1. Title page - editorial intro
  2. In the news (mentions of Commons, more general info about open content)
  3. Commons & Wikimedia - a profile of the relationship b/n Commons and a Wikimedia project, different each week. talk to relevant admins at Commons & local project, attitudes to Commons, special advice pages they have, things they find tricky - Spanish Wikipedia
  4. Meet a Commoner - interview with a Commons community member - emphasise variety of activity and contributors
  5. Project reports - paragraph or two for each wikiproject, if they want.
  6. Popular discussions - summaries, links to RfA, VP, DR & other "hot topic" discussions
  7. This fortnight's best images - FP & QI
  8. Media editing tips - photography, illustrations (SVG) and audio editing.
  9. Tech talk - bots/pywikipedia, JS, CSS, API, toolserver, relevant MW bugs & fixes - + spotlight on a relevant tool/tip/trick each time
  10. Copyright corner - discussion of some difficult issue
  11. Special issue (optional, eg for POTY)

Create a template {{Newsletter summary}}. For each section, at the top of the page put {{newsletter summary|summary of that page's contents}}. That summary will be used in the various release forms.


  • release fortnightly (or 1st & 3rd week of each month)
    • one week writing contents, one week for translators
  • post on wiki
    • bot -> user talk (use summaries)
    • script -> mailing list ( (post entire - one mail per section, so 10 mails per week - teach people to use 'topic filtering'!)
    • script -> blog/RSS (use summaries)

Cat systemEdit

Editing teamEdit

  • Tech stuff - Bryan, Siebrand, Dschwen, Platonides?
  • Copyright - Lupo?
  • FP/QI - contact people at those projects - should be extremely easy to put together
  • Meet a Commoner - need someone to do interviews, choose appropriate subjects
  • C&W - just co-ordinate people, get someone different to write each time (too hard for one person to do - multiple langs). Spanish Wikipedia first???