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I am new to Wikipedia Editing, but I have been using Wikipedia for about 8 years. I would love to put more information about myself but I will wait before putting information here why I learn more about editing a User Page.

Honestly, I am scared to edit/create on Wikipedia. To spend so much time investigating to create an article just so it gets deleted. Not cool at all. Makes it hard to even get started.

So again I will start up after reading Wikipedia:WikiProject Fashion and I feel that fashion as a visual art would need images for the Wikipedia articles about fashion. I hope that my contributions to add images will be appreciated.

Creative CommonsEdit

In Attempts to keep administrators from limiting free knowledge and learning with thier difficult methods. I am noting here and on the actual source my express consent of any and all images uploaded to my contributions that I James Santiago, am the original author and contributor of these images and have every and all rights to upload and use them as I see fit and to have the removed shows cause for some prejudice as all images uploaded an utilized within Wikimedia Commons or Wikipedia are fair usage and there should be no logical nor realistic reasons to have them deleted. I have posted usage licence on the source website at New York Fashion Photographer James Santiago CC 4.0