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Industrialisation: Barmen, Germany, c. 1870.
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Maschine zum Übersetzen der Diligencen auf Eisenbahnwaggons (Frankreich, 1844).

Rail transportEdit

First steam locomotive “Saxonia”, Germany, 1838 (replica)
Adler (Nachbau von 1953) und Mock-Up des Endwagens eines ICE 3 (1995) im DB Museum Nürnberg
German steam engine 05 001 at the DB Museum in Nuremberg ( Borsigwerk, official start: 1935)
Zahnradbahn Königswinter (?).
Steam locomotive (USA, 1881), picture provided by
Rhätische Bahn (Ge 6/6 II 706), Switzerland, Landwasserviadukt, 1990.
ElettroTreno Rapido “Settebello 301” (Italy, 1952 - 1992) — Motrice del "Settebello": in realtà si tratta di un ETR 252, ricostruito in Settebello 301 it.
Two ICE trains meet in Würzburg main station (Germany, 2007) ♦ Im östlichen Gleisvorfeld des Würzburger Hauptbahnhofs begegnen sich zwei ICE-Züge, rechts: ICE 1, links: ICE 2 (2007).
TGV (train à grande vitesse), France, c. 2007.

Road transportEdit

Sunbeam Nautilus (UK, 1910).
Mark IV Female tank Flirt II (U.K., 1917).
Mercedes-Benz 500 K (W29, 1935).
1973 Ford Granada Coupe (European version).
2007 BMW E92 M3

Aerial transportEdit

Leonardo da VinciEdit

each were only designs during his lifetime 1452 to 1519.

Flying machine.


Hot air balloon (1890s).
Ornithopter: Edward Frost of Cambridgeshire, England, constructed an ornithopter of willow, silk, and feathers in 1902.
Wright Flyer III, constructed by the Wright brothers (Huffman Prairie, Dayton, Ohio, USA, 1905).
Fokker Dr.I (Germany, WW I).
Kawanishi H6K (Japan, WW II).
Super Constellation N73544 in flight, four-engine propeller-driven airliner built by Lockheed between 1943 and 1958 in the USA.
Handley Page Hastings TG517 (UK, 1948-1977).
Pendulaire (France, 1984).
Turbofan engine V2500 on McDonnell Douglas MD-90-30 (USA, 1993)
Shuttle Carrier Aircraft (Boeing 747-100) carrying Atlantis, USA, 1998.
Space Shuttle Atlantis, STS-27 mission, USA, 1988.
F-14 Tomcat flying at a speed beyond Mach 1, USA, 1990s/2000s.

Water transportEdit

Monoxylon (seen in Vaipūua, Vavaʻu, Pacific Ocean)
Viking ship (rebuilt).
Nautilus Submarine (1798).
French steam battleship Le Napoléon, ironclad warship of the Marine nationale (France, 1852 to 1912).
Condor Express catamaran car ferry passes through Poole Harbour. The ship operated by Condor Ferries carries 750 passengers and 180 cars (2002).
The Corvette SPS Infanta Elena (P-76), descubierta class frigate, an active Spanish Navy (Armada Española) ship (2005).





IBM Computer used by the NASA.
TV camera „Olympia-Kanone“, 1936 (Germany).

Military technologyEdit

Siege tower (belfry), used until the Middle Ages.
Trebuchet/Blide, Middle Ages.
Design for an enormous crossbow by Leonardo da Vinci, 15th century (not realized).
Renault FT-17 used by the US Army, Argonne. France, September 26, 1918.
Maschinengewehr 08, Germany, World War I.
A Bishop 25-pdr self-propelled gun in the Western Desert, 25 September 1942.
Nebelwerfer 41 ("smoke launcher"), 15 cm, Germany, WW II.
Nuclear bomb, probably from Operation Tumbler-Snapper, 1952.
MIM 104 Patriot missile system based on MAN Gigant, Germany, 2005.
Panzerspähwagen Zobel (4×4 Radfahrzeug), Germany, 1989 (not realized).
Leopard 2, main battle tank produced by Krauss-Maffei Wegmann and is used in many countries, built since 1979.
Valiant Shield: USS Kitty Hawk, USS Ronald Reagan, and the USS Abraham Lincoln carrier strike groups led by a B-2 Spirit. USA, 2006.


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