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I am apart Germanic, part First Nations user here on the Commons. I love how much information I have found within the Wikimedia Foundation and wanted to be a part of the media community here on the Wikimedia Commons. I do not care for huge debating conversations about the views people have about varying topics. I prefer the quiet space of the Commons where information and neutrality exist. The Commons is here to offer extra information in the form of visuals and audio and I am merely here to enhance that.

If you want to use my images feel free, let me know on my talk page how you feel about them but do not pull me into debating conversations on Wikipedia sites. Discuss your views and choose whether to involve my works in those pages on your own.

I would enjoy making Wiki-friends and appreciate any tips or feedback! Please be kind and considerate!

I specialize in map making and its connection to history, however I am not one of those Wiki-Commons map fanatics! No. I encourage the use of maps to enhance information but I dislike repetition of image up-loads and ‘nonsense maps’. I like perfection, tidiness and order. If you are going to up-load images make sure they are not already here, and if you are going to update or fix an image do so by adding it to the list of file versions; do not upload it under another file name resulting in the beginnings of file duplications!

Please leave all comments in either English or Deutsch (German).

The only personal page I would like people to edit on is my talk page. Please do not perform vandalism anywhere on the Commons and please do not ask questions on the talk page that have already been asked even if they are similar. If you want more information try to see if the question you are asking is already available before submitting it!

Wikimedia Forever!