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Некоторые полезные шаблонные текстыEdit

Как по-английски вежливо попросить авторов с Flickr перелицензировать изображение для его загрузки на Викисклад?
"I am a volunteer editor for Wikipedia. Currently, wikipedia article on <article name, link> is missing an illustration. I kindly ask you to release the photograph of <article topic> on terms of Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike license (wikipedia accepts photographs of living people only on free license terms). Wikipedia retains the original author's name and a web link to original source name. Thank you, <your name>." (via NVO)
Как попросить не удалять надписи с открыток
==Radical improving of historical images==
Hi! Thanks for improving of [[File:<Filename.ext>]]. But please, do not replace the original image with an "improved" versions without captions. Please create a derivative image as a separate file, linking it with the original file in the field "other versions". Old postcards are historical documents and they should not be distorted beyond the minimum required fixes (like as orientation or editing defects). Printed text on the postcard is not a defect and should not be removed. I do revert your change of this file and create a derivative image as [[File:<Derivate Filename.ext>]]. Thanks, ~~~~.
Как попросить не изменять колористику картин, взятых с музейных сайтов или отсканированных с качественных публикаций