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# -*- coding: utf-8  -*-
Script to clean up

Moves all images, pages and categories in redirect categories to the target category.


# (C) Multichill, 2008
# Distributed under the terms of the MIT license.
__version__ = '$Id: 8517 2010-09-11 08:32:54Z xqt $'

import wikipedia as pywikibot
import config, catlib, string
from category import *
from datetime import datetime
from datetime import timedelta

redirect_templates = [u'Category redirect', u'Categoryredirect', u'See cat', u'Seecat', u'Catredirect', u'Cat redirect', u'CatRed', u'Catredir']
move_message = u'Moving from [[%s|%s]] to [[%s|%s]] (following [[Template:Category redirect|category redirect]])'
cooldown = 7 # days

def get_redirect_cat(category=None):
    Return the target category
    destination = None
    site = pywikibot.getSite(u'commons', u'commons')
    for template in category.templatesWithParams():
        if ((template[0] in redirect_templates) and (len(template[1]) > 0)):
            destination =catlib.Category(site, template[1][0])
            if not destination.exists():
                return None
    return destination

def readyToEdit(old_category):
    ''' If the category is edited more recenty than cooldown, return false,
    otherwise true.

    dateformat ="%Y%m%d%H%M%S"
    today =
    deadline = today + timedelta(days=-cooldown)
    return (int(deadline.strftime(dateformat)) > int(old_category.editTime()))

def main():
    ''' Main loop. Loop over all categories of
    Category:Non-empty_category_redirects and move all content.


    site = pywikibot.getSite(u'commons', u'commons')
    dirtycat = catlib.Category(site, u'Category:Non-empty category redirects')
    destination = None
    catbot = None

    for old_category in dirtycat.subcategories():
        # We want to wait several days after the last edit before we start moving
        # things around. This it to prevent edit wars and vandals.
            destination = get_redirect_cat(old_category)
            if destination:

                pywikibot.output( u"\03{lightpurple} [[%s]] -> [[%s]] "
                 % (old_category.title(), destination.title()) )

                move_msg = move_message % (old_category.title(),

                for page in old_category.articles():
                    # Institution and Creator templates add category through "homecat" template parameter
                    if page.namespace() in [106, 100]:
                        pywikibot.output(u'%s is a creator or institution template' % page.title())
                        txt = page.get()
              "(homecat\s*=\s*)", txt)
                        if m!=None:
                          honecatStr =
                          txt1 = string.replace(txt,,
                          if txt!=txt1: 
                            page.put(txt1, move_msg)
                    elif page.namespace() == 10: # in template namespace use simple replace
                      old = old_category.titleWithoutNamespace()
                      new = destination.titleWithoutNamespace()
                      txt = page.get()
                      txt1 = string.replace(txt , "[[Category:"+old+"]]", "[[Category:"+new+"]]")
                      txt1 = string.replace(txt1, "[[Category:"+old+"|" , "[[Category:"+new+"|" )
                      txt1 = string.replace(txt1, "[[category:"+old+"]]", "[[Category:"+new+"]]
[[Category:Pywikipedia scripts]]
                      txt1 = string.replace(txt1, "[[category:"+old+"|" , "[[Category:"+new+"|" )
                      if txt!=txt1: 
                        page.put(txt1, move_msg)
                        catlib.change_category(page, old_category, destination, move_msg)
                      except pywikibot.IsRedirectPage:
                        pywikibot.output(u'%s is a redirect!' % page.title())
                for cat in old_category.subcategories():
                        catlib.change_category(cat, old_category, destination, move_msg)
                    except pywikibot.IsRedirectPage:
                        pywikibot.output(u'%s is a redirect!' % page.title())
        #Dummy edit to refresh the page, shouldnt show up in any logs.
            pywikibot.output(u'Dummy edit at %s failed' % old_category.title())

if __name__ == "__main__":