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What Wikipedia means to me?
Wikipedia is a global project that is based on a truly brilliant idea of a unified and accessible to all treasure of the overall human knowledge and realisation: It is also quite distinctive materialization of human creativity and real – albeit virtual – proof of our existence, our past and our sincere philanthropy; It is also an authentic testimony of our present, but also of our willingness to enrich knowledge and lives of future generations. As the free encyclopedia, it is as good and reliable as are their contributors well-meaning, moral and professional;
It is – as such – a real mirror of our maturity and humanity.
That's all we need...

Truth is destined to fight against the Lie.
Truth will win, but Lie will always come back,
and Truth will again and again have to fight the Lie.
If Truth escapes that perpetual battle, it will be lost forever!

( Ethiopian traditional proverb )