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Q. What is this page?

A. This is an automatically-generated gallery which includes uploads by every user with fewer than 150 edits on Commons.

Q. Why is my file on this page?

A. Because you have fewer than 150 edits on Commons (other projects don't count). Or, someone with fewer than 150 edits uploaded over a file you uploaded.

Q. What is the purpose of this page?

A. Over time, we've noticed that the vast majority of problematic uploads come from new users. This gallery helps experienced users to flag these files.

Q. Have I done something wrong? Are you implying that I'm a potentially problematic user?

A. Not at all! The majority of uploads on this page are good, and the majority of users are positive contributors. This is only a tool used by experienced patrollers to identify potential problems.

Q. Do I have anything to worry about?

A. If your contributions are in the project scope (as are the majority of uploads by new users), you have nothing to worry about.

Q. What does it mean when it says User has DR notices, User has been warned about copyright violations, etc.?

A. It means that at some point, a user placed a notice on your talk page indicating that he or she identified a potential problem with your upload. This information helps experienced patrollers find problematic edits, but it does not necessarily mean there is anything wrong with your uploads. "DR" refers to "Dispute resolution."

Q. Is there a way I can opt out of having my uploads on this page?

A. Yes! You can add your username to User:OgreBot/gallery-opt-out. Regardless, if you reach 150 edits on Commons, they will no longer be listed.

Q. My question isn't addressed here. What can I do?

A. Feel free to leave a note on the bot's maintainer's talk page.