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To doEdit

(this is getting dusty...)

  1. Create Commons:Category scheme languages. Languages can have 3 or so possible subcats, as I see: 1 Pronunciation (sound files), 2 orthography - scripts - alphabets and characters [possibly separate:examples of use, words Lorum Ipsum etc], 3 - maps of language use. But then also there's maps that represent multiple languages, and maps written IN languages is separate altogether... grooh!
  2. work on User:Pfctdayelise/Commons:License compliance
  3. work on Commons:Calendars or Commons:Calendar
  4. We have all these pronuncation files that could surely be useful to language learners. Someone could write a tool on the toolserver that when you gave it a category, pulled all the relevant sound files and fed them to you one by one under delay. Like show the word... person at home tries to pronounce it... after 5 seconds the sound file plays. Like flash cards. We could create a template {{Pronunciation}} that had fields like, "content" (words/phrase spoken - this is what would flash up first), Speaker's sex, Speaker's age, Speaker is native speaker (Y/N), Speaker's (dialect &) accent, optional field for a link to an image that showed the word. (eg apple - link to a picture of an apple.) Then this could flash up on the screen too, when it was relevant. (User JRoar?)
  5. Make Chinese pronunciation
  6. Make Commons:Categories and galleries explaining (in super basic terms) how to use them, how to create them, strengths/weaknesses of each.