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I began an email "conversation" with artist Carroll Jones III in 2012, and over the course of the next four years, I have come to know a bit about him. I feel very blessed to have seen such a brilliant man from such an ordinary angle. This is just a small amount of a lifetime Oeuvre of over 350 graphite portraits, and well over 100 oil paintings. Please visit his professional website, or my blog which contains a few stories he told as well as some I wrote inspired by his work. The artist gave permission, maybe because he is in the "winter" of his life, for his work to become a part of the Wikimedia. He once referred to himself as the "poor man's Andrew Wyeth" and seems to honor the common man. His works remind me of a person, place, or time in my life...each is unique as the gentle, long gone souls who inspired my memories. How he is able to do this...personalize his work to the viewer, as though it was made for them, is interesting to me. One would think this would make his primary audience oldsters like me, but he appeals most to those in their 30's. He will "keep Time's flame" alive (as critic Marion Filler alluded) for a new generation. Architecturally, the 100 to 200 year old buildings may not live in memory for them, but they can be appreciated for the beauty they once portrayed, each shaped by the builder's hands.

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Page intended to include the works of Carroll Jones III, American Realist 1944-