A Commons pack is a set of 12 images together with a README suitable for bundling into a ZIP and selling as a download, for users to use as computer wallpapers or print on a calendar. (see m:User:pfctdayelise/WikimediaShop)

Requirements for images:

  • No copyright concerns whatsoever
  • Created by Wikimedians (initially, at least, rather than PD-NASA stuff)
  • Very high quality and high resolution
  • Ideally they should all make people gasp in disbelief that such amazing work is available for free
  • No people (initially, at least, to avoid legal dramas)
  • Good identification information (location, date, species)
  • Should be "wallpaper like"

Each pack should be identified by a name (its theme) and a version number, so packs can be "updated" in the future without total recreation.

Below are some tentative suggestions. Before going "live" they need to be tested as wallpapers by a few people with different size screens, and get some feedback (as well as photographer comments/bio for the README).

w:Screen resolution: "Currently 1024×768 (XGA/XVGA, eXtended), 1280×1024 (SXGA Super eXtended Graphics Array), and 1600×1200 resolution (UXGA, Ultra-eXtended) are the most common display resolutions. ". So propose minimum height 768.

&& Square - Vertical - panorama

&& Go through COM:POTD..........FPC failures.......!

Almost complete?Edit

==Ice and snow==
==Water? (lakes, ocean?)==
==Specific locations==
==Night shots?==





-> cars (road vehicles) / rail / boats

Don't know yetEdit