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Joined 1 December 2006

An amateur photographer I'm interested in recording the changes I see around me with my camera whether these are people, protests, architecture, street art/graffiti etc. I believe in sharing my images under Creative Commons for anyone to use but as I have a bit of an ego :) the CC licence is an attribution one.

I thought I had an account here until I went to login to correct the title of one of my photos uploaded by Yuval_Yand so here I am.

Always interested in photography it was only when I got my first digital camera in 2001 (Fuji Finepix 1300, 1.3MP) that it really took off. Until then I found the cost of developing photos prohibitive.

If asked I would describe my interest in photography as "urban & suburban observation photography", try saying that fast three times :)

I have a lot of interests (Photography, Music, and Family History etc) but most of them seem to coalesce around the computer, which as you guessed is also an interest of mine.

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