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Joined 13 November 2012

Biography Manny Duke[1] formally knows as Manny DA Duke toured colleges in the Midwest as well as the greater Chicago-land area as an MC part of the group DA Sickness which consisted of 5 rapper's total from 2006 to 2009. The group broke up in late 2009 and Manny Duke emerged creating solo projects, "Summer Slam Mayhem Mix-tape", "Love, Sex & Hip-Hop mix-tape", "Doppler Effect LP", "Proper Gander LP", and his latest project "Legal Thievery LP" released on October 5, 2012.

He has opened and hosted/sponsored shows for Big Sean, Smif-N-Wessun, GLC, Rymefest, Willie Da Kid, Mikey Halsted, Twon Gabs, DTP artist Shawna. Toured with YP, Milla Boi, Adebesi, Jargon, DMeeks and Mikey Streets. His major influences are Andre 3000, Common, Phil Collins, Prince, Quincy Jones, T.I, Missy Elliot, Black Sabbath, White Strips and The Roots. What sets him apart from other bands is his versatility of style, music speed and arrangement. For instance, when he raps without drums, the instrumentals he composes himself has an electronic/dub-step with Hip-hop drum and bass mixture with mellow uptempo to dark heavy melodies.

When he performs with Scottie Meyers who plays guitar/bass, they form the band Black2Con playing at a punk rock pace and slowing it down at times at a blues tempo with hard hitting lyrics about current events. Then speeding the tempo of their music with menacing drums like someone marched in rolling thunder and it just came out of a jar meshed with a guitar producing a sassy melody that resonates off the walls and the crowd, forming an connection to bounce left and right. Since 2010, Manny Duke and Blak2Con have toured Kansas City, Houston, Milwaukee, Iowa, and Indiana.They continue to Gig multiple times each month out of their home base Chicago,IL and the Midwest.