User:Mardus/Public Domain Twin Towers images

This gallery page lists images of Twin Towers in New York City that are mostly Public Domain. Other licenses that can be included may be GPL, LGPL, or BSD-new. The requirement is that this way, the top gallery (TBD) should contain images fit for the creation of Firefox Personas.


  • Both the header and footer image width should be 3000 pixels, but not more than that.
    Unfortunately, most images' widths are often less, while most computer screens' resolutions are also less than 3000 pixels — typically 1280x800, but many people have wider resolutions and the 3000 pixel width requirement was meant to accommodate those resolutions, so as to make Personas relatively future-proof.
One trade-off could thus be the use of soft transitions into some background colour.
  • The most important information should be on the browser's right side. This means that the Twin Towers must be on the right side, too. In many images this is not possible, because they are on the left side.

Further information here.