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Hello, friend. So, you want to help. That's so great! Working there is easy as 1-2-3 (not really :P). In Wikimedia Commons, Any image (exclude {{PD-ineligible}}) must has a source, source is very important for open websites and wikis, where everyone write whatever. Which may makes illegal media. Source is very important for "trust of image", when you put a good source, your images will not be deleted forever for a legal reason.

How to helpEdit

You can help us:

 //Image source tagger
  • Take a page from below.
  • Write your name in the top of the page that you select.
  • Check the source, try to use Google translation for language that you can't understand.
  • Click "Tag!" to tag image with "nsd" and note the uploader.
  • remove done image form the list.
  • Thank you!
Remember: You must have MediaWiki talk:Quick-delete.js installed.