36:57Z YLSS 3399FF -> azure per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
BHF 3399FF   (BHF azure) 58612275 2013-03-18T10:37:13Z YLSS 3399FF -> azure per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
BHF-L 3399FF   (BHF-L azure) 58612282 2013-03-18T10:37:26Z YLSS 3399FF -> azure per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
CONT4 3399FF   (CONT4 azure) 58612328 2013-03-18T10:38:54Z YLSS 3399FF -> azure per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
CONTf 3399FF   (CONTf azure) 58612333 2013-03-18T10:39:06Z YLSS 3399FF -> azure per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
CONTl 3399FF   (CONTl azure) 58612338 2013-03-18T10:39:12Z YLSS 3399FF -> azure per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
CONTr 3399FF   (CONTr azure) 58612343 2013-03-18T10:39:21Z YLSS 3399FF -> azure per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
CONTg 3399FF   (CONTg azure) 58612346 2013-03-18T10:39:24Z YLSS 3399FF -> azure per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
CPICl 3399FF   (CPICl azure) 58612351 2013-03-18T10:39:26Z YLSS 3399FF -> azure per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
CPICla 3399FF   (CPICla azure) 58612356 2013-03-18T10:39:30Z YLSS 3399FF -> azure per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
CPICle 3399FF   (CPICle azure) 58612364 2013-03-18T10:39:39Z YLSS 3399FF -> azure per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
CPICma 3399FF   (CPICma azure) 58612371 2013-03-18T10:39:43Z YLSS 3399FF -> azure per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
CPICr 3399FF   (CPICr azure) 58612378 2013-03-18T10:39:48Z YLSS 3399FF -> azure per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
CPICra 3399FF   (CPICra azure) 58612387 2013-03-18T10:39:55Z YLSS 3399FF -> azure per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
ENDEa 3399FF   (ENDEa azure) 58612393 2013-03-18T10:40:03Z YLSS 3399FF -> azure per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
CPICre 3399FF   (CPICre azure) 58612394 2013-03-18T10:40:03Z YLSS 3399FF -> azure per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
ENDEe 3399FF   (ENDEe azure) 58612397 2013-03-18T10:40:10Z YLSS 3399FF -> azure per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
eÜST 3399FF   (eÜST azure) 58612402 2013-03-18T10:40:31Z YLSS 3399FF -> azure per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
eÜSTr 3399FF   (eÜSTr azure) 58612403 2013-03-18T10:40:31Z YLSS 3399FF -> azure per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
eÜSTl 3399FF   (eÜSTl azure) 58612404 2013-03-18T10:40:31Z YLSS 3399FF -> azure per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
hTUNNELa 3399FF   (hTUNNELa azure) 58612407 2013-03-18T10:40:35Z YLSS 3399FF -> azure per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
hTUNNELe 3399FF   (hTUNNELe azure) 58612416 2013-03-18T10:40:44Z YLSS 3399FF -> azure per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
INTl 3399FF   (INTl azure) 58612438 2013-03-18T10:40:55Z YLSS 3399FF -> azure per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
INTma 3399FF   (KINTma azure) 58612506 2013-03-18T10:41:30Z YLSS 3399FF -> azure per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
KBHFa 3399FF   (KBHFa azure) 58612507 2013-03-18T10:41:32Z YLSS 3399FF -> azure per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
KBHFe 3399FF   (KBHFe azure) 58612510 2013-03-18T10:41:35Z YLSS 3399FF -> azure per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
KBHFxa 3399FF   (KBHFxa azure) 58612513 2013-03-18T10:41:37Z YLSS 3399FF -> azure per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
KBHFxe 3399FF   (KBHFxe azure) 58612518 2013-03-18T10:41:49Z YLSS 3399FF -> azure per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
KDSTa 3399FF   (KDSTa azure) 58612525 2013-03-18T10:41:59Z YLSS 3399FF -> azure per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
KDSTe 3399FF   (KDSTe azure) 58612528 2013-03-18T10:42:06Z YLSS 3399FF -> azure per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
KDSTl 3399FF   (KDSTl azure) 58612529 2013-03-18T10:42:08Z YLSS 3399FF -> azure per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
KDSTr 3399FF   (KDSTr azure) 58612535 2013-03-18T10:42:15Z YLSS 3399FF -> azure per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
KRWg+l 3399FF   (KRWg+l azure) 58612537 2013-03-18T10:42:21Z YLSS 3399FF -> azure per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
KRWr 3399FF   (KRWr azure) 58612547 2013-03-18T10:42:43Z YLSS 3399FF -> azure per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
LUECKEq 3399FF   (LUECKEq azure) 58612553 2013-03-18T10:42:50Z YLSS 3399FF -> azure per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
PSLe 3399FF   (PSLe azure) 58612560 2013-03-18T10:43:03Z YLSS 3399FF -> azure per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
PSLa 3399FF   (PSLa azure) 58612561 2013-03-18T10:43:04Z YLSS 3399FF -> azure per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
STRq 3399FF   (STRq azure) 58612564 2013-03-18T10:43:11Z YLSS 3399FF -> azure per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
STR 3399FF   (STR azure) 58612566 2013-03-18T10:43:16Z YLSS 3399FF -> azure per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
STRrg 3399FF   (STRrg azure) 58612570 2013-03-18T10:43:17Z YLSS 3399FF -> azure per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
STRrf 3399FF   (STRrf azure) 58612571 2013-03-18T10:43:19Z YLSS 3399FF -> azure per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
TUNNEL1 3399FF   (TUNNEL1 azure) 58612589 2013-03-18T10:43:52Z YLSS 3399FF -> azure per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
TUNNELa 3399FF   (TUNNELa azure) 58612593 2013-03-18T10:43:57Z YLSS 3399FF -> azure per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
TUNNELe 3399FF   (TUNNELe azure) 58612600 2013-03-18T10:44:10Z YLSS 3399FF -> azure per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
vSTRa 3399FF   (vSPLa azure) 58612605 2013-03-18T10:44:34Z YLSS 3399FF -> azure per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
vSTRl 3399FF   (vSPLl azure) 58612607 2013-03-18T10:44:40Z YLSS 3399FF -> azure per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
ÜST 3399FF   (ÜST azure) 58612611 2013-03-18T10:44:56Z YLSS 3399FF -> azure per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
WBRÜCKE 3399FF   (WBRÜCKE azure) 58612615 2013-03-18T10:45:02Z YLSS 3399FF -> azure per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
ÜSTl 3399FF   (ÜSTl azure) 58612616 2013-03-18T10:45:05Z YLSS 3399FF -> azure per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
ÜSTr 3399FF   (ÜSTr azure) 58612621 2013-03-18T10:45:17Z YLSS 3399FF -> azure per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
KBHFr 00A0DD   (KBHFr azure) 58617143 2013-03-18T12:57:24Z YLSS 00A0DD -> azure per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
uSTRq BlnU3   (STRq teal) 58620374 2013-03-18T14:04:04Z Tuvalkin [[Talk:BSicon/Colors#Teals|As discussed.]]
uBHFq BlnU3   (BHFq teal) 58620384 2013-03-18T14:04:30Z Tuvalkin [[Talk:BSicon/Colors#Teals|As discussed.]]
uSTR BlnU3   (STR teal) 58620389 2013-03-18T14:04:39Z Tuvalkin [[Talk:BSicon/Colors#Teals|As discussed.]]
INT black-and-orange   (mKINTa (black+orange)) 58639196 2013-03-18T21:25:30Z Tuvalkin [[Talk:BSicon/Colors#Lines_with_multiple_colors|As discussed.]] Cp. BSicon KINTxa.svg
mKINTa (black+orange)   (mKINTa black+orange) 58639244 2013-03-18T21:26:31Z Tuvalkin oops
tABZlg black-orange   (mtABZlg orange+black) 58639784 2013-03-18T21:40:45Z Tuvalkin [[Talk:BSicon/Colors#Renaming_multiple_color_icons|As discussed.]]


Page Target logid Date/time User Summary
vKBHF-BHF green   (fvKBHFa-BHF) 58661591 2013-03-19T10:07:13Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Categorization]]
vKBHFa green   (fvKBHFa) 58661598 2013-03-19T10:07:23Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Categorization]]
LUECKE green   (fLUECKE) 58662677 2013-03-19T10:34:51Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Categorization]]
BHF legende green   (flBHF) 58662760 2013-03-19T10:38:28Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon]] & subpages
CPICr green   (fCPICr) 58663302 2013-03-19T10:56:46Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
CPICl green   (fCPICl) 58663655 2013-03-19T11:09:49Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Categorization]]
ABZrf green   (fABZrf) 58663930 2013-03-19T11:20:02Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
tSTRq green   (ftSTRq) 58664153 2013-03-19T11:28:34Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
tSTRrf green   (ftSTRrf) 58664163 2013-03-19T11:28:50Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
tCONTr green   (ftCONTr) 58664185 2013-03-19T11:29:36Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
CONTg green   (fCONTg) 58664226 2013-03-19T11:31:16Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
CONTf green   (fCONTf) 58664450 2013-03-19T11:39:34Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
INTle green   (fKINTle) 58664861 2013-03-19T11:56:35Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicons/Colors]]
KBHFxa green   (fKBHFxa) 58666130 2013-03-19T12:49:14Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
exKBHFa green   (fexKBHFa) 58666136 2013-03-19T12:49:21Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
exBHF green   (fexBHF) 58666143 2013-03-19T12:49:35Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
ABZlg green   (fABZlg) 58666580 2013-03-19T13:01:59Z YLSS green -> f per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
TUNNELe green   (fTUNNELe) 58666755 2013-03-19T13:08:20Z YLSS green -> f per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
TUNNELa green   (fTUNNELa) 58666762 2013-03-19T13:08:26Z YLSS green -> f per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
exKDSTr green   (fexKDSTr) 58666778 2013-03-19T13:08:57Z YLSS green -> f per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
eBHF green   (feBHF) 58666789 2013-03-19T13:09:23Z YLSS green -> f per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
exSTRlf green   (fexSTRlf) 58666797 2013-03-19T13:09:48Z YLSS green -> f per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
exSTRrg green   (fexSTRrg) 58666808 2013-03-19T13:10:06Z YLSS green -> f per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
xPSLa green   (fxPSLa) 58666816 2013-03-19T13:10:17Z YLSS green -> f per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
exENDEl green   (fexENDEl) 58666823 2013-03-19T13:10:34Z YLSS green -> f per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
ÜSTl green   (fÜSTl) 58666828 2013-03-19T13:10:40Z YLSS green -> f per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
ÜSTr green   (fÜSTr) 58666832 2013-03-19T13:10:49Z YLSS green -> f per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
PSLe green   (fPSLe) 58666837 2013-03-19T13:10:57Z YLSS green -> f per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
PSLa green   (fPSLa) 58666844 2013-03-19T13:11:09Z YLSS green -> f per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
ABZlf green   (fABZlf) 58666853 2013-03-19T13:11:26Z YLSS green -> f per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
ABZrg green   (fABZrg) 58666858 2013-03-19T13:11:35Z YLSS green -> f per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
CONTl green   (fCONTl) 58666932 2013-03-19T13:15:11Z YLSS green -> f per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
KDSTr green   (fKDSTr) 58667040 2013-03-19T13:19:44Z YLSS green -> f per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
INTq green   (fINTq) 58667496 2013-03-19T13:33:27Z YLSS green -> f per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
INT green   (fINT) 58667499 2013-03-19T13:33:30Z YLSS green -> f per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
INTa green   (fKINTa) 58668044 2013-03-19T13:49:04Z YLSS green -> f per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
exKBHFe green   (fexKBHFe) 58668838 2013-03-19T14:10:20Z YLSS green -> f per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
exABZrg green   (fexABZrg) 58669271 2013-03-19T14:22:11Z YLSS green -> f per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
KBHFxe green   (fKBHFxe) 58669303 2013-03-19T14:23:06Z YLSS green -> f per Talk:BSicon/Colors)
exCONTl green   (fexCONTl) 58669359 2013-03-19T14:24:35Z YLSS green -> f per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
ABZ3lf green   (fABZq+l) 58669364 2013-03-19T14:24:41Z YLSS green -> f per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
exSTRrf green   (fexSTRrf) 58670384 2013-03-19T14:48:23Z YLSS green -> f per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
KDSTe green   (fKDSTe) 58670534 2013-03-19T14:54:01Z YLSS green -> f per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
WTUNNEL green   (fWTUNNEL) 58670908 2013-03-19T15:06:26Z YLSS green -> f per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
exKDSTe green   (fexKDSTe) 58671040 2013-03-19T15:08:51Z YLSS green -> f per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
DST green   (fDST) 58671240 2013-03-19T15:14:39Z YLSS green -> f per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
KDSTa green   (fKDSTa) 58671261 2013-03-19T15:15:32Z YLSS green -> f per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
tWSTR green   (ftWSTR) 58671543 2013-03-19T15:22:11Z YLSS green -> f per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
exKDSTa green   (fexKDSTa) 58672091 2013-03-19T15:34:06Z YLSS green -> f per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
exHST green   (fexHST) 58672100 2013-03-19T15:34:19Z YLSS green -> f per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
uDSTgr   (mfKDSTe) 58673400 2013-03-19T16:09:36Z Tuvalkin [[Talk:BSicon/Colors#Renaming_multiple_color_icons|As discussed.]]
uDST green   (fmKDSTe) 58673456 2013-03-19T16:10:48Z Tuvalkin [[Talk:BSicon/Colors#Renaming_multiple_color_icons|As discussed.]]
exSTRlg green   (fexSTRlg) 58673930 2013-03-19T16:21:31Z YLSS green -> f per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
exSTR green   (fexSTR) 58674199 2013-03-19T16:24:03Z YLSS green -> f per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
exWBRÜCKE green   (fexWBRÜCKE) 58674837 2013-03-19T16:30:12Z YLSS green -> f per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
exABZrf green   (fexABZrf) 58674848 2013-03-19T16:30:18Z YLSS green -> f per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
ABZ+13   (ABZg3+1) 58678454 2013-03-19T17:10:37Z Axpde consistent naming scheme
CPICre green   (fCPICre) 58687951 2013-03-19T18:44:20Z INeverCry [[COM:FR#reasons|File renaming criterion #6]]: Harmonize file names of a set of images (so that only one part of all names differs) to ease their usage in templates (e.g. diagram symbols, scans of pages of a book, maps, etc.).per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]...
fWBRÜCKE   (fWBRÜCKE2) 58690606 2013-03-19T19:21:38Z YLSS to accommodate [[:File:BSicon WBRÜCKE green.svg]]; cf. [[:File:BSicon WBRÜCKE2.svg]] vs. [[:File:BSicon WBRÜCKE.svg]]
WBRÜCKE green   (fWBRÜCKE3) 58693594 2013-03-19T20:05:19Z Alan [[COM:FR#reasons|File renaming criterion #6]]: Harmonize file names of a set of images (so that only one part of all names differs) to ease their usage in templates (e.g. diagram symbols, scans of pages of a book, maps, etc.).Moved former fWBRÜCKE to ...
fHLUECKE   (fLUECKEq) 58695511 2013-03-19T20:46:28Z YLSS in line with [[File:BSicon LUECKEq.svg]]
fWBRÜCKE3   (fWBRÜCKE) 58696452 2013-03-19T21:04:25Z YLSS in line with [[:File:BSicon WBRÜCKE.svg]] - hooray!
KBHFl green   (fKBHFl) 58697042 2013-03-19T21:16:29Z YLSS green -> f per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
utSTR green   (ftSTR) 58698946 2013-03-19T21:51:45Z YLSS green -> f per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
STRrf green   (fSTRrf) 58700435 2013-03-19T22:17:13Z INeverCry per req on my talk


Page Target logid Date/time User Summary
oeRP2   (RP2uq-R) 58712780 2013-03-20T05:11:55Z Tuvalkin Analogous to [[Category_talk:Icons_for_motorway_descriptions/generic|the rest]].
owRP2   (RP2uq-L) 58712785 2013-03-20T05:12:11Z Tuvalkin Analogous to [[Category_talk:Icons_for_motorway_descriptions/generic|the rest]].
KBHFCa orange   (KBHFCCa orange) 58721441 2013-03-20T09:45:02Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Renaming]]
uexKDSCCa   (uexDSTCCa) 58721940 2013-03-20T10:00:37Z YLSS in line with [[:File:BSicon uDSTCCa.svg]]
KBHFe+TUNNEL   (tKBHFCCe) 58722099 2013-03-20T10:04:58Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Renaming]]
KBHFa+TUNNEL   (tKBHFCCa) 58722128 2013-03-20T10:05:37Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Renaming]]
BHF+TUNNELq   (tBHFCCq) 58723949 2013-03-20T10:39:04Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Renaming]]
uextKDSTeo   (uexKDSTCCa) 58724307 2013-03-20T10:46:39Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Renaming]]
uextKDSTao   (uexKDSTCCe) 58724309 2013-03-20T10:46:46Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Renaming]]
exKBHFCe   (exKBHFCCe) 58725170 2013-03-20T11:05:36Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Renaming]]
KDSTCe   (KDSTCCe) 58725175 2013-03-20T11:05:40Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Renaming]]
exKDSTCe   (exKDSTCCe) 58725184 2013-03-20T11:05:44Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Renaming]]
KBHFCe   (KBHFCCe) 58725188 2013-03-20T11:05:47Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Renaming]]
KBHFCa   (KBHFCCa) 58725195 2013-03-20T11:05:52Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Renaming]]
exKBHFCa   (exKBHFCCa) 58725198 2013-03-20T11:05:55Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Renaming]]
KDSTCa   (KDSTCCa) 58725199 2013-03-20T11:05:55Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Renaming]]
exKDSTCa   (exKDSTCCa) 58725206 2013-03-20T11:06:01Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Renaming]]
KBHFCr   (KBHFCCqe) 58725217 2013-03-20T11:06:22Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Renaming]]
exKBHFCr   (exKBHFCCqe) 58725221 2013-03-20T11:06:36Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Renaming]]
KDSTCr   (KDSTCCqe) 58725230 2013-03-20T11:06:49Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Renaming]]
exKDSTCr   (exKDSTCCqe) 58725235 2013-03-20T11:07:00Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Renaming]]
KBHFCl   (KBHFCCqa) 58725239 2013-03-20T11:07:10Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Renaming]]
exKBHFCl   (exKBHFCCqa) 58725248 2013-03-20T11:07:20Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Renaming]]
KDSTCl   (KDSTCCqa) 58725253 2013-03-20T11:07:30Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Renaming]]
exKDSTCl   (exKDSTCCqa) 58725261 2013-03-20T11:07:42Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Renaming]]
xKBHFa-M   (xKBHF-Ma) 58728575 2013-03-20T12:50:51Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Renaming]]
KBHFxe-R   (KBHF-Rxe) 58728609 2013-03-20T12:51:47Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Renaming]]
KBHFxe-M   (KBHF-Mxe) 58728617 2013-03-20T12:51:57Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Renaming]]
uBHFla   (uKBHF-Rla) 58729245 2013-03-20T13:08:13Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Renaming]]
exKBFre   (exKBHF-Re) 58729257 2013-03-20T13:08:27Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Renaming]]
exKBFle   (exKBHF-Le) 58729268 2013-03-20T13:08:49Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Renaming]]
uKBHF-Rla   (uKBHF-Ra) 58729604 2013-03-20T13:17:25Z YLSS typo
KBHFa-L   (KBHF-La) 58740987 2013-03-20T16:00:46Z Axpde Harmonize file names of a set of images (so that only one part of all names differs) to ease their usage in templates (e.g. diagram symbols, scans of pages of a book, maps, etc.).Please move this over redirect. All usage has been replaced by the target...


Page Target logid Date/time User Summary
KBFa black   (KBHFa black) 58833922 2013-03-21T22:07:26Z YLSS Consistent naming
uWBRÜCKE black   (WBRÜCKE black) 58833928 2013-03-21T22:07:33Z YLSS Consistent naming
uWBRÜCKEq black   (WBRÜCKEq black) 58833932 2013-03-21T22:07:38Z YLSS Consistent naming
xKBFa black   (KBHFxa black) 58833944 2013-03-21T22:07:50Z YLSS Consistent naming


Page Target logid Date/time User Summary
dSTRq green   (fdSTRq) 58844182 2013-03-22T01:29:13Z Tuvalkin [[Talk:BSicon/Colors#f-Green|As discussed.]]
BS2+l green   (fBS2+l) 58844840 2013-03-22T01:41:07Z Tuvalkin [[Talk:BSicon/Colors#f-Green|As discussed.]]
BS2+r green   (fBS2+r) 58844847 2013-03-22T01:41:17Z Tuvalkin [[Talk:BSicon/Colors#f-Green|As discussed.]]
STR3+l green   (fSTR3+l) 58845408 2013-03-22T01:52:25Z Tuvalkin {{speedy|Useless redirect: unused or used only in non-article pages where it is supposed to redlink once deleted: nomenclature discussions, and/or grabbag lists, some abandoned or slaved to other projects’, and/or in unmantained or locked user sandbo...
LLÜWc4 green   (fLLÜWc4) 58871859 2013-03-22T14:01:18Z Tuvalkin [[Talk:BSicon/Colors#f-Green|As discussed.]]
LLSTR+1 green   (fLLSTR+1) 58871925 2013-03-22T14:03:09Z Tuvalkin [[Talk:BSicon/Colors#f-Green|As discussed.]]
LLSTR+1q green   (fLLSTR+1q) 58871973 2013-03-22T14:04:32Z Tuvalkin [[Talk:BSicon/Colors#f-Green|As discussed.]]
LLSTR2q green   (fLLSTR2q) 58873566 2013-03-22T14:43:56Z Tuvalkin [[Talk:BSicon/Colors#f-Green|As discussed.]]
LLÜWc2 green   (fLLÜWc2) 58873602 2013-03-22T14:45:20Z Tuvalkin [[Talk:BSicon/Colors#f-Green|As discussed.]]
fLUECKEq   (fLSTRq) 58873889 2013-03-22T14:50:54Z Tuvalkin standard naming
tRP4uWq   (tRP4aeuWq) 58876815 2013-03-22T16:03:07Z Tuvalkin to give way to the icon that more accurately reflects this name (no partals)
tRP4uW   (tRP4aeuW) 58876820 2013-03-22T16:03:15Z Tuvalkin to give way to the icon that more accurately reflects this name (no partals)
uSTRrf BlnU9   (STRrf saffron) 58882258 2013-03-22T18:30:30Z Tuvalkin [[Talk:BSicon/Colors#Oranges|As discussed.]]
uSTRrg BlnU9   (STRrg saffron) 58882306 2013-03-22T18:31:49Z Tuvalkin [[Talk:BSicon/Colors#Oranges|As discussed.]]
uENDEl BlnU9   (ENDEl saffron) 58882378 2013-03-22T18:33:59Z Tuvalkin [[Talk:BSicon/Colors#Oranges|As discussed.]]
uENDEl BlnU4   (ENDEl yellow) 58884301 2013-03-22T19:14:24Z Tuvalkin [[Talk:BSicon/Colors#Yellows|As discussed.]]
xtENDEa   (tENDExa) 58887809 2013-03-22T20:49:30Z YLSS in parallel to [[:File:BSicon tENDExe.svg]]




Page Target logid Date/time User Summary
eABZrg CC6600   (eABZrg ochre) 58973220 2013-03-24T15:52:49Z Tuvalkin [[Talk:BSicon/Colors#Browns|As discussed.]]
exCONTr CC6600   (exCONTr ochre) 58973266 2013-03-24T15:53:59Z Tuvalkin [[Talk:BSicon/Colors#Browns|As discussed.]]
hBHF CC6600   (hBHF ochre) 58973269 2013-03-24T15:54:01Z Tuvalkin [[Talk:BSicon/Colors#Browns|As discussed.]]
hWSTR CC6600   (hWSTR ochre) 58973272 2013-03-24T15:54:07Z Tuvalkin [[Talk:BSicon/Colors#Browns|As discussed.]]
tBHF CC6600   (tBHF ochre) 58973278 2013-03-24T15:54:16Z Tuvalkin [[Talk:BSicon/Colors#Browns|As discussed.]]
WBRÜCKEl CC6600   (WBRÜCKEl ochre) 58973283 2013-03-24T15:54:21Z Tuvalkin [[Talk:BSicon/Colors#Browns|As discussed.]]
BHF-ELEVe CC6600   (hBHFe ochre) 58973286 2013-03-24T15:54:29Z Tuvalkin [[Talk:BSicon/Colors#Browns|As discussed.]]
BHFCCe CC6600   (BHFCCe ochre) 58973298 2013-03-24T15:54:34Z Tuvalkin [[Talk:BSicon/Colors#Browns|As discussed.]]
ENDEe CC6600   (ENDEe ochre) 58973306 2013-03-24T15:54:36Z Tuvalkin [[Talk:BSicon/Colors#Browns|As discussed.]]
KDSTl CC6600   (KDSTl ochre) 58973324 2013-03-24T15:54:45Z Tuvalkin [[Talk:BSicon/Colors#Browns|As discussed.]]
KRZu CC6600   (KRZu ochre) 58973342 2013-03-24T15:55:04Z Tuvalkin [[Talk:BSicon/Colors#Browns|As discussed.]]
WBRÜCKE CC6600   (WBRÜCKE ochre) 58973343 2013-03-24T15:55:06Z Tuvalkin [[Talk:BSicon/Colors#Browns|As discussed.]]
BHF CC6600   (BHF ochre) 58973351 2013-03-24T15:55:12Z Tuvalkin [[Talk:BSicon/Colors#Browns|As discussed.]]
BHF+TUNNELe1 CC6600   (tBHFCCe ochre) 58974022 2013-03-24T16:08:41Z Tuvalkin As discussed [[Talk:BSicon/Colors#Browns|here]] and [[Talk:BSicon/Renaming#BHFCC & BHF+TUNNEL|here]].
BHF-ELEVa CC6600   (hBHFa ochre) 58974134 2013-03-24T16:11:38Z Tuvalkin [[Talk:BSicon/Colors#Browns|As discussed.]]
KBHFa+TUNNEL CC6600   (tKBHFCCa ochre) 58974560 2013-03-24T16:18:49Z Tuvalkin As discussed [[Talk:BSicon/Colors#Browns|here]] and [[Talk:BSicon/Renaming#BHFCC & BHF+TUNNEL|here]].
BHF+TUNNELe CC6600   (BHFCCa ochre) 58974631 2013-03-24T16:20:24Z Tuvalkin As discussed [[Talk:BSicon/Colors#Browns|here]] and [[Talk:BSicon/Renaming#BHFCC & BHF+TUNNEL|here]].
ABZrf CC6600   (ABZrf ochre) 58974675 2013-03-24T16:21:41Z Tuvalkin [[Talk:BSicon/Colors#Browns|As discussed.]]
tKRZ+tunnel CC6600   (mtKRZe ochre+) 58974746 2013-03-24T16:23:30Z Tuvalkin [[Talk:BSicon/Colors#Browns|As discussed.]]
eABZlg CC6600   (eABZlg ochre) 58975035 2013-03-24T16:28:20Z Tuvalkin [[Talk:BSicon/Colors#Browns|As discussed.]]
exCONTl CC6600   (exCONTl ochre) 58975041 2013-03-24T16:28:27Z Tuvalkin [[Talk:BSicon/Colors#Browns|As discussed.]]
BHF-ELEVa+NWHSTR CC6600   (hBHFa+AKRZo ochre) 58976698 2013-03-24T17:02:04Z Tuvalkin [[Talk:BSicon/Colors#Browns|As discussed.]]
AKRZu+MWSTR CC6600   (hSKRZ-Auh ochre) 58977918 2013-03-24T17:24:57Z Tuvalkin As discussed [[Talk:BSicon/Colors#Browns|here]] and [[Category_talk:Icons_for_motorway_descriptions/generic/crossing_rail|here]].
BHF-ELEVe+MWSTRl+TUNNEL CC6600   (hBHFCCee+SKRZ-Ao ochre) 58978175 2013-03-24T17:30:20Z Tuvalkin As discussed [[Talk:BSicon/Colors#Browns|here]] and [[Talk:BSicon/Renaming#BHFCC & BHF+TUNNEL|here]].
hBHFCCee+SKRZ-Ao ochre   (hBHFCCee+SKRZ-Ao-L ochre) 58981025 2013-03-24T18:36:23Z Tuvalkin mistake
BHF-ELEVe+MWSTR CC6600   (hBHFe+SKRZ-Ao CC6600) 58981151 2013-03-24T18:39:48Z Tuvalkin [[Talk:BSicon/Colors#Browns|As discussed.]]
hBHFe+SKRZ-Ao CC6600   (hBHFe+SKRZ-Ao ochre) 58981197 2013-03-24T18:40:59Z Tuvalkin [[Talk:BSicon/Colors#Browns|As discussed.]] (Oops.)
ABZrg CC6600   (ABZrg ochre) 58983256 2013-03-24T19:10:44Z Tuvalkin [[Talk:BSicon/Colors#Browns|As discussed.]]
tKRZ CC6600   (mKRZtq ochre) 58983566 2013-03-24T19:15:01Z Tuvalkin [[Talk:BSicon/Colors#Browns|As discussed.]]
BHF-ELEVe+MWSTR+TUNNEL CC6600   (hBHFCCee+SKRZ-Ao ochre) 58984503 2013-03-24T19:32:17Z Tuvalkin [[Talk:BSicon/Colors#Browns|As discussed.]]
fHWFORD   (fWFORDq) 58984984 2013-03-24T19:43:16Z Useddenim standardized naming
KDSTr CC6600   (KDSTr ochre) 58989080 2013-03-24T21:17:42Z Tuvalkin [[Talk:BSicon/Colors#Browns|As discussed.]]
STR CC6600   (STR ochre) 58990433 2013-03-24T21:55:34Z Tuvalkin [[Talk:BSicon/Colors#Browns|As discussed.]]
STRlf CC6600   (STRlf ochre) 58990802 2013-03-24T22:05:47Z Tuvalkin [[Talk:BSicon/Colors#Browns|As discussed.]]
STRlg CC6600   (STRlg ochre) 58991541 2013-03-24T22:28:05Z Tuvalkin [[Talk:BSicon/Colors#Browns|As discussed.]]
BHF legende CC6600   (BHF legende ochre) 58992681 2013-03-24T23:03:01Z Tuvalkin [[Talk:BSicon/Colors#Browns|As discussed.]]
CONTr CC6600   (CONTr ochre) 58992871 2013-03-24T23:09:26Z Tuvalkin [[Talk:BSicon/Colors#Browns|As discussed.]]
STRrg CC6600   (STRrg ochre) 58993147 2013-03-24T23:20:14Z Tuvalkin [[Talk:BSicon/Colors#Browns|As discussed.]]
KBHFa CC6600   (KBHFa ochre) 58993333 2013-03-24T23:28:14Z Tuvalkin [[Talk:BSicon/Colors#Browns|As discussed.]]
STRrf CC6600   (STRrf ochre) 58993573 2013-03-24T23:34:24Z Tuvalkin [[Talk:BSicon/Colors#Browns|As discussed.]]


Page Target logid Date/time User Summary
KBHFe CC6600   (KBHFe ochre) 58995076 2013-03-25T00:16:15Z Tuvalkin [[Talk:BSicon/Colors#Browns|As discussed.]]
xAKRZue green CC6600   (mfKRZoq-R ochre+) 58995839 2013-03-25T00:34:58Z Tuvalkin [[Talk:BSicon/Colors#Lines_with_multiple_colors|As discussed.]]
eBHF CC6600   (eBHF auction) 58998461 2013-03-25T02:11:07Z Tuvalkin [[Talk:BSicon/Colors#Browns|As discussed.]]
eBHF auction   (eBHF ochre) 58998472 2013-03-25T02:11:57Z Tuvalkin [[Talk:BSicon/Colors#Browns|As discussed.]] (auction?! wtf...)
KRWlr+lr   (KRWglr+lr) 58998730 2013-03-25T02:27:46Z Axpde missing "g" for the straight track
exKRWgf   (exKRWglr) 58999183 2013-03-25T02:55:19Z Axpde consistent naming scheme
tABZ3lg orange   (tABZqr orange) 59011190 2013-03-25T10:41:48Z YLSS consistent naming
fexLUECKE   (fexLSTR) 59011316 2013-03-25T10:48:26Z YLSS consistent naming
LUECKE teal   (LSTR teal) 59011325 2013-03-25T10:48:38Z YLSS consistent naming
exLUECKE grey   (exLSTR grey) 59011330 2013-03-25T10:48:43Z YLSS consistent naming
LUECKEq orange   (LSTRq orange) 59011333 2013-03-25T10:48:46Z YLSS consistent naming
exLUECKEq orange   (exLSTRq orange) 59011338 2013-03-25T10:48:53Z YLSS consistent naming
LUECKEq azure   (LSTRq azure) 59011341 2013-03-25T10:48:57Z YLSS consistent naming
exLUECKEq azure   (exLSTRq azure) 59011347 2013-03-25T10:49:06Z YLSS consistent naming


Page Target logid Date/time User Summary
xmKTINTq brown   (xmTINTq brown) 59055642 2013-03-26T06:53:17Z Tuvalkin it is not the start of a line




Page Target logid Date/time User Summary
THSTo-3-   (fHSTo) 59172175 2013-03-28T00:30:13Z Tuvalkin normalizing filenames
THSTo-2   (fTHSTo) 59172180 2013-03-28T00:30:22Z Tuvalkin normalizing filenames
tUTurmBHFo green   (mftTBHFo) 59172396 2013-03-28T00:39:56Z Tuvalkin [[Talk:BSicon/Colors#Renaming_multiple_color_icons|As discussed.]]
BHFq green   (fBHFq) 59193571 2013-03-28T13:30:19Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
dKBHFLa green   (fdKBHF-La) 59193668 2013-03-28T13:33:36Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
vKBHFa-BHFL green   (fvKBHFa-BHF-L) 59193796 2013-03-28T13:37:54Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicons/Colors]]
vBHFL green   (fvBHF-L) 59193830 2013-03-28T13:39:02Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
vBHF green   (fvBHF) 59193988 2013-03-28T13:43:22Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
vSTR green   (fvSTR) 59194033 2013-03-28T13:43:47Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
vKBHFe green   (fvKBHFe) 59194089 2013-03-28T13:45:21Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
BHF-L green   (fBHF-L) 59194294 2013-03-28T13:51:26Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
KBHF-La green   (fKBHF-La) 59194349 2013-03-28T13:53:28Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicons/Colors]]
BHF-M green   (fBHF-M) 59195076 2013-03-28T14:18:01Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicons/Colors]]
KBHF-Le green   (fKBHF-Le) 59195095 2013-03-28T14:18:43Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
BHF-R green   (fBHF-R) 59195254 2013-03-28T14:23:18Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicons/Colors]]
KBHF-Re green   (fKBHF-Re) 59195578 2013-03-28T14:31:19Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
ABZdrf RizhMZD 1   (ABZgrxl cyan) 59233306 2013-03-28T22:02:05Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicons/Colors]]
ABZlg RizhMZD 1   (xABZlg cyan) 59233391 2013-03-28T22:03:44Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicons/Colors]]
ABZrg RizhMZD 1   (eABZrg cyan) 59233409 2013-03-28T22:04:05Z YLSS
eABZdg RizhMZD   (eABZg+lr cyan) 59233508 2013-03-28T22:06:00Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicons/Colors]]
HST RizhMZD   (HST cyan) 59233520 2013-03-28T22:06:17Z YLSS
BHF RizhMZD   (eBHF cyan) 59233593 2013-03-28T22:07:50Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicons/Colors]]
exBHF RizhMZD   (exBHF cyan) 59233607 2013-03-28T22:08:13Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicons/Colors]]
KBFa RizhMZD   (eKBHFa cyan) 59233636 2013-03-28T22:09:02Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicons/Colors]]


Page Target logid Date/time User Summary
BHF3+1ACC   (ACC3+1) 59285389 2013-03-29T15:26:39Z YLSS consistent naming scheme
BHF3+1ACC EF161E   (ACC3+1 red) 59285440 2013-03-29T15:27:40Z YLSS EF161E -> red per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
BHF3+1 EF161E   (BHF3+1 red) 59285498 2013-03-29T15:28:46Z YLSS EF161E -> red per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
STR3+1 EF161E   (STR3+1 red) 59285513 2013-03-29T15:29:06Z YLSS EF161E -> red per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
KRWI EF161E   (KRWl red) 59285603 2013-03-29T15:30:42Z YLSS EF161E -> red per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
KRW+l EF161E   (KRW+l red) 59285626 2013-03-29T15:31:00Z YLSS EF161E -> red per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
ugDST EF161E   (DST red) 59286013 2013-03-29T15:37:47Z YLSS EF161E -> red per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
INTl EF161E   (INTl red) 59286061 2013-03-29T15:38:48Z YLSS EF161E -> red per [[Talk:BSicons/Colors]]
BHF legende ochre   (lBHF ochre) 59295999 2013-03-29T17:56:32Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicons/Renaming]]
BHF black legende   (lBHF black) 59296003 2013-03-29T17:56:36Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicons/Renaming]]
BHF legende violet   (lBHF violet) 59296008 2013-03-29T17:56:43Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicons/Renaming]]
BHF legende orange   (lBHF orange) 59296013 2013-03-29T17:56:47Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicons/Renaming]]
ABZld EF161E   (ABZgl+l red) 59298631 2013-03-29T18:53:15Z YLSS EF161E -> red per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
ABZlf EF161E   (ABZlf red) 59298639 2013-03-29T18:53:25Z YLSS EF161E -> red per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
ABZrg EF161E   (ABZrg red) 59298645 2013-03-29T18:53:32Z YLSS EF161E -> red per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
CONTl EF161E   (CONTr red) 59298652 2013-03-29T18:53:44Z YLSS EF161E -> red per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
DSTq EF161E   (DSTq red) 59298661 2013-03-29T18:53:51Z YLSS EF161E -> red per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
exKBHFe EF161E   (exKBHFe red) 59298688 2013-03-29T18:54:24Z YLSS EF161E -> red per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
KBHFa EF161E   (KBHFa red) 59298703 2013-03-29T18:54:49Z YLSS EF161E -> red per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
hWSTR EF161E   (hWSTR red) 59298706 2013-03-29T18:54:52Z YLSS EF161E -> red per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
KBHFe EF161E   (KBHFe red) 59298724 2013-03-29T18:55:09Z YLSS EF161E -> red per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
KBHFxe EF161E   (KBHFxe red) 59298727 2013-03-29T18:55:12Z YLSS EF161E -> red per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
KDSTa EF161E   (KDSTa red) 59298742 2013-03-29T18:55:23Z YLSS EF161E -> red per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
KDSTl EF161E   (KDSTl red) 59298765 2013-03-29T18:55:34Z YLSS EF161E -> red per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
KDSTr EF161E   (KDSTr red) 59298771 2013-03-29T18:55:43Z YLSS EF161E -> red per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
uSTRlg EF161E   (STRlg red) 59298778 2013-03-29T18:55:52Z YLSS EF161E -> red per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
STR EF161E   (STR red) 59298780 2013-03-29T18:55:53Z YLSS EF161E -> red per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
WBRÜCKE EF161E   (WBRÜCKE red) 59298783 2013-03-29T18:55:55Z YLSS EF161E -> red per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
WBRÜCKE-ELEVa EF161E   (WBRÜCKEa red) 59298804 2013-03-29T18:56:29Z YLSS EF161E -> red per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
WBRÜCKE-ELEVe EF161E   (WBRÜCKEe red) 59298810 2013-03-29T18:56:40Z YLSS EF161E -> red per [[Talk:BSicon/Colors]]
exABZld yellow   (exABZgl+l yellow) 59299384 2013-03-29T19:13:21Z YLSS consistent naming scheme




Page Target logid Date/time User Summary
eKRZu+r   (eKRZu+xr) 59417279 2013-03-31T17:02:58Z Useddenim incorrect suffix
udSTR BlnU2   (dSTR orange) 59436389 2013-03-31T21:57:42Z Tuvalkin [[Talk:BSicon/Colors#Orange|As discussed.]]
uv-STR BlnU2   (v-STR orange) 59440050 2013-03-31T23:30:09Z Tuvalkin [[Talk:BSicon/Colors#Oranges|As discussed.]]
uv-STR+r BlnU2   (v-STR+r orange) 59440051 2013-03-31T23:30:09Z Tuvalkin [[Talk:BSicon/Colors#Oranges|As discussed.]]
uv-STRr BlnU2   (v-STRr orange) 59440052 2013-03-31T23:30:10Z Tuvalkin [[Talk:BSicon/Colors#Oranges|As discussed.]]
uvBS2l BlnU2   (vBS2l orange) 59440055 2013-03-31T23:30:13Z Tuvalkin [[Talk:BSicon/Colors#Oranges|As discussed.]]