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My work is mostly related to robotics but applications may not be confined to it. I have always been attracted to how things work. my parents were often angry on me, as I used to screw open every thing in my home (sometimes even neighbours’ home) some I was able to close, some I couldn’t. but one thing is sure it helped me to develop my analyzing skills and taught me reverse engineering.




I am Jayesh Jain. Enjoying my life in my way.


I was born in Delhi, capital of India on 4th of june 1988. I studied in Bal Bharti Public School. i did nursery to 12 from same school. I then went pune graduation in Computer Engineering from Maharashtra Institute of Technology, Pune.


I am a geek by choice. loves technology, watch loads of movies(there was a time when i use to watch 3 movies a day), and not so fond of cricket. as far as my carrier interests are concerned - I love embedded systems, control systems, autonomous navigation system.

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