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Devolving administrative powers to the communityEdit

Increasingly there is a backlog of deletions and files that may need to be deleted, however given it is unlikely that the number of active admins will increase significantly in the short term, a solution needs to be found to do the work that must be done. This proposal suggests that this can be achieved by automating the deletion process, and devolving the authority to delete back to the community.

Just as with uploads and categorisation we now have bots to aid us, I think its now time to consider a deletion bot, we can experiment first with those files tagged for procedural deletions i.e. Category:Media without a license, Category:Media missing permission, and Category:Media without a source. If this first stage works out, and the bot doesn't go all Terminator on us, we can consider creating a {{Procedural deletion}} template for files which are not in use, the template would add a file to the list of files that will be bot deleted say every 7 days, with the community being encouraged to scrutinise that list for those which do not belong and convert these into DRs. I don't know if its possible to code for this, but I envisage granting the ability to tag a file with this template as an automatic user right, that is granted to every User who has achieved a minimum of say a 1200 edits and 3 months with no blocks or warnings. The right would be forfeit and removed for example, if a user repeatedly tags files which are kept after a DR. I don't know if our community can sustain it now, but this relies on going back to the wiki ideal of believing in the crowd, that we as a community of users, rather than as individual deleters, can identify files that need to be deleted, and we as a community can identify those files that have been wrongly marked for deletion--KTo288 (talk) 22:27, 14 August 2014 (UTC)