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Beeld en Geluid Collecties

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Het Nederlands Instituut voor Beeld en Geluid in Hilversum

Beeld en Geluid Collecties (Sound and Vision Collections) is the username under which the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision uploads material from its archives to Wikimedia Commons. This account is solely being used for these uploads and as a communication channel with the Wikimedia community. Edit of an encyclopedic nature will not be made by this user. The Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision conforms to the guidelines of the community of volunteers on Wikimedia platforms. In order to safeguard these policy guidelines we have come up with regulations for our staff working with Wikipedia. These can be found here (in Dutch).

The collections on Wikimedia CommonsEdit

  • Open Beelden: Open Beelden (Open Images) is an initiative by the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision and [[1]] that offers online access to audiovisual archive material to stimulate (creative) reuse. For more information see Commons:Open Beelden and the Template:Open Beelden
  • Geluid van Nederland: Recordings from the sound archive of the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision
  • Natuurbeelden: Stichting Natuurbeelden (Foundation for Nature Footage) is a collaboration between eleven nature preservation organizations and the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision.
  • Beeld en Geluid Wiki: Pictures on the Beeld en Geluid Wiki (Sound and Vision Wiki) are often made available under Creative Commons licenses. The Wikimedia community has uploaded these pictures to Wikimedia Commons.

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