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About meEdit

  • I started a software company while in college at the University of Washington and while studying for my degree in Computer Science. I managed this company for over 15 years and at one time it had 22 employees and was listed twice on Software Magazine's Software 500. I registered IANA/IETF port $144[1] for the UMA protocol which I designed for Object Oriented, networked, and authenticated command-and-control of distributed systems. Ultimately port numbers are part of the foundational infrastructure of the Internet and registration thereof requires a keen understanding of same; for example, HTTP runs over port #80 for the WWW, #25 is for SMTP and web eMail, #23 is for Telnet, &c. See Port Numbers.
  • My daughter in college. Her Mom is an author.
  • I live with Multiple Sclerosis and take a form of Interferon to manage it. Consequently, I am very interested in the brain as a biological organ and am an informal student of it. This extended my ever-present interest in the brain's higher functional processes.

About my thoughtEdit

I know that love is a shared tautology.

I know that it is one's past that puts one in the present.

I know that I can't plan for what I can't imagine.

Carl Jung

I know that self-worth may result in net-worth, but net worth cannot result in self-worth.

I know that tyranny is the heartless or mindless dominating the gifted.

I know that there are 10 types of people in this world. Those who understand binary, and those who do not.

I know that you GET what you LET.

I know that my three favorite animals are dolphins, sea turtles, and humans.

I know that talking is teaching and that listening is learning.

I know that experts haven't tried everything but have tried enough to know what will happen.

I know that skill is exertion replaced by experience.

I know that information is power that brings me peace.

I know that one form of self-preservation is apathy blended with indifference mixed with ambivalence.

I know that it's a problem only until I find a solution.

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