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Welcome to my page! I am an amateur lepidopterist and photographer, and my contribution here mostly consists in sorting out pictures of Lepidoptera (butterflies and moths), and correcting erroneous species identifications, mostly for European species.

You may be reaching this page because I changed the species identification of a picture that you took or edited. Since I make hundreds of corrections, I cannot take the time to spontaneously contact all picture authors, but if you disagree with a change I made or if you just want more information, I am always happy to talk about it!

A bit of kindly advice for contributors who upload pictures of wild animals or plants to illustrate species:

  • Please always indicate the date and location of the shot in the file description.
Having this information is what makes the difference between a picture that is an item of scientific data, and a pointless picture (aesthetic considerations aside). The location is most important: it is often impossible to identify the species without it (it doesn't have to be very precise: a region indication can be enough).
If you identified the species but posted the picture without sharing the location+date, it is difficult to trust the attached identification...
  • If you are not completely sure of the species identity of this animal or plant, please just don't upload the picture yet, or at least not with the species name.
Your best guess is more likely to be wrong than you think, and misidentified pictures create confusion and degrade the quality and image of the overall project. (And unidentified pictures don't help much either in my opinion.)
There exists many great specialized internet forums that can help you with identifications before you upload your pictures here.
For example, here are the most reliable forums I know for European Lepidoptera:

Thank you in advance!