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et Selle kasutaja emakeeleks on eesti keel.
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Hi, my name is Ivo Kruusamägi and I'm living in Tartu, Estonia. For most of my career as Wikipedian I was studying genetic engineering in the University of Tartu. Now I'm working at the university.

I have been active in Wikipedia since 2006 and, well not surprisingly I am most active in Estonian Wikipedia where I am also an administrator (verify).

I have organized a lot of different image competitions (for example Estonian Science Photo Competition, but also WLE and WLM in Estonia). I also try to get more image donations to provide a better coverage of various topics. For instance, I started with the first HELP campaign in the middle of 2010, i.e. before the first WLM ever took place, and in 2017 it was held for the 8th time. I am organizing Estonian Wikiexpeditions. The latest bigger thing I am working on is Wiki Science Competition, that is a successor of European Science Photo Competition 2015 (some info).

Once I started with Olympus C-60 Zoom and then moved on with Olympus E-500, that I used until the second half of 2013. Currently I am taking photos with Nikon D3200.

When taking photos, I consider it to be important to cover the object as thoroughly as possible. It is good to have one excellent shot of a place, but it can't replace quality photos taken from all sides.

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25 most used images (in Wikipedia main namespace), that I have uploaded
Image Usage Image Usage Image Usage Image Usage Image Usage
  386   47   37   31   26
  210   47   35   29   25
  205   46   33   28   25
  101   42   33   27   25
  50   38   32   27   24


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