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My primary user page is on the English Wikipedia. I take a particular interest in converting images to SVG and improving the quality of SVG images. I use Inkscape when doing complex drawings, but I particularly like hand-coding SVG for efficient and modular end products. In fact I really just like seeing how much I can trim down SVG file sizes by hand-coding them. (And that carries over to using PNG optimisers to improve PNG compression too.)


Work on non-Commons imagesEdit

  • w:File:Wacom_Logo_WhiteType.svg. *facepalm* This has a fairly acceptable vectorisation of the wordmark, but the logo itself is composed of embedded images (for the coloured "ends" of the "cones"), and the silver cones themselves are even worse -- the one I examined is made up of 83 distinct elements! This needs some serious work.

Moving to CommonsEdit

Nothing right now.

Commons-related userboxesEdit