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I enjoy photography as a hobby, and ALL the photos I upload were taken by me and I am the owner of the photos. Any abstract artwork I upload were created from photos I myself took, manipulated, over laid, or edited using one or more online editing sites. In a couple of cases, a small section of abstract art I created, I did make use of a small portion of work from two photos taken from a public domain site and the two photos were free to use as public domain photos. In both cases, the small portion of each of the two public domain photos I used both had changes made to them before adding them to my own work. 99.9% of all my abstract photos are created solely from my own photos I have taken myself. I am blessed to live in an area that is rich in natural beauty, the entrance of Acadia National Park being a stone's throw away. The camera I currently use is a Kodak Z990 with a 30 times optical zoom. Some of my better work is on display at, where I go by the user name THIRDSTONE.