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Preamble: The deletion policy describes the ultimate grounds for deletion of any item at Commons, while the deletion guideline provides a guide as to how the deletion should be carried out.

There are two competing views that must be balanced against each other when considering deletion at Commons. One is the desire to respect copyright and present a resource where all the contents can be relied upon. The other is the desire to "assume good faith" on the part of users who upload media, and allow users reasonable time to correct well-meaning mistakes, such as accidental omission of required information.


Any media item (a file in the Image: namespace) that does not have accompanying information that demonstrates that the file has been licensed under a free license by the copyright-holder (or released into the public domain), shall be deleted.

Some files that meet these conditions may still be deleted, if they are not considered useful.

  • Copyright-holder: Source information, such as the author's name, is required.
  • Free license: A license listed at Commons:Licensing must be used.
  • Demonstrates: Free licenses apply either when the copyrights holder releases the work under a free license, or when national laws mandate the release all applicable works under certain restrictions from copyright (into the public domain). The accompanying information must be evidence that one of these cases has occurred.
  • Useful: All items must meet the Project scope.

Gallery pages (main namespace)Edit

These pages are for the display of media items. Any gallery page that does not aim to display media items shall be deleted. The Project scope is again relevant.

Other pagesEdit

Other pages may be deleted subject to the deletion guidelines.