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Head Notes

Chess rld40.png 성은이 망극하옵니다! 용서해주시지옵소서 어드미니스트레이터-마마.

This user, on behalf of his friends' vandalism, wishes to apologize for the incursion caused. I will never share my account with other users ever again.Chess rld40.png

International Wikipedian

Hello, I am an international Wikipedian, younilha. I am known as Orthodoxy in the English Wikipedia. My overall goal as an International Wikipedian is to make all Wikipedias of all countries contain the same articles/information, therefore, making people share the knowledge not just in their own country, but throughout the entire world. If you would like to join the Association of International Wikipedians, please leave a comment on my discussion page and I will help you by telling you the requirements of an International Wikipedian. Also, it would be nice if you can tell me what kind of languages you can speak. The better the more language that the Association of International Wikipedians know. Thank you.

My International Userpage

I am known as Orthodoxi in all versions of Wikipedia except the English and the Korean version. In the English version, I am known as Orthodoxy. In the Korean version, I am known as younilha.

About Me

I'm a pure South Korea(n) Wikipedian who joined the Korean and American Wikimedia Foundation in 2006. I am also known as younilha in the French Wikipedia and known as 윤일하 in the Korean Wikipedia. I was born in May 30th, 1994. I love dramas, music, art, and Wikipedia. But, I hate all video games that are worse than Halo or Spore (an upcomming game for Wii). I recently tried Maple Stoy but quit it because of its repetitiveness.

I'm a huge fan of most Korean celebrities (actresses) including Song Hae Gyo. Here is a list of all the K-cebs: List of South Korean actors

50pxThis user is a fan of Goong.
50pxThis user loves Goong S.

This user is obssesed with Song Hae Gyo.
This user cannot live without Song Hae Gyo.

50pxThis user is a fan of My Sassy Girl.

宮二This user cannot wait until Goong 2 is out.

40pxThis user cried for days after watching Winter Sonata.

40pxThis user respects Hwang Jin-i.


  • Friday Morning Musicals Award 2004
  • 민주평화통일 마이에미협의회 주최 제 1회 평화통일 글짓기대회 우수상 수상 2004
  • 미술학교 그림 상장 2004
  • Piano Recital presented by Vista Music 2006
  • Friday Morning Audition 2003
  • Dwight Englewood School Orchestra First Violin 2006
  • Dwight Englewood Winter Arts Festival Orchestra 2006
  • Ski Camp Graduation 2005
  • Ski Camp Graduation 2006
  • Vista Music Piano Class 2006
  • Violin 2006


Korean royal palace entrance.jpg

Korea south kangnung kyongpodae.jpg


250px 'Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.'


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