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becoming woman 17 going on 18, I was a spy for my gender

Los Angeles from Griffith Park Day Time

Template:N/A Template:N/A Template:N/A
Template:N/A Template:N/A Template:N/A Template:N/A Վ.svg
Armenian vev
Template:N/A Template:N/A Template:N/A Template:N/A Template:N/A
Template:N/A Template:N/A Template:N/A Telugu va + (i).svg
Telugu va + (i)
Khmer vo+i.svg
Khmer vo + i
Template:N/A Katakana u and small i serif 1.svg
Katakana u + small i
Template:N/A Template:N/A
Javanese wa + i.svg
Javanese wa + i
Gujarati va + i.svg
Gujarati va + i
Gothic winja.svg
Gothic vinja
Hoeffler É.svg
Latin E-acute
Bengali rhoshsho u.svg
Bengali short u
Greek uc Omega.svg
Greek omega
Wikipedia's W.svg
Latin W
Arabic wāw
Gurmukhi vava + sihari.svg
Gurmukhī vava + sihari
Cyrillic Я.svg
Cyrillic ya
Syriac waw.svg
Syriac wāw
Lontara w + i.svg
Lontara w + i
Odia character ଉ.svg
Oriya U
Burmese v + i.svg
Burmese script v + i
မြန်မာဘာသာ: ဝီ
Devanagari va + i
維 GungSeo.svg
Traditional Chinese
Cyrillic И.svg
Cyrillic i
Hangul wi serif.svg
Hangul/Chosongul wi
Tāna vaavu + vowel i.svg
Tāna vaavu + (i)
Laotian w + i.svg
Laotian w + i
Cyrillic В.svg
Cyrillic ve
Glagolitic vede.svg
Glagolitic vědě
Malayalam va + short i.svg
Malayalam va + short i
Inuktitut u.svg
Inuktitut short u
Georgian ვ.svg
Georgian vin
Kannada va + (i).svg
Kannada va + (i)
Hebrew vav.svg
Hebrew vav
Thai wo waen.svg
Thai wo waen + sara i
used in Nahuatl wikipedia
Latin H
Cyrillic У.svg
Cyrillic u
Tagalog wi
Tagalog Baybayin wi
Hoeffler U.svg
Latin U
Mongolian wa.svg
Mongolian wa
Limbu wi
Limbu wa + i
Cherokee wi.svg
Cherokee wi
Tibetan wa + (i).svg
Tibetan wa + (i)
Tamil va + (i).svg
Tamil va + (i)
Sinhala va + i.svg
Sinhala va + i
Hoeffler Ä.svg
Latin A-umlaut
Classical 典.svg
Chinese character
Tai Le wa
Tai Nüa wa
Hoeffler V.svg
Latin V
Cyrillic Д.svg
Cyrillic de
Greek pi.svg
Greek pi
Arabic yodh aleph.svg
Arabic yāʾ + ʾalif
Hoeffler İ.svg
Latin dotted I

links from jimmy wales way back when i was a lil wikipetan

  • WP:CSD#A7 - new articles go here
  • WP:ANI - this is where the real fun and games takes place
  • WP:ARC - if you really want to complain about something, nothing beats this
  • WP:AN3 - if you want to ban somebody who is messing with your article, give this a go
  • WP:AIV - can't wait to throw another editor off. Try this?


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