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Lindisfarne Gospels (0715)
Eadfrith of Lindisfarne
Cotton library
British Library

B Valladolid 93.jpg

Valcavado Beatus (0970)
Biblioteca de Santa Cruz

Évangéliaire d'Averbode - UnivLiège Ms363 pl46 (Nativité).JPG

Evangeliary of Averbode (1150)
University of Liège

Fl- 90 Apocalypse do Lorvão, Visão do Cordeiro e dos Quatro Seres.jpg

Apocalipsis of Lorvao (1189)

National Archive of Torre do Tombo

Relikviář svatého Maura 2015.jpg

Reliquary of St. Maurus (1300s)
National Heritage Institute

Dobreisho Gospel.jpg

Dobreyshovo Gospels (1300s

SS. Cyril and Methodius National Library

Codex Mariendalensis page.jpg

Codex Mariendalensis (1320)

National Library of Luxembourg


Liber viaticus of Johannes Noviforensis (1355s)
Meister des Liber viaticus des Johannes von Neumarkt
National Museum Library

Mistr Theodorik - Sv. Juda Tadeáš.jpg

St Jude Thaddaeus (1357s)
Theodoric of Prague
National Heritage Institute

Standing Madonna with child (1410)
National Gallery of Slovenia

Alexandria Codex page 7.PNG

Alexandria Codex of Sofia (1430s

SS. Cyril and Methodius National Library

La Madone au Chanoine Van der Paele.jpg

Madonna with Canon Joris van der Paele (1434

Jan van Eyck
Flemish Art Collection

The Crucifixion-Andreas Pavias.jpg

The Crucifixion (1440s)
Andreas Pavias
National Gallery

Coronation of the Virgin - Libro de horas de leonor de la vega.jpg

Book of Hours of Leonor de la Vega (1468)
Biblioteca Nacional de España

Lagos40 kopie.jpg

Saint Vincent Panels (1470)
Nuno Gonçalves
Museu Nacional de Arte Antiga

Bernt Notke Danse Macabre.jpg

The Danse Macabre (1475

Art Museum of Estonia's painting collection

Taby kyrka Death playing chess.jpg

Death playing chess (1480)
Albertus Pictor
Täby Church

The Madonna Enthroned between St. Catherine and St. Elizabeth.jpeg

The Madonna Enthroned between St. Catherine and St. Elizabeth from Hungary (1497)
Master Martin
Slovak National Gallery

The Mother of God of Trakai.jpeg

The Mother of God of Trakai (1500s)

Jan van Steffenswert - Anna-te-Drieën.JPG

Saint Anne with the Virgin and Child (1500s)
Jan van Steffeswert
Bonnefanten Museum

Duerer wing of a blue roller.jpg

Wing of a European Roller (1500

Albrecht Dürer

Codex of costumes (1500)
Biblioteca Nacional de España

Male Back With a Flag - Michelangelo.jpg

Male Back With a Flag (1504)

Gentile e giovanni bellini, predica di san marco in alessandria 01.jpg

The Preaching of Saint Mark in Alexandria (1504)
Gentile Bellini
Giovanni Bellini
Pinacoteca di Brera

Johann Haller, Commune Incliti Poloniae regni privilegium constitutionum et indultuum publicitus decretorum approbatorumque (1506, cropped).jpg

Łaski's Statute (1505)

National Museum Kraków

Master MS, Marten Schwartz - The Visitation, from Selmecbánya - Google Art Project.jpg

The Visitation (1506)
Master MS
Hungarian National Gallery

Hieronymus Bosch 055.jpg

Christ Carrying the Cross (1515s)
Hieronymus Bosch
Museum of Fine Arts
Flemish Art Collection

Ruxandra Basarab.jpg

Portrait of Lady Roxanda (1526)
National Museum of Art of Romania

Manastirea Humor31.jpg

Last Judgment (1535)
Toma din Suceava

Sofonisba Anguissola, Portrætgruppe med kunstnerens fader Amilcare Anguissola og hendes søskende Minerva og Astrubale, ca. 1559, 0001NMK, Nivaagaards Malerisamling.jpg

Portrait Group with the Artist’s Father, Brother and Sister (1558)
Sofonisba Anguissola
Nivaagaard Museum
Wilhelm Marstrand

El Greco 03.jpg

The Entombment of Christ (1570)
El Greco
National Gallery

Melchior Lorck - Ten Women from Stralsund - Google Art Project.jpg

Ten Women of Stralsund (1571)
Melchior Lorck
Statens Museum for Kunst

Umar Defeats a Dragon - Daswanth.jpg

Umar Defeats a Dragon (1577)
Austrian Museum of Applied Arts

Scuola di fontainebleau, presunti ritratti di gabrielle d'estrées sua sorella la duchessa di villars, 1594 ca. 04.jpg

Gabrielle d'Estrées et une de ses sœurs (1594)
Department of Paintings of the Louvre

Supper at Emmaus-Caravaggio (1606).jpg

Supper at Emmaus (1606)
Pinacoteca di Brera

Concierto de angeles.jpg

The Concert of the Angels (1608)
El Greco
National Gallery

Peter Paul Rubens (1577-1640) De kruisoprichting - Onze-Lieve-Vrouwekathedraal (Antwerpen) 12-07-2010 14-49-48.JPG

The Elevation of the Cross (1610

Peter Paul Rubens
Cathedral of Our Lady

Sidereus Nuncius 1610.Galileo.jpg

Sidereus Nuncius (1610-03-13)

India tupi.jpg

Tupi woman (1641)
Albert Eckhout
National Museum of Denmark

Wenceslaus Hollar - Praga.jpg

Great View of Prague (1649)
Wenceslaus Hollar
National Museum

Rembrandt Harmensz. van Rijn - "The Kitchen Maid" - Google Art Project.jpg

The Kitchen Maid (1651)

Bartolomé Murillo (1617-1682) - De Onbevlekte ''La Colosal'' - Sevilla Bellas Artes 22-03-2011 11-45-44.jpg

Immaculate Conception (1652)
Bartolomé Esteban Murillo
Museum of Fine Arts of Seville

Poussin-Fuite en Egypte-MBA-Lyon.jpg

The Flight into Egypt (1657)
Nicolas Poussin
Museum of Fine Arts of Lyon

Mattia Preti - St. George on Horseback - WGA18397.jpg

Saint George on Horseback (1658)
Mattia Preti
St. John's Co-Cathedral

Charity of St Thomas of Villanova - Melchiorre Caffa.jpg

Charity of St Thomas of Villanova (1660s)
Melchiorre Cafà
National Museum of Fine Arts

Gezicht op Haarlem uit het noordwesten, met de blekerijen op de voorgrond Rijksmuseum SK-A-351.jpeg

View of Haarlem from the Northwest, with the Bleaching Fields in the Foreground (1670s)
Jacob van Ruisdael

St John the Baptist Wearing the Red Tabard of the Order of St John - Mattia Preti.jpg

St John the Baptist Wearing the Red Tabard of the Order of St John (1671)
Mattia Preti
National Museum of Fine Arts


Still Life with Sweets (1676)
Josefa de Óbidos
Biblioteca Municipal Braamcamp Freire

Slovenský maliar z 3. tretiny 17. storočia - Posmrtný portrét K. Horvath-Stansithovej, rod. Kissovej - O 4842 - Slovak National Gallery.jpg

Mourning portrait of K. Horvath-Stansith, maiden name Kiss (1680s)
Slovak National Gallery

De Grieksche A tulpenvaas Museum Het Prinsenhof.jpg

Flower-holder (1690s)
De Grieksche A

Vilnius Cathedral Chapel of Saint Casimir, Vilnius, Lithuania - Diliff.jpg

Mural paintings at the Chapel of Saint Casimir (1692)
Michelangelo Palloni

Daskal Philip.PNG

Daskal Philip Psalter (1692)

Sofia University

Almanach - Kvartopirci II.jpg

The Card Players II (1700s)
National Gallery of Slovenia

Louis XIV of France.jpg

Portrait of Louis XIV (1702)
Hyacinthe Rigaud
Department of Paintings of the Louvre

Cat among roosters.jpeg

Cat among roosters (1710)
Jakob Bogdani
Slovak National Gallery

Abraham s sacrifice of Isaac - Federico Bencovich.jpg

Abraham's sacrifice of Isaac (1715)
Federiko Benković
Strossmayer Gallery of Old Masters

L'Embarquement pour Cythere, by Antoine Watteau, from C2RMF retouched.jpg

The Embarkation for Cythera (1717)
Antoine Watteau
Department of Paintings of the Louvre

Portrait of a Man (Selfportrait).jpeg

Portrait of a Man (Selfportrait) (1730s)
Jan Kupecký
Franz Anton Palko
Slovak National Gallery

William Hogarth 027.jpg

The Tavern Scene (1735)
William Hogarth
Sir John Soane's Museum

Miss Catherine Jones of Colomendy, near Mold - Richard Wilson.jpg

Miss Catherine Jones of Colomendy, near Mold (1740)
Richard Wilson
National Library of Wales

Wooded Landscape with a Herdsman Seated - Thomas Gainsborough.jpeg

Wooded Landscape with a Herdsman Seated (1748)
Thomas Gainsborough
Gainsborough's House

Wright of Derby, The Orrery.jpg

A Journalist Lecturing on the Orrery (1766)
Joseph Wright of Derby
Derby Museum and Art Gallery


Passionate lovers (1770)
Johan Tobias Sergel

Anne Vallayer-Coster, Portrait of a Violinist.jpg

Portrait of a violinist (1773)
Anne Vallayer-Coster

Franz Xaver Messerschmidt character head.jpg

The Simpleton (1777)
Franz Xaver Messerschmidt
Österreichische Galerie Belvedere

Adoration of the Magi (1780

Hallands art museum

Dr Richard Price, DD, FRS - Benjamin West contrasted.jpg

Portrait of Dr Richard Price (1784)
Benjamin West
National Library of Wales

Smuglewicz-Posłowie perscy u króla Etiopów.jpg

Persian Envoys before the King of Ethiopia (1785)
Franciszek Smuglewicz
Lithuanian Art Museum

Smuglewicz-Posłowie scytyjscy przed Dariuszem.jpg

Scythian Messengers Meet the Persian King Darius I (1785)
Franciszek Smuglewicz
Lithuanian Art Museum

Miscellany of priest Puncho 1.jpg

Miscellany (1796)
Priest Puncho
SS. Cyril and Methodius National Library

J.M.W. Turner - Dolbadarn Castle - Study for Diploma Picture.jpg

Dolbadarn Castle (1800)
J. M. W. Turner
National Library of Wales
National Library of Wales Framed works of art collection

Franc Kavčič - Idealna krajina z mladeničem, ki ubija kačo.jpg

Ideal landscape with a young man killing a snake (1810)
Franz Caucig
National Gallery of Slovenia

The Ha'Penny Bridge Dublin - Samuel Frederick Brocas.jpg

The Ha'Penny Bridge, Dublin (1818)
Samuel Frederick Brocas
National Library of Ireland

François-Joseph Navez - Saint Cecilia of Rome, 1824.jpeg

Saint Cecilia of Rome (1824)
François-Joseph Navez
Beaux-Arts Mons

Camelia Florida, by Johann Simon von Kerner.jpg

Hortus semper virens (1829)
Johann Simon von Kerner

Kaffeegesellschaft an der Alster mit Blick über Lombardsbrücke auf die Stadt - Hamburger Bilderuhr.JPG

Picture clock with Alster panorama (1830s)
Hamburg Museum

Eugène Delacroix - Le 28 Juillet. La Liberté guidant le peuple.jpg

Liberty Leading the People (1830)
Eugène Delacroix
Department of Paintings of the Louvre

Lundbye, Johan Thomas - En gravhøj fra oldtiden ved Raklev på Refsnæs.jpg

A burial mound from ancient times by Raklev on Refsnæs (1839)
Johan Lundbye
Thorvaldsen Museum

Rannamaastik (Kalurite kojuminek) - Eugen Gustav Dücker.jpg

Coastal landscape (Fishermen going home) (1841)
Eugen Dücker
Art Museum of Estonia's painting collection

Sodom and Gomorrah Burning - Picu Pătruţ.jpg

Sodom and Gomorrah Burning (1842-05-24)
Picu Pătruţ
Romanian Peasant Museum

Lithuanian Girl with Palm Sunday Fronds.jpeg

Lithuanian girl with Palm Sunday Fronds (1844)
Kanutas Ruseckas
Lithuanian Art Museum

The Sculptor Jens Adolf Jerichau, the Artist's Husband KMS1093.jpg

The Sculptor Jens Adolf Jerichau, the Artist's Husband (1846)
Elisabeth Jerichau-Baumann
Statens Museum for Kunst

An Overshot Mill in Wales (Aberdulais) - James Ward.jpg

An Overshot Mill in Wales (Aberdulais) (1847)
James Ward
National Library of Wales

Jožef Tominc - Podoba očeta.jpg

Portrait of the artist's father (1848)
Giuseppe Tominz
National Gallery of Slovenia

Goffredo Mameli - Roberto Bompiani.jpg

Portrait of Goffredo Mameli (1849)
Roberto Bompiani
Museo Centrale del Risorgimento

Alexander Brodszky - Podvečerná krajina - O 1377 - Slovak National Gallery.jpg

Early Evening Landscape (1850)
Sándor Brodszky
Slovak National Gallery

John Martin - Sodom and Gomorrah.jpg

The Destruction of Sodom And Gomorrah (1852)
John Martin
Laing Art Gallery

Anton Karinger - Triglav iz Bohinja.jpg

View of Mt Triglav from Bohinj (1861)
Anton Karinger
National Gallery of Slovenia

Lord Byron at Missolonghi.jpg

The Reception of Lord Byron at Missolonghi (1861)
Theodoros Vryzakis
National Gallery

Johann Köler Itaallanna lastega ojal.jpg

An Italian Woman with Children by a Stream (1862)
Johann Köler
Art Museum of Estonia's painting collection

Peder Balke - Stetind in Fog - Google Art Project.jpg

Stetind in Fog (1864)
Peder Balke
National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design

Hertervig Gamle furutrær.jpg

Old Pine Trees (1865)
Lars Hertervig
Museum Stavanger

Robert Wilhelm Ekman - Kreeta Haapasalo Playing the Kantele in a Peasant Cottage.jpg

Kreeta Haapasalo Playing the Kantele in a Peasant Cottage (1868)
Robert Ekman
Finnish National Gallery

Nicolas Liez Vue de la ville de Luxembourg depuis le Fetschenhof.jpg

View of the city of Luxemburg from the Fetschenhof (1870)
Nicolas Liez
National Museum of History and Art

Bellringer of Caernarvon in costume of trade - John Cambrian Rowland.jpg

Bellringer of Caernarvon in costume of trade (1870)
John Cambrian Rowland
National Library of Wales

Japan no.jpg

Japanese Woman (1871)
Bertalan Székely
Hungarian National Gallery

Madonna and Child - Vasilis Michaelides.jpg

Madonna and Child (1875)
Vasilis Michaelides
State Gallery of Contemporary Art

Szinyei Merse, Pál - The Balloon - Google Art Project.jpg

The Balloon (1878)
Pál Szinyei Merse
Hungarian National Gallery

Night Travellers at a Cross - Ladislav Mednyánszky.jpg

Night Travellers at a Cross (1880)
László Mednyánszky
Slovak National Gallery

Columbano Bordalo Pinheiro 003.jpg

An amateur concert (1882)
Columbano Bordalo Pinheiro
Chiado Museum

Nikolas Gysis The Spider.jpg

The Spider (1884)
Nikolaos Gyzis
National Gallery

Nicolae Grigorescu - Fete lucrand la poarta.jpg

Girls Spinning at the Gate (1885)
Nicolae Grigorescu
National Museum of Art of Romania

Venny Soldan-Brofeldt painting by Hanna Pauli.jpg

Venny Soldan-Brofeldt, Artist (1886)
Hanna Hirsch-Pauli
Gothenburg Museum of Art

Albert Edelfelt - The Luxembourg Gardens, Paris.jpg

The Luxembourg Gardens, Paris (1887)
Albert Edelfelt
Finnish National Gallery

Lytras Nikiforos Psariano moiroloi.jpg

The Dirge in Psara (1888)
Nikiforos Lytras
National Gallery

H. A. Brendekilde - Udslidt (1889).jpg

Worn Out (1889)
H. A. Brendekilde

Maria Wiik-Salida al mundo.jpg

Out into the World (1889)
Maria Wiik
Finnish National Gallery

Edvard Munch - Summer night, Inger on the beach (1889).jpg

Inger on the Beach (1889)
Edvard Munch
Art Museums of Bergen

Paul Gauguin 056.jpg

Tahitian Women on the Beach (1891)
Paul Gauguin
Musée d'Orsay

Glaspalast München 1901 005.jpg

The Isolation (1892

Fernand Khnopff

Kristian Zahrtmann - The mysterious wedding in Pistoia. - Google Art Project.jpg

The Mystical Wedding between the Bishop and the Abbess of Pistoia (1894)
Kristian Zahrtmann
Bornholm Art Museum

Hammershøi, Vilhelm - Amalienborg Plads - KMS1542.jpg

Amalienborg Square, Copenhagen (1896)
Vilhelm Hammershøi
Statens Museum for Kunst

Jožka Uprka - Jízda králů ve Vlčnově.jpg

Ride of the Kings (1897)
Joža Uprka
Moravian Gallery in Brno

Behold the Bridegroom Arriving.jpeg

Behold the Bridegroom Arriving (1899s)
Nikolaos Gyzis
National Gallery

Julius Paulsen - Self-portrait with soft hat, 1900.jpeg

Self-portrait with soft hat (1900)
Julius Paulsen

Syberg Aftenleg i Svanninge Bakker 1900.jpg

Evening Play in Svanninge Hills (1900)
Fritz Syberg
Faaborg Museum

Sir John Williams, Bart, GCVO, MD - Christopher Williams.jpg

Portrait of Sir John Williams (1900)
Christopher Williams
National Library of Wales

Johans Valters - Boys Bathing - Google Art Project.jpg

Bathing Boys (1900)
Johann Walter-Kurau
Latvian National Museum of Art

Jacek Malczewski, Hamlet Polski - Portret Aleksandra Wielopolskiego.jpg

Polish Hamlet. Portrait of Aleksander Wielopolski (1903)
Jacek Malczewski
National Museum in Warsaw

August Strindberg - The Town - Google Art Project.jpg

The Town (1903)
August Strindberg

Harald Slott-Moller Sankt Hans aften ved Vejle Fjord 1904.jpg

Midsummer Night near Vejle Fjord (1904)
Harald Slott-Møller
Vejle Museum of Art

Krakow Medical Society house, Apollo-stained glass window design by Stanisław Wyspiański, 4 Radziwillowska street, Krakow, Poland.jpg

Apollo - the Copernican Solar System (1905)
Stanisław Wyspiański
Medical Society House

All Through the Night (1906)
Antanas Žmuidzinavičius
Lithuanian Art Museum

Paula Moderson-Becker - Selbstbildnis am 6 Hochzeitstag - 1906.jpeg

Selfportrait at 6th wedding anniversary (1906-05-25)
Paula Modersohn-Becker
Paula Modersohn-Becker Museum

Csontváry Kosztka, Tivadar - Pilgrimage to the Cedars of Lebanon - Google Art Project.jpg

Pilgrimage to the Cedars of Lebanon (1907)
Tivadar Kosztka Csontváry
Hungarian National Gallery

Gustav Klimt - Der Kuss (Liebespaar) - 912 - Österreichische Galerie Belvedere.jpg

The Kiss (1907)
Gustav Klimt
Österreichische Galerie Belvedere

Zvaigzdziu sonata.Allegro.jpg

Sonata of the Stars (1908)
Mikalojus Konstantinas Čiurlionis
M. K. Čiurlionis National Art Museum

Carl Larsson - Karin by the shore - Google Art Project.jpg

Karin by the shore (1908)
Carl Larsson
Malmö Art Museum

Piet Mondrian, 1908-10, Evening; Red Tree (Avond; De rode boom), oil on canvas, 70 x 99 cm, Gemeentemuseum Den Haag.jpg

The Red Tree (1909)
Piet Mondrian
Gemeentemuseum Den Haag

Joaquín Sorolla y Bastida - Strolling along the Seashore - Google Art Project.jpg

Walk on the Beach (1909)
Joaquín Sorolla
Sorolla Museum

Ancher, Anna - Kunstnerens mor Ane Hedvig Brøndum i den blå stue - KMS8654.jpg

The Artist's Mother Ane Hedvig Brøndum in the Blue Room (1909)
Anna Ancher
Statens Museum for Kunst

Erma river on Tran - Nikola Petrov retouched.jpg

Erma River by the Town of Tran (1910)
Nikola Petrov
National Art Gallery

Vase of Flowers - Gwen John.jpg

Vase of flowers (1910)
Gwen John
National Library of Wales

Marc Franz Blaues-Pferdchen Saarlandmuseum 1912.jpg

Blue horse (1912)
Franz Marc
Saarland Museum

Ännu sitter Tuvstarr kvar och ser ner i vattnet.jpg

Tuvstarr is still sitting there wistfully looking into the water (1913)
John Bauer
Malmö Art Museum

Konrad Mägi - Maastik punase pilvega - õli.JPG

Landscape with a red cloud (1913)
Konrad Mägi
Art Museum of Estonia's painting collection

Janis Rozentāls - The Princess and the Monkey - Google Art Project.jpg

Princess with a Monkey (1913)
Janis Rozentāls
Latvian National Museum of Art

Paraphrase E (1914)
Ado Vabbe
Tartu Art Museum

Aneta Hodina, Portrait of Mrs. Georgieva Stefanka.jpg

Portrait of Mrs. Stefka Georgieva Otmarova (1915)
Aneta Hodina
Sofia University

The Horse Breaker (1916)
Gösta Adrian-Nilsson
Norrköping art museum

Front Elevation for a Monument to the Unknown Soldier 2063617 MAL 280 005.jpeg

Front Elevation for a Monument to the Unknown Soldier (1917)
Antonio Sciortino
National Museum of Fine Arts

Nils Dardel Döende dandyn.jpg

The Dying Dandy (1918)
Nils von Dardel
Moderna Museet

Scenery of a Lithuanian Village (1918)
Pranas Domšaitis
Lithuanian Art Museum

The Maiden of the Grave - Kristjan Raud.jpg

The Maiden of the Grave. Triptych (1919)
Kristjan Raud
Art Museum of Estonia

Paul Klee Kamel in rhythmischer Baumlandschaft klein.jpg

Camel (in Rhythmic Landscape with Trees) (1920)
Paul Klee
Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen

Merzpicture Thirty-One (1920)
Kurt Schwitters
Sprengel Museum

The Victory (1921)
Rudolph Tegner
Rudolph Tegner Museum

Pafama (1922)
Josip Seissel
Croatian Museum of Contemporary Art

Lacemaker (Portrait of Štefka Batič) (1923)
Veno Pilon
Museum of Modern Art

Yrjö Ollila - Hearing the Homework.jpg

Hearing the Homework (1923)
Yrjö Ollila
Finnish National Gallery

The New Adam (1924)
Sándor Bortnyik
Hungarian National Gallery

The New Eve (1924)
Sándor Bortnyik
Hungarian National Gallery

The White and the Black (1925)
Aleksandra Beļcova
Latvian National Museum of Art

Konzentrische Gruppe - Oskar Schlemmer.jpg

Concentric Group (1925)
Oskar Schlemmer
Staatsgalerie Stuttgart

Lytras Nikolaos 001.jpeg

The Straw Hat (1925)
Nikolaos Lytras
National Gallery

Portrait of the poet Ilarie Voronca (1925)
Victor Brauner
Museum of Visual Arts in Galati

Jindřich Štýrský - Náměsíčná (1925).jpg

Sleepwalker (1925)
Jindřich Štyrský
Moravian Gallery in Brno

Metropolis film poster (1926)
Heinz Schulz-Neudamm
Austrian National Library

Landscape from Tsarigrad (1926)
Vladimir Dimitrov
National Art Gallery

Family portrait (1926)
France Kralj
Museum of Modern Art

Man Entering a Room (1927)
Niklāvs Strunke
Latvian National Museum of Art

Portrait of Eliezer Alshekh (1928)
Kiril Tsonev
National Art Gallery

Baleares, la isla de las maravillas (1929)
José Renau

Madonna with angel (1929)
Ľudovít Fulla
Slovak National Gallery

The Good Fruit of the Earth (1930s)
Loukia Nicolaidou
State Gallery of Contemporary Art

Four Element Composition Mainie Jellett.jpg

Four Element Composition (1930)
Mainie Jellett
Irish Museum of Modern Art

Krajina s kvetmi - Zolo Palugyay.jpg

Landscape with Flowers (1930)
Zoltán Palugyay
Slovak National Gallery

Return to the Village (1930)
Ioannis Kissonergis
State Gallery of Contemporary Art

Coming from the Mill (1930)
L. S. Lowry
The Lowry

Portrait of a Girl (1930)
Marcel Janco
Art museum of Constanta

The Planters (1932s)
Adamantios Diamantis
State Gallery of Contemporary Art

The White Apple Tree, Antanas Samuolis.jpg

The White Apple Tree (1932)
Antanas Samuolis
Lithuanian Art Museum

Kārlis Padegs - Madonna with a Machine Gun - Google Art Project.jpg

Madonna with Machine Gun (1932)
Kārlis Padegs
Latvian National Museum of Art

The New Settlers (1933)
Antanas Gudaitis
Lithuanian Art Museum

The Apotheosis of Athanasios Diakos (1933)
Konstantinos Parthenis
National Gallery

Vilho Lampi - Self-Portrait.jpg

Self-Portrait (1933)
Vilho Lampi
Finnish National Gallery

Robert Delaunay, Rythmes, 1934.jpg

Rhythms (1934)
Robert Delaunay
Musée national d'Art moderne

Farmhouse with a Stove - Karl Pärsimägi.jpg

Farmhouse with a Stove (1935)
Karl Pärsimägi
Tartu Art Museum's painting collection

Disputation at Peristerona (1940)
Georgios Polybius Georghiou
State Gallery of Contemporary Art

Staging Point - Rozenfeld.jpg

Staging Point (1941)
Jewish Historical Institute

Return from the Fields (1945)
Telemachos Kanthos
State Gallery of Contemporary Art

Landscape (1945)
Zlatyu Boyadzhiev
Sofia University

Woman with the Artist (1948)
Vytautas Kasiulis
Lithuanian Art Museum

Gaberbocchus some of the old favourites (1950s)
Franciszka Themerson
National Library of Poland

Grain for the State (1953)
Viktor Karrus
Art Museum of Estonia's painting collection

The Queuing Continues (1956)
Andrzej Wróblewski
National Museum in Warsaw

In Honour of El Lissitzki (1956)
Ivan Picelj
Croatian Museum of Contemporary Art

Funeral Composition (1958)
Yiannis Moralis
National Gallery

Composition E 10/58 (1958)
Michel Stoffel
National Museum of History and Art

The Sleep (1959)
Corneliu Baba
Art Museum of Timișoara

Stymphalian Birds (1960)
Christoforos Savva
State Gallery of Contemporary Art

Meander 2 (1960)
Julije Knifer
Croatian Museum of Contemporary Art

On the hills - rainforest (1960)
Ivan Rabuzin
Croatian Museum of Naïve Art

Pompeiian table (1962)
Marij Pregelj
Museum of Modern Art

Eye in the Egg (1962)
Ülo Sooster
Tartu Art Museum's painting collection

Le noyau rouge (1963)
Joseph Probst
National Museum of History and Art

The Triumph of Flora (1965)
Gabrijel Stupica
Museum of Modern Art

"Neon" Cafe (Night) (1966)
Yannis Tsarouchis
National Gallery

Action with their own bodies (1966)
Rudolf Schwarzkogler

Finnmark, Winter (1966)
Anna-Eva Bergman
Foundation Hartung Bergman

Young Gardeners (1968)
Malle Leis
Tartu Art Museum's painting collection

Slovak Picture – ANTI-PICTURE (1968)
Július Koller
Slovak National Gallery

Pagan Spring (1968)
Stass Paraskos
State Gallery of Contemporary Art

Programmed Print - the Vertical Line Program (1968)
Marko Pogačnik
Museum of Modern Art

Composition, Throne II (1969)
Andreas Chrysohos
State Gallery of Contemporary Art

Singing tree (1970)
Raul Meel
Art Museum of Estonia

Project for Sky-Writing (planche n°1) (1971)
Robert Filliou

East Coast Light I (1973)
Sean Scully
Crawford Art Gallery

Composition (1973)
Stelios Votsis
State Gallery of Contemporary Art

Art (according to Marlboro) (1973)
Boris Bućan
Croatian Museum of Contemporary Art

Civilization I. (1976)
Rudolf Sikora
Slovak National Gallery

The gathering (1980s)
Kyffin Williams
National Library of Wales

Twofold movement (1980

Ilona Keserü
Hungarian National Gallery

We Are Not Afraid campaign, NYC subways (1981)
Les Levine
Irish Museum of Modern Art

Figure Seen from Behind (1987)
Luc Tuymans

Saddle (1993)
Dorothy Cross
Irish Museum of Modern Art

Studio with gloves (1993)
Shani Rhys James
National Library of Wales

Halbzeit (2002)
Michel Majerus

New Sexual Lifestyles (2003)
Gerard Byrne
Irish Museum of Modern Art

Medusa (2005-06)
Hughie O'Donoghue
Crawford Art Gallery

Meditation Painting 28 (2006)
Patrick Scott
Irish Museum of Modern Art

Dust Storm (Manter, Kansas) (2008)
John Gerrard
Irish Museum of Modern Art

Shane Williams - David Griffiths.jpg

Shane Williams (2012)
David Griffiths
National Library of Wales

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Cave of Altamira (-35000-00-00T00:00:00Z/5)

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