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I am the maintainer of one of the main license reviewer scripts. It can be found here: User:Majora/LicenseReview.js. If you have any questions about that script or suggestions for improvements please leave me a note on my talk page and I'll see what I can do.

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  • Copyright violations: ~101
  • Unfree Flickr files: ~0
  • Recent unfree Flickr images: ~7
  • No license since 9 October 2019: ~10
  • No permission since 9 October 2019: ~3
  • No source since 9 October 2019: ~3
  • Media uploaded without a license as of 2019-10: ~253
  • Undeletion requests: ~22


  • Duplicates: ~0
  • Advertisements/spam: ~0
  • Personal photos/selfies: ~3
  • Other speedy deletions: ~0
  • Categories for discussion: 65 months
  • Media requiring a split up: ~165
  • Commons protected edit requests: ~4
  • Commons protected edit requests (technical): ~3
  • Requests for unblock: ~0

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