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James, I have no idea how to contact you. so confusing, as to where to comment, and find your talk page. so i will with you here.

The page that i created "[Upper Deck]" was deleted by you right after i created it? why is that? ("User intended to create encyclopedic content" -not true at all, you deleted my page without any research it seems)The venue was a very important place, and played a prodigious part in the Minneapolis punk scene.

Flyer. Husker du exmo 6 desmo willful neglect goofys 1982.jpg

I started the page -wanted to get something rolling, and intended to re-work it after contacting the MN Historical society and asking for photos/ written accounts from their collection of 1980's MN punk scene artifacts and meoribelia. The page was deleted so fast that there was no way to improve it. is this a new practice here at wikipedia?

I cannot find your argument against the Goofys Upper Deck Page that I created, then discovered that you have deleted more of my contributions. why is this?

This website is very confusing at times, also full of inaccurate info, that, it seems, is difficult to correct, as much of the history of punk was never documented in a formal manner. Please explain your reasoning as to why you removed my page so quickly, and if what i had created still exists in it's original form, or if it's been deleted permanently. I understand that the Goofy's Upper Deck page was/is a stub, but i was hoping that other people who were in the MN punk scene would see the page and contribute to it.

I want the page to be re-published, as it is of great historic value to the punk/art movement of the 1980's

Thank you, and as the great Alfred Hitchcock said every day of his life as the sun went down "Good Evening" Mike

P.S. Here are links/references to Goofy's