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About meEdit

Hi! My name is Paolo Costa, I am a Mechanichal Engineer and Project Management Specialist from UCV and UCAB , living and working in Caracas, Venezuela. My main contribution to the Wiki projects is photography. I like photographing places around the world, I love nature scenery and animals, but I also enjoy taking pictures of architecture and city landscapes. One of my favorite places on earth is "La Gran Sabana", a 10.000 square kms natural region located in Bolivar State, South East Venezuela. You may find here, in Spanish, the article I wrote about Gran Sabana, where I also placed many of my pictures. If you have any questions, or want to contact me, please write on my discussion page here.

This is me, on a cold december morning, on top of Mt. Roraima, in Venezuela, 2800 mts above sea level. Kukenan tepui is on the background.

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Permission to use my imagesEdit


Permission to use my images:

You may use any of my images, you are nonetheless required to release the images under the same license. As such, any reproduction of my images, in any medium, must appear with a copy of, or full URL of the license. Attribution of this image to the author (Paolo Costa Baldi) is also required, preferably in a prominent location near the image. No other conditions may be added to, or removed from this license without the permission of the author and copyright holder.

Suggested attribution: "Photo by Paolo Costa Baldi. License: CC-BY-SA 3.0" A link to this page would also be welcome.


Permiso para usar mis imágenes:

Usted puede utilizar cualquiera de mis imágenes, sin embargo, se requiere que usted distribuya las mismas bajo la misma licencia que poseen. Como tal, cualquier uso o reproducción de mis imágenes, en cualquier medio, debe aparecer con una copia de, o la URL completa de la licencia. Del mismo modo se requiere la atribución de esta imagen al autor (Paolo Costa Baldi), preferiblemente en un lugar prominente cerca de la imagen. Ninguna otra condición deberá ser aplicada o removida de dicha licencia sin el permiso del autor y mantenedor de sus derechos.

Atribución sugerida: "Foto por Paolo Costa Baldi. Licencia: CC-BY-SA 3.0" Un enlace a esta página también será bienvenido.

My galleriesEdit

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Featured picturesEdit


  My Featured pictures on Commons:

    Panoramic view of the venezuelan Andes, on the road from Canaguá to Guaimaral towns.
      Marpesia zerinthia butterfly found in the Andes mountains in Venezuela, at an altitude of aproximately 1000 mts a.s.l.
  Panoramic view of the Olympic Park of Montreal, Canada. At the center, the Olympic Stadium. Its tower is the tallest inclined structure in the world (175 m - 574 ft high).
    Colias dimera couple copulating, found at an altitude of 2.000 mts a.s.l., in the Andes mountains in Venezuela.
  Amalfi coast near Naples in Southern Italy.
      Panoramic view from Capri Centre Belvedere, on Capri Island, Italy.
        Prospect point night view of the Niagara Falls, in winter, from the american side.
    Venezuelan troupial Icterus icterus at Parque del Este, in Venezuela.
    Haetera piera piera in Canaima National Park, on the base between Ptarí tepuy and Sororopán tepuy.
     Morning view of Kukenan and Roraima tepuis, from Tëk river camp (river visible in the image). Roraima tepui is actually some 100 mts higher than Kukenan, but due to the perspective of the picture, it looks like it is lower.
  Panoramic view of Puerto Encantado (Enchanted Dock) at Dawn, in the town of Higuerote, Venezuela.
    Panoramic view of Lago Sur in "Parque del Este", Caracas, Venezuela.
  Night view of Montreal from "Belvedere Kondiaronk, chalet du Mont Royal".
  Versailles gardens view from "Place d'Armes".
                  A stitched panorama of the interior of the Colosseum, in summer 2011, made of 20 images.

Other Featured pictures on WikipediaEdit

  Other featured images by me, in Wikipedia:

  Oriole blackbird, Gymnomystax mexicanus, in Caracas, Venezuela.
  Amalfi coast near Naples in Southern Italy.
  Torre Vasco da Gama, de 145 metros de altura, con el "Sana Torre Vasco da Gama Royal Hotel" bajo construcción, en Lisboa, en 2010.
  Flower of Hemerocallis lilioasphodelus, from south-east Venezuela.
  The pre-match in spanish Liga BBVA's 2010-2011 season, 6th round encounter between Barcelona FC and Real Club Deportivo Mallorca (disputed at night on October 3rd 2010 at the Camp Nou stadium).
  Clear morning at Mount Roraima, as seen from the road leading there from the pemon community Paraitepuy de Roraima, in Gran Sabana, Venezuela.
    Saint Joseph's Oratory in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
    Kukenan Tepuy in Gran Sabana, Venezuela. Photo taken from Tëk River Camp at 5:20 p.m. Tepuy height: 2700-2800 mts.

Seeing the worldEdit

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