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Commons: Photo challenges

Commons photo challenges


Below are all pages to help you browse the challenges as an alternative to the search box.
If you don't know exactly what you are looking for, check here.



The Photo Challenge inspires photographers to take great pictures and upload them to Commons.
Monthly thematic competitions encourage participants to try new subjects, new photographic or processing techniques, and to develop skills while improving the Commons repository of free images.
Challenges are open to any Commons user.
Photographs entered into a competition must be new to Commons and taken by a Commons user.


Global rules


Challenges are based on a theme and run for a month. The theme may be a concrete subject, an abstract concept, a photographic technique or artistic style.


Everybody can participate in challenges open for submission. You simply
1 → Choose one or all of the current challenges
2 → Read the challenge description(s), which may vary in their rules (e.g., some place restrictions on when the photos are taken)
3 → Take picture(s) for the challenge(s) during the challenge period (or, if allowed, select from your own existing pictures that are not yet on Commons)
4 → Upload your picture(s) during the challenge period
5 → Submit your candidates at the top of the current challenge gallery during the challenge period. To do that you click the [Edit] button of the Entries section of your chosen challenge and insert the File name under <gallery mode="packed-hover" widths=250px heights=250px>
6 → Copy the name of the file under <gallery mode="packed-hover" widths=250px heights=250px> or clic on To submit pictures please follow this link at the bottom of the page
7 → Write a short and clear caption
8 → Do not sign your submission(s)
If you want, you can have a look at previous challenges and vote
Submissions must be your own work, not previously uploaded to Commons prior to the challenge date and should illustrate the challenge theme in the opinion of the photographer
Please read the challenge descriptions, as there may be additional rules or explanations for specific challenges. There is no limit on the number of submissions per user, but please choose from among your best and most varied images
There is no limit on the number of submissions per user, but please choose from among your best and most varied images
To submit pictures, you edit the gallery of the contest and add your candidate(s) to the bottom of the challenge page
If you want, you can have a look at previous challenges
Voters may select up to three photographs to award ★★★, ★★ ou ★★,
but can give (Highly Commended) praise to any other photos they wish


After the challenge has closed to new submissions, the pictures will be assessed by popularity voting in the subsequent month. You are allowed to vote for images submitted by others if your Commons account is at least ten days old and has more than 50 edits or if you participated in one of the challenges. Challenges open for voting can be found here.


The best three pictures will be awarded first, second and third place.
They will be displayed on the Photo challenge page and may use

W1769-Vallet BMX N 82131.JPG Photo Challenge – Second Place
Camera2 mgx silver.svg

Your picture W1769-Vallet BMX N 82131.JPG won the 2nd place in the Photo Challenge Time for sports, in May-June 2014. You can find the results of the challenge here.

on the file description page.

Particular points


Some themes may have some date or upload restrictions.
It's to let you go out and take pipctures for the current challenge(s) rather than picking old images in your HDD and, of course, tu upload new files to Commons.
Those steps are due to a particular theme: season, event, ...

/!\ It is therefore recommended to read the specific instructions for each challenge /!\

New media viewing experience

Please note users can disable the new media viewing experience for all images on Commons when logged in (uncheck "Enable new media viewing experience" under Files and click Save in Preferences, Appearance).

Presenting challenge pages, theme lists, talkpages...

Current votes

Election presidentielle 2007 Lausanne MG 2761.jpg
Clic here to access current vote page

Challenges open for submission

Expozitie internationala de pictura si sculptura la Galeria de arta "Arcadia", Pascani - Iasi.jpg
Clic here to access current submission page


Tungsten filament in an incandescent light.JPG
Got an idea for a new theme? Put it up for discussion at the dedicated subpage!

If you appreciate this kind of challenge and want to submitt a theme take a look at this theme list to know if your idea was already suggested.
Have a look at this page where are listed future themes.

Previous challenges

100 ans après Boisson et nourriture du monde entier Boîtes-à-lettre Cheveux et poils
Collections et objets de collection Costume, déguisement... Couleurs primaires sur objets manufacturés Courbes et spirales
Dans l'actualité Diagonales Différent, extravagant Équipement photographique analogique
Équipements de protection individuelle (EPI) Face cachée Feuilles Fenêtres
Fleurs ET insectes Fontaines et puits Fossiles Fumée
Grand et petit Janvier Jour et nuit Lumière colorée
Lumière en mouvement‎‎‎‎ Marches, escaliers et cages d'escaliers Mauvais temps Mère Nature reprend ses droits
Noir et blanc Objets du quotidien Outils / Outillage / Machines-outils Paire de quelque chose
Panoramiques Politique et politiciens Ponts Production et traitement alimentaire
Proverbes et dictons Les Quatre éléments Réflections Reptiles et amphibiens
Rouge et blanc Ruines, cimetières et lieux hantés Silhouette Sports !
Texture de surfaces Tout un tas de trucs Traditions locales Vacances
Véhicules inhabituels Verbes d'action Roues Wiki Loves Pride 2014


As far as things do not go by themselves the community has to take some decisions to let challenge work well.
So there's some talks about how presenting, special rules...

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