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About William M. GormanEdit

I have experience in many fields in my 50 trips around the Sun, such as Journeyman Electrician, Industrial Maintenance Electrician, Atari Quality Control Inspector, Quality Control Inspector, Satellite Communications Module Assembler of INTELSAT flights 3 through 11 (inactive) and INSAT 1A & 1B (inactive), Outside Plant Engineer, Outside Plant Manager, Microwave Path Engineer, Cellular Systems Engineer and Writer. My hobbies are 3D Anaglyph Photography and Genealogy Research.

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Founder and owner of


Wiki ContributionsEdit

The Following pages were originaly contributed by me:

The following pages contain major additions which I contributed:

  • Old Abe added battle list with ref and links.

Family HistoryEdit

A 6th Great Grandson of Rev. David McGregor, through his daughter Margret McGregor who married Colonel James Rogers of the famous Rogers’ Rangers and King’s Rangers, born 1726, his son James Rogers born 1764, his son David Rogers born 1805, his daughter Mary Allen Rogers born 1845, her son Robert D. Gorman born 1876, his son Leland W. Gorman born 1906 and his son Robert W. Gorman born 1932. All of them are gone now and all were very proud to be related to the famous James and Robert Rogers of Rogers’ Rangers.

I got involved in researching my family’s history to complete the research started by my late mother, Arlene Weston-Gorman, who in 1972, took my siblings and I on a cross country trip looking up records and searching graveyards for ancestors. Since then I have made a tremendous addition to her efforts. Sadly her ancestors have been very difficult to trace. We visited Sandhurst, Ontario where a Historical marker for Colonel James Rogers stands. I believe the marker, the church and grave yard are on lot 7 where James lived and his grave is here but missing the head stone. The Rogers side of the family is on my father’s side, he is also descended from the Hopkins of the Mayflower and the Jones family that arrived with Captain John Smith of Jamestown, Virginia. Aside from my native American ancestors, last year was the 400th anniversary of my ancestors immigration to America.

My GG Grandfather, Christopher Darius Gorman fought with Old Abe the War Eagle in the Wisconsin 8th Eagle Regiment, he fought through all but one of Old Abe's battles as he was shot through his left arm and shoulder at Lake Chicot and the bullet exited his right shoulder. He laid in the field 3 days before a general found him and when the general said "If you give me your hand, I'll help you up soldier" and Christopher replied "Go to Hell I'll get myself up". I don't think anybody who was shot through both shoulders would have a capable hand to be help up with. He spent 1 year in a Memphis Hospital before he was discharged.

I previously published a 2007 edition of Robert Rogers’ “A Concise Account of North America [1], originally written in 1765, In which on page 12 my 10th Great Grandfather Major General Robert Sedgwick is mentioned, he took Port Royal in 1654. Rev. David McGregor's son, Robert built the first bridge over the Merrimack River and daughter Mary is the grandmother of Jane Means Appleton, wife of President Franklin Pierce. Other famous ancestors include Captain James Avery of Groton, Connecticut of which Avery point is named for. Samuel L. Clemmons is a 3rd cousin. My families linage includes over 100 Kings, 100 Queens and hundreds of princes and princesses of every Kingdom in Europe. Lady Godiva is also an ancestor, turns out she was likely in her 60’s or 70’s when she made her ride, she was born about 980 and the ride was in the second half of the eleventh century. My 4th Great Grandfather, James Rogers III married Mary Allen born in 1775, who may be the daughter of Ethan Allen. I believe after Ethan’s death her step-mother, Fanny, in her greed wrote her off as dead for marring a loyalist who owned close to 50,000 acres. Fanny did this to prevent Mary from inheriting any of her fathers lands. James Rogers III put several of his relatives through collage with money from land sales. His brother David McGregor Rogers was a prominent member of Canada’s Parliament. I am currently living in Bonanza, Oregon and working on a 3rd book and some movie scripts. I also maintain the Descendants of James Rogers web site at [2] and work on family related research projects.

States I Have VisitedEdit

I have been to every State in the United States, the last 2 were Hawaii in 2005 and North Dakota in 2006. I have added the year I first visited each and an astrix after each that I lived in more than 2 months. The following sortable table lists each of the 50 states of the United States with the following information:

  1. The official state name or names
  2. The Year I first visited the state and common state name
  3. The preferred pronunciation of the common state name as transcribed with the International Phonetic Alphabet (see Help:Pronunciation for a key)
  4. The United States Postal Service (USPS) two-character state abbreviation[1]
    (also used as the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) Standard 3166-2 country subdivision code)
  5. The date the state ratified the United States Constitution or was admitted to the Union
  6. The United States Census Bureau estimate of state population as of 2007-07-01[2]
  7. The state capital
  8. The most populous incorporated place or Census Designated Place within the state as of 2006-07-01, as estimated by the U.S. Census Bureau[3]
  9. An image of the official state flag
The 50 United States of America
Official State Name 1st Visit Yr IPA USPS Date Population Capital Most Populous City Flag
State of Alabama 1986 Alabama /ˌæləˈbæmə/ AL 181912141819-12-14 04,627,851 Montgomery Birmingham  
State of Alaska 1991 Alaska * /əˈlæskə/ AK 195901031959-01-03 00,683,478 Juneau Anchorage  
State of Arizona 1972 Arizona /ˌærɪˈzoʊnə/ AZ 191202141912-02-14 06,338,755 Phoenix Phoenix  
State of Arkansas 1972 Arkansas /ˈɑrkənsɑː/ AR 183606151836-06-15 02,834,797 Little Rock Little Rock  
State of California 1958 California * /ˌkælɪˈfɔrnjə/ CA 185009091850-09-09 36,553,215 Sacramento Los Angeles  
State of Colorado 1972 Colorado * /ˌkɒləˈrædoʊ/ CO 187608011876-08-01 04,861,515 Denver Denver  
State of Connecticut 1972 Connecticut /kəˈnɛtɪkət/ CT 178801091788-01-09 03,502,309 Hartford Bridgeport[4]  
State of Delaware 2004 Delaware /ˈdɛləwɛər/ DE 178712071787-12-07 00,864,764 Dover Wilmington  
State of Florida 1986 Florida * /ˈflɒrɪdə/ FL 184503031845-03-03 18,251,243 Tallahassee Jacksonville[5]  
State of Georgia 2002 Georgia /ˈdʒɒrdʒə/ GA 178801021788-01-02 09,544,750 Atlanta Atlanta  
State of Hawaiʻi
Mokuʻāina o Hawaiʻi
2005 Hawaii /həˈwaɪi/, [haʋaiʔi] HI 195908211959-08-21 01,283,388 Honolulu Honolulu  
State of Idaho 1970 Idaho /ˈaɪdəhoʊ/ ID 189007031890-07-03 01,499,402 Boise Boise  
State of Illinois 1972 Illinois * /ɪlɪˈnɔɪ/ IL 181812031818-12-03 12,852,548 Springfield Chicago  
State of Indiana 1972 Indiana /ˌɪndiˈænə/ IN 181612111816-12-11 06,345,289 Indianapolis Indianapolis  
State of Iowa 1972 Iowa /ˈaɪəwə/ IA 184612281846-12-28 02,988,046 Des Moines Des Moines  
State of Kansas 1972 Kansas /ˈkænzəs/ KS 186101291861-01-29 02,775,997 Topeka Wichita  
Commonwealth of Kentucky 1972 Kentucky /kənˈtəki/ KY 179206011792-06-01 04,241,474 Frankfort Louisville  
State of Louisiana
État de Louisiane
1986 Louisiana * /luˌiziˈænə/ LA 181204301812-04-30 04,293,204 Baton Rouge New Orleans  
State of Maine 1972 Maine /ˈmeɪn/ ME 182003151820-03-15 01,317,207 Augusta Portland  
State of Maryland 1972 Maryland /ˈmɛrələnd/ MD 178804281788-04-28 05,618,344 Annapolis Baltimore[6]  
Commonwealth of Massachusetts 1972 Massachusetts /ˌmæsəˈtʃuːsɪts/ MA 178802061788-02-06 06,449,755 Boston Boston  
State of Michigan 1972 Michigan /ˈmɪʃɪgən/ MI 183701261837-01-26 10,071,822 Lansing Detroit  
State of Minnesota 1972 Minnesota /ˌmɪnɪˈsoʊtə/ MN 185805111858-05-11 05,197,621 Saint Paul Minneapolis  
State of Mississippi 1986 Mississippi /ˌmɪsɪˈsɪpi/ MS 181712101817-12-10 02,918,785 Jackson Jackson  
State of Missouri 1972 Missouri /mɪˈzʊəri, mɪˈzʊərə/ MO 182108101821-08-10 05,878,415 Jefferson City Kansas City[7]  
State of Montana 1970 Montana * /mɑnˈtænə/ MT 188911081889-11-08 00,957,861 Helena Billings  
State of Nebraska 1972 Nebraska /nəˈbræskə/ NE 186703011867-03-01 01,774,571 Lincoln Omaha  
State of Nevada 1961 Nevada /nəˈvædə/ NV 186410311864-10-31 02,565,382 Carson City Las Vegas  
State of New Hampshire 1972 New Hampshire * /nuˈhæmpʃər/ NH 178806211788-06-21 01,315,828 Concord Manchester[8]  
State of New Jersey 1972 New Jersey /nuˈdʒɝzi/ NJ 178712181787-12-18 08,685,920 Trenton Newark[9]  
State of New Mexico
Estado de Nuevo México
1972 New Mexico /nuˈmɛksɪkoʊ/ NM 191201061912-01-06 01,969,915 Santa Fe Albuquerque  
State of New York 1972 New York /nuːˈjɔrk/ NY 178807261788-07-26 19,297,729 Albany New York[10]  
State of North Carolina 2002 North Carolina /ˌnɔrθˌkɛrəˈlaɪnə/ NC 178911211789-11-21 09,061,032 Raleigh Charlotte  
State of North Dakota 2006 North Dakota /ˌnɔrθdəˈkoʊtə/ ND 188911021889-11-02 00,639,715 Bismarck Fargo  
State of Ohio 1972 Ohio /oʊˈhaɪoʊ/ OH 180303011803-03-01 11,466,917 Columbus Columbus[11]  
State of Oklahoma 1972 Oklahoma /ˌoʊkləˈhoʊmə/ OK 190711161907-11-16 03,617,316 Oklahoma City Oklahoma City  
State of Oregon 1961 Oregon * /ˈɒrɪgən/ OR 185902141859-02-14 03,747,455 Salem Portland  
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania 1972 Pennsylvania /ˌpɛnsɪlˈveɪnjə/ PA 178712121787-12-12 12,432,792 Harrisburg Philadelphia  
State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations 2005 Rhode Island /roʊdˈaɪlənd/ RI 179005291790-05-29 01,057,832 Providence Providence  
State of South Carolina 2002 South Carolina /ˌsɑʊθkɛrəˈlaɪnə/ SC 178805231788-05-23 04,407,709 Columbia Columbia[12]  
State of South Dakota 1972 South Dakota /ˌsɑʊθdəˈkoʊtə/ SD 188911021889-11-02 00,796,214 Pierre Sioux Falls  
State of Tennessee 1972 Tennessee /ˌtɛnɪˈsiː/ TN 179606011796-06-01 06,156,719 Nashville Memphis[13]  
State of Texas 1972 Texas * /ˈtɛksəs/ TX 184512291845-12-29 23,904,380 Austin Houston[14]  
State of Utah 1970 Utah /ˈjuːtɑː/ UT 189601041896-01-04 02,645,330 Salt Lake City Salt Lake City  
State of Vermont 2004 Vermont * /vɚˈmɑnt/ VT 179103041791-03-04 00,621,254 Montpelier Burlington  
Commonwealth of Virginia 1972 Virginia /vɚˈdʒɪnjə/ VA 178806251788-06-25 07,712,091 Richmond Virginia Beach[15]  
State of Washington 1961 Washington * /ˈwɑʃɪŋtən/ WA 188911111889-11-11 06,468,424 Olympia Seattle  
State of West Virginia 1972 West Virginia /ˌwɛstvɚˈdʒɪnjə/ WV 186306201863-06-20 01,812,035 Charleston Charleston  
State of Wisconsin 1972 Wisconsin /wɪsˈkɑnsɪn/ WI 184805291848-05-29 05,601,640 Madison Milwaukee  
State of Wyoming 1970 Wyoming /waɪˈoʊmɪŋ/ WY 189007101890-07-10 00,522,830 Cheyenne Cheyenne  
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