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This page is automatically generated by a bot from the files found in designated categories (and most of their subcategories) at the time it is run. Because subcategories (and their subcategories, and so on) are not always relevant to the designated category, and because some files or subcategories may be miscategorized, you may see a false positive. Feel free to remove any file which appears to be defamatory or slanderous in this context from the gallery.

For more information, see here.


The bot owner (User:Magog the Ogre) is not responsible for any of the content linked by the bot. Illegal or defamatory files are uploaded by the Commons users. Categories are selected by Commons users. The bot only aggregates the contribution of Commons users. Think of it like Google Images.

Terms of usageEdit

The bot owner (User:Magog the Ogre) provides his service to the community under the following conditions:

  • Gallery owners are alone responsible for supervising the content on their pages.
  • If another user removes a potentially defamatory file from the gallery, the gallery owner must not restore it (excepting obvious vandalism).
  • If the bot owner or another administrator adds a subcategory to the gallery blacklist because it's defamatory, don't remove it.
  • This template must be affixed to the top of potentially defamatory galleries.
  • Abuse of the tool may lead to removal of the gallery from future output by the bot, and deletion by the bot owner of any offending galleries.

This is a lot of legalese, but in short it comes down to this:

  • If someone complains about a potentially defamatory image, remove it, and don't restore it.