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This page gives you an overview of my contributions.


SVG​s I upoadedEdit

East Asian writing systemsEdit

58 CJKV strokesEdit



Cāngjié 5 input methodEdit

181 Cāngjié 5 character shapesEdit



17 illustrations of Cāngjié 5 shape selectionEdit



Individual CJKV radicalsEdit

The 540 Shuōwén seal radicalsEdit



The 214 Kāngxī radicals in the dictionary’s own styleEdit



495 CJKV radicals and their variants in regular script styleEdit



CJKV radical listsEdit

Two lists of the 540 Shuōwén seal radicals (plain and numbered)Edit



List of the 214 Kāngxī radicals in old style fontsEdit


Two lists of all Unicode 7.0 radicals in regular style(楷体/楷體)Edit
List in a font for Traditional ChineseEdit


List in a font for Simplified ChineseEdit


The characters 中、那、要、熙、在 as they appear in the Kangxi DictionaryEdit


說文解字 and 康熙字典 in their own scriptsEdit


道德經 in lesser seal scriptEdit


Animated character 永(永字八法)Edit

  • Click here to see the animation.



335 obsolete Simplified Chinese charactersEdit



Guǎngzhōuhuà, Guǎngfǔhuà, Guǎngdōnghuà, Yuèyǔ and Guānhuà in traditional and simplified charactersEdit




Three versions of the combined Chinese character 招財進寶Edit


Biáng — the yet unencoded simplified character for biangbiang noodlesEdit


Eight dragons: a character with 128 strokesEdit


in Kāngxī and two Taiwanese styles


The five tone marks of Hànyǔ pīnyīnEdit



The origins of katakanaEdit


The word hentaigana in hentaiganaEdit


Old JapaneseEdit
An Old Japanese text with variation selectorsEdit


An Old Japanese text without variation selectorsEdit


Logographic Vietnamese (Nôm)Edit

Two annotated illustrations of logographic Vietnamese terminologyEdit


A sentence in Nôm with alphabetic Vietmanese annotationsEdit
Without translations of Vietnamese-only Nôm charactersEdit


With translations of Vietnamese-only Nôm charactersEdit


Start of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR)Edit


Start of Vân Tiên Cổ Tích Tân TruyệnEdit


Ten individual Nôm charactersEdit



10,000 years and David in NômEdit


Zhuàng (Sawndip)Edit

The Zhuàng characters for SawndipEdit
As two individual charactersEdit


As one wordEdit


Manchu text sample (in Mongolian script)Edit


Regionally different CJK character shapesEdit


Arabic abjadEdit

Arabic letter U+076E in Naskh styleEdit


Baybayin (Old Tagalog script)Edit

Article 1 of the UDHR in BaybayinEdit


Deutsche Gebärdensprache (DGS)Edit

„DGS“ im FingeralphabetEdit


Font SpecimensEdit

Specimen of Noto SansEdit


Specimen of Noto SerifEdit


Multilingual TextsEdit

Three SVGs Welcome in multiple languagesEdit



Text Source: Welcome in many languages at Omniglot.



Vive la raison! in four languagesEdit



Illustration of Daniel Jones’s 18 cardinal vowelsEdit


Illustration of the canIPA vocoid systemEdit



Illustration of the use of Unicode’s deprecated language tagsEdit


Signs, Symbols etc.Edit

The ILY sign (“I Love You”) as a drawing, a stylized drawing, and in Sutton Sign WritingEdit


The 2013 ruble sign as recommended by the Bank of RussiaEdit


A symbol for sports captainsEdit


Two Dutch place name signs indicating the fictional Oosterbuur and OosterbuurtEdit



Posters on the Chinese Year of the Monkey 2016Edit

A poster in German and Traditional ChineseEdit


A poster in German and Simplified ChineseEdit


Two not yet registered license plates from GermanyEdit




Chinese language flagEdit


Two Guǎngdōng Province flag replacements (in Simplified and Traditional Chinese)Edit


Kingdom of Callistan flagEdit


Euro Union flagEdit


A Dutch-German and a German-Dutch flag hybridEdit



A GER–NED and a NED–GER soccer match flag symbolEdit



A GER–NED and a NED–GER talk flag symbolEdit




Běijīng district mapEdit


Uploaded in PNG formatEdit

Chinese seal charactersEdit

The 10 Shuōwén Jiězì characters under radical 2 (full resolution: 794px × 71px)Edit


PNG MapsEdit

Běijīng district map (full resolution: 2127px × 2054px)Edit


Uploaded in GIF formatEdit

Animated flagsEdit

Dutch and German flags (alternating)Edit


Uploaded in PDF formatEdit


The 2015 IPA chartEdit


Transcriptions of an RP speaker recording from JIPAEdit


Multilingual TextsEdit

Three PDFs Welcome in multiple languagesEdit



Text Source: Welcome in many languages at Omniglot.