User:Mardus/Public domain gingerbread images

This gallery page focuses on images of Christmas gingerbread cookies (alternately known as Gingersnaps or Christmas cookies) that are in the Public Domain, under the CC0 license, or marked as having no known copyright protections (mostly due to expired copyright) — since that's what I was (and might still be) looking for in available photos in order to have quicker access to them, as these can be freely modified and published elsewhere.
As the number of Public Domain images with gingerbreads is not very high, then some photos depicting non-cookie gingerbreads, light Christmas cookies, and assorted wares are also included.
In time, Commons will have gained additional images, and this collection will then be less comprehensive.

Gingerbread menEdit

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Gingerbread housesEdit

Other gingerbreadsEdit

Not all depicted foodstuffs are actual gingersnaps.

Christmas cookiesEdit

From the category of the same name. Not all Christmas cookies here are gingersnaps.

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Images with commercial packagingEdit

These images show items in commercial packaging that is still copyrighted and has protected trade names. Public Domain status thus extends to photographer's copyright only. One can extract or crop the subject matter to avoid depictions of commercial packaging (especially labels), or scale an image down to a size at which commercial packaging achieves de minimis status. In cases, such as photos of tin cans, commercial designs and trademarks are unavoidable; such files then are— or should be marked with the {{Trademark}} tag.