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Navy and coastal fortifications' flag of Catholic King (1785).svg Omnium Hispaniarum et IndiarumEdit

Members of the Spanish Royal FamilyEdit

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Monarch and Regent

Historical Kings

Historical Infantes and other members

Royal House of Bourbon-Parma, Infantes of Spain

Former Spanish KingdomsEdit

Territories of the Former Crown of AragonEdit


Former Kingdom of NavarreEdit


Navarrese Variants of the Spanish Royal Arms

Territories of the Former Crown of CastileEdit

Former Kingdom of LeónEdit


Territories of the Spanish ItalyEdit

Kingdom of Both SiciliesEdit

Kingdoms of Sicily and Naples

Kingdom of SardiniaEdit

 Kingdom of EtruriaEdit
Duchy of MilanEdit
 Duchy of LuccaEdit
Duchy of Parma, Piacenza and Attached StatesEdit

Archduchy of AustriaEdit

Burgundian Circle (Burgundy and Low Countries)Edit

Kingdom of PortugalEdit


Largest Cities and Notable TownsEdit

 Kingdom of CastilleEdit
 Kingdom of New Castille of PeruEdit
 Kingdom of New GranadeEdit
 Kingdom of New SpainEdit




Badges, Decorations and Awards

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Army God, Fatherland and King

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  Sacrum Romanum ImperiumEdit