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Ignore the red-links, I just copy-pasta'd this profile from Wikipedia, I'll improve it later when I'll get the time for it... and I'll make it a bit more specific about the images I upload here (which probably won't be much as I only intend them for Wikipedia), but I just hate seeing my name as a redlink so here is my Wikipedia page :-P (09 D. 02 M. 2015 A.)

Hello everyone, my name is Nam-Long (Traditional-Chinese: 南龍 Laam Lung/Loong) and I'm the Dragon of the South (also because I'm of African descent and Africa is in the south, but then again I'm partially a "real American" so I can be considered a Hsilong :-P ), the year in my name is a reference to the foundation of the Đường Dynasty. I'm a Men's (Human) Rights Activist/Advocate, Microsoft Aficionado, Asiaphile, and Anti-Theist but I don't let my personal views get in the way of my editing style for I stand for neutrality all peoples are equal in my eyes and I will judge only on the validity of their content, not the person making the claim, I will judge only the on the reliability of the source, and I trust other Wikipedians to also judge only on the validity of the content created and it's notability and not let political ideology or personal bias ruin their sight, for if editors give in to personal opinions they give up on the core values of Wikipedia.

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