Teenindusmaja (eng. lit. Service [or Utility] House, rus. Дом быта). Each Soviet city had a 'utility house' that housed all kinds of repair works. So, people went there to have their shoes, watches, electronics etc. repaired; and there were other services, too, such as dry cleaners.

The Tallinn Service House (or Utility House), known locally as 'Teenindusmaja', was built in the mid-1970s. In the 1990s, very few businesses would let in the building due to a lengthy court case involving the property, which possibly precluded any potential tenants from renting floor space there. This meant, that few people would also visit the place. The lower floors then housed a sauna and a casino. The roof had a large electronic news ticker and various billboard plackards on display; one for Top Raadio stayed there for many years after Top Raadio itself had became defunct in 1996. After the court case was resolved, the building was reconstructed and converted into a hotel in 2004.