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following status codes can be assigned to the videos

  • no progress
  • script
  • first draft
  • second draft
  • final audio

File:General Problems of Communication over a Shared Medium.ogv



status topic discussion
second draft Motivation for IP talk
script Classfull networks on IPv4 talk
first draft ip forwarding algorithm talk
script IPv4 header talk


status topic discussion
no progress Connection oriented protocols talk
script TCP Handshake talk
script TCP Header talk


I think for the dns system it does not make sense to look into all the protocol stuff

status topic discussion
no progress explaining the need for DNS
no progress redundancy in DNS
no progress DNS as a potential "single" point of failure
no progress doing whois requests and demonstrating adress resolution


status topic discussion
script Intro to URI talk


status topic discussion
DONE Programming a simple http client talk


status topic discussion
no progress input needed input needed